1. Jerry says

    Wouldn’t that be hilarious, Snooki trying to take a swing at Scalia…

    But back to the main point: why are JWoww and Snooki?

  2. aj says

    Andy, please spare us any more images of these cleavage-baring attention whores. You are trivializing Towleroad.

  3. Ugh says

    I think that the two of them are really lovely. They’re funny and sweet and have used their unconventionality really smartly, and show that your impression of someone based on how they look or talk can be very wrong. Not to mention they pretty much exist as full time drag queens.

  4. Ugh says

    Also, theyre a hell of a lot more fun than some of the miserable people who comment on here!

  5. iban4yesu says

    Because these guidettes’ supports are the most important of all!……YEAH….RIGHT….

    “Um, y’kno, we would like to, like, thank GLAAD and TR for adding a milisec to our way expired 15 sec, um, I mean, 15 min. ….”

  6. Carl says

    I like them both, but then why is Snooki always supporting the republican politicians if she really feels this way.

  7. says

    I have no interest in the opinions of trash culture bottom-feeders. If you consider media personalities like this to be influencers, then I has the major sadz 4 u…