1. Secret Identity says

    I heard from someone that Stephen will be at WonderCon Anaheim the little sister show of the big San Diego comic book show. I wonder if he’ll show up in costume? or better maybe out of costume :)

  2. FernLaPlante says

    Stephen is hot and Arrow is pretty decent but that video was not even worth the :30 seconds :(

  3. Josh says

    He went out of his way to cultivate a gay following, saying in an interview that he would not discuss his sexuality unless everyone else discussed theirs. It came across as coy and a little coquettish.

    But then Arrow took off and he’s been less playful about it. More comments like the one in the video. Nothing terribly homophobic but more insistent on his heterosexuality than he’s been in the past.

    Maybe he’s been told what’s good for his career as an action hero.

    But if you watch his videos on his Facebook page and go back a year or two, the tone has changed.

    Such is life.

  4. Mark F. says

    I thought he was gay for the longest time due to his not wanting to discuss his sexual orientation and his pro-gay tweets on twitter. But then I learned that not only is he not gay, but he’s married!!!

    Ah well, I still think he’s GORGEOUS and I know that even if he were gay, I wouldn’t have stood a chance with him.

  5. andrew says

    I liked the typical straight guy line: “I’m not sure how well I want to do in this”. Many if not most straight guys get nervous about admitting that they notice the physical attractiveness of other guys.

  6. Dave says

    Because, Diana, we don’t just live on PLANET GAY. We can have diverse interests and be, you know, human beings too.

  7. FFS says

    His bare mudflaps were the best part of the first season of Dante’s Cove. He should do more “posterior acting” on Arrow. He’s brilliant at it.