1. says

    That video made me laugh out loud over and over.

    Here’s my question to Towleroad readers: Does the two scenes of the cats scratching a child’s face bother you? I knew of a woman who said that a cat once scratched her child in the face so she had to get rid of the cat. Can you have a cat and a child too?

  2. Chadd says

    I love how every bad behavior is followed by a look that says What? I didn’t do that.

    @loves cats: yes you can have kids and cats. Maybe not every cat is child compatible, just like every dog is not. The animal has to be tolerant and non-agressive.

  3. ble.d_out.colo.r says


    That was possibly the dumbest post ive read on TLRD since…ever. the generalizations you made have absolutely no logical basis, but what confounds me is why you feel the need to make ad hominem attacks on dog lovers. We get it. You like cats better. You have that right. I personally think they are fickle, lack compassion, and while they are certainly funny, would much rather have a pet that doesn’t act pissed to see me everytime I get within a five mile radius of it. Unless it wants to mooch food, in which case it pretends to love me until it has a full belly. That’s my opinion. We both have a right to one.

    What you don’t have a right to do is make personal attacks on people for absoluetley no good reason. I mean I’m not even outraged because that was just idiotic. How irrelevent is it whether someone likes cats or dogs. Omg the stupid burns.

  4. mike says

    Secrets was over the top, but, yeah, a dog will love anyone who’s feeding it, so is that love, or pack survival? I dare not ask my dog-loving friends this, lest I insult their imagined “parent-child” relationship.

  5. Secrets81 says


    Aww muffin, did I hurt your poor dog-tarded feelings? Suck it up.

    Thanks for proving my social / emotional issues point by using the classic “dogs are happy to see you, cats aren’t” drivel. First, just because cats don’t bark their face off and freak out like some helmeted autistic kid doesn’t mean they’re pissed, only want food, and are not ‘happy to see you’. Second, as I mentioned, most of us with healthy social & emotional levels don’t need dogs to make us feel worthy.
    And you ARE obviously ‘outraged’ that I have an opinion different than yours (how dare I!!), otherwise you wouldn’t have jumped on the soapbox so abruptly.

    and Mike brings up another good point with the imagined “parent-child” relationship that most dog-tards seem to have (you know, the ones who usually say ass-kick worthy things like “I’m not a pet owner, I’m a pet parent!!”) – yet again – because they lack a healthy emotional balance.

  6. millerbeach says

    My cats are thrilled to see me walk in the door, much like dogs. Some cats are like that, some are not. My best friend has two dogs, one that loves me more than him…I swear my buddy gets jealous. I just wish the video would work…

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