1. Bill says

    The trailer made it look like another boring, predictable CGI exercise.

    It wasn’t even original: a couple of scenes were ripoffs of early Star Wars films – saucer-shaped space ship going sideways through narrow passages. We know they won’t crash and burn – that would put an end to the story.

    It’s no surprise – the original Star Trek TV program got the transporter effects from Forbidden Planet, where they stood on pads with some light effects hiding them as they supposedly dropped below the speed of light. Same or very similar graphic, different interpretation.

    Curiously, the transporter in Star Trek was there for technical reasons – they needed to show people moving between a space ship and a planet’s surface visually (with chatting kids etc., you can’t count on people hearing the dialog), and showing a shuttle craft would have required far more effort, plus screen time, than simply having someone stand in place while throwing in the “transporter” lighting effect with a buzzing sound in the background.

  2. Bill says

    @Brian: In this case, “homage” appears to be spin for “laziness” or “why take a chance when we can copy something we know works OK?”

    A real example of “homage” might be a line in Rear Window where someone says something like, “the dog knew too much”, referring to the film, “The man who knew too much.” Or a scene in Don Giovanni where some musicians are brought in and play some music from one of Mozart’s other operas for Don Giovanni’s entertainment. Or maybe ET where the space guy sees a kid in a Yoda Halloween costume and wants to talk to him, knowing who Yoda is and figuring that Yoda can provide some help.

  3. Bill says

    @AngelaChanning @AriesMatt : some of us are more impressed if the actors can actually act! The trailer doesn’t show that and if anything gives the impression that acting skills were not required to make this movie.

    That isn’t a criticism of the particular actors in the film – it’s a criticism of the trailer. Usually when I see one of these trailers, my first reaction is, “Why would I want to sit through an hour and a half or more of this?” The trailers (this is not the only offender by a long shot) give the impression that the movies are non-stop CGI “action” sequences, and that makes boring films.

  4. DC Arnold says

    Alas reboots cause me to go to my internet before going to the theater. I think it was Fernando (SNL) that said it’s better to look good than to feel good. Trailer is exciting in and of itself.

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