1. Cd in DC says

    i get the lost finger, i get words with Alec Baldwin leading to Broadway firing, i even get vanity shots like this one but wanted to say when he passed me on the street 3 years ago, angels sang as he smiled in passing, he can do no wrong.

  2. David Hearne says

    Some of you guys have a taste for crap. That guy looks like every street rat hanging out at my corner store in between showing up in the daily arrest reports.

    Part of the sexiness of blue collar men celebrated in photography since the advent of the modern body (post Robert Mitchum signaled by Guy Madison in cut offs) was the idea that they had sexy manly jobs. Guys who make themselves look like habitual felons might as well be hairdressers.

  3. iban4yesu says

    I’m totally expecting all the glory splayed and displayed, and then some, in the genius Lars Von Trier’s “real sex” film…so you better work real hard to wash off that vile vey, I mean, Bay’s Transformer cr#p!

  4. calpoidog says

    Give me a break! He’s only 26! Every 26 year old guy could look like that if they put down their Wii and went to the gym 10 minutes a day. Let’s see what he looks like when he’s 45..that’s when it’s hard to look like that. Jeez!

  5. rebarb says

    I’m sorry but I just can’t get past the ugly face. I’ve seen him up close at a club in L.A., and he looks even worse in person. Sallow skin, weak chin and dead eyes all make for a really fugly combination! Perhaps if were to wear a bag over his face? Nope still really ugly.

  6. RWG says

    Once when asked what attribute was most essential for a great actor, Laurence Olivier answered “physical conditioning”. I can only suppose Shia has taken that advice to heart. Besides, with his money, he can afford the best trainers in the world.

  7. parkrunner says

    I was always more of a Twitty fan, but grew to love this guy especially after Holes.
    What is it with all the hateful comments? Some you act like you were auditioning for Boys in the Band.
    I just read another comment thread about a gay movie that was lamenting about stereotypes.
    Ironic, don’t ya think?

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