Sydney Gay Community Plans March Against Police Brutality; Commissioner Says Arrested Teen Swore at Officers


Sydney's police commissioner says a teen seen being arrested with excessive force in a video shot during Saturday night's Mardi Gras festivities had sworn at police, the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Mr Murdoch told reporters on Wednesday afternoon that the initial offence that led police to apprehend Mr Jackson was for offensive language. Mr Jackson was then charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest as a result of his interaction with the Fairfield officer and he will appear in court on April 1.

The state MP and gay rights campaigner, Alex Greenwich, said it was very concerning that a large police officer ‘‘body slammed’’ a teenage boy for swearing.

‘‘If the only thing that the individual did was use offensive language, then I think many would agree that the approach the police took to the situation and the body slam on the ground is certainly a heavy-handed approach to the matter,’’ he said.

…Mr Greenwich and the Mardi Gras board will meet with the Police Minister, Michael Gallacher, and the chair of this year’s Mardi Gras, Peter Urmson, said: "We’re not gonna let this get swept under the carpet".

Mr Murdoch said the officer from Fairfield was still on duty pending an internal investigation.

SydneyAlso troubling is the arresting officer's order to the person filming to stop.

The video now has nearly 700,000 views and has provoked anger around the world.

Sydney activists groups are planning a march this Friday night and demanding an independent inquiry:

We are calling for everyone to meet at Taylor Square on Friday night to march to the Surry Hills Police Station to demand justice. Please join us! Urgent action is needed. We are peaceful protesters objecting to police violence.

A witness at the scene with her two teenaged sisters says the violent actions of the officers involved left her younger siblings seriously traumatised.

“They were crying while the police bashed the boy’s head into the cement,” she said. “It was horrible, disgusting behaviour.”

We demand an end to police violence against the LGBTI community and a full apology to Jamie Jackson and Bryn Hutchinson, and all victims of brutality at Mardi Gras 2013.

More than 1500 people have responded to the march's page on Facebook.


  1. ripper says

    Well, I’m sure Ratbastard will feel vindicated that the violent crime of “offensive language” warranted such vile treatment by the police. Those liberal gays thinking they can just say whatever dirty words they want.

  2. Ken says

    Another video has surfaced showing an earlier portion of the incident. It’s of poor quality and shows the kid struggling with two or three officers who have him on the ground. He is reaching out and trying to get his balance and appears to throw a mild swing at one of the officers. No doubt this will be used to justify the assault charge. There is still, in my opinion, no excuse whatever for the subsquent brutality. The kid is small and handcuffed and there was no need to throw his head into the pavement, kick his head, or for the policeman to put his boot on the back of the kids head and shoulders.

  3. With Authority Comes Responsibility says

    You cannot have individuals in positions of authority like this who are so out of control as to physically assault a citizen just because the get annoyed.

    Police officers who abuse the authority of their position in this way should be subject to capital punishment. End of story.

  4. Will says

    Why do a lot of law enforcement people seem to think the public should put them up on a pedestal and then feel like they are some how above the law?

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Offensive language against police = police slamming one’s body into the ground + arrest? This is NOT the Australia I thought existed, especially around Gay Mardi Gras parade time. Not a good sign for GLBT rights down under.

  6. ratbastard says


    Vindicated? How and regarding what? I basically said we didn’t know the full story. If all he did was swear at police, then no he obviously shouldn’t have been handled the way he was. He mouthed off, which is something that has it’s risks whether you mouth off to a cop or stranger in the street. So that wasn’t a wise thing for him to do. Just because you can legally talk smack doesn’t mean you should.

    And to extrapolate, it’s kind of amusing some will defend his right to swear at the cops or anybody else, and they don’t want to infinge on free speech, but many of these same people would have no problem with someone being arrested and prosecuted for ‘hate’ speech. I believe even ‘hate’ speech is protected speech. America is probably the last major country in the democratic western world where you have truly free speech, but there are people who want us to adopt measures similar to Canada’s extra-judicial ‘Human Rights’ tribunals.

    As far as his physical size, it doesn’t matter. Police are trained to consider anybody, no matter their size, as a potential threat or risk.

    If he’s prosecuted and exonerated, or not charged and prosecuted, he should launch a civil suit, which I assume he can do in Australia, similar to the U.S. We both are based on English common law. And there should be public pressure for officials to deal with the situation appropriately and do their best to avoid anything similar in the future.

  7. says

    there are police officers who have a genuine drive to Serve and Protect.

    then there are the folks who got Cs in high school and want a badge, a gun, and a license to bully.

    swearing? REALLY?

    like the Toronto G20 cop who arrested peaceful protesting people for blowing bubbles, literally. “if a bubble lands on me that’s assault”

    No, you’re just proving your only desire to be a cop comes from wanting to intimidate and scare people.

    and that’s what this is here. big tough man with a gun not liking the lip he got from some “f@g” – let’s be real. this is shameful.

    kudos to those who helped this story catch fire.

  8. Rick says

    I haven’t seen any reports that the guy required medical care or was seriously injured by the “rough handling”–maybe he was, but if he wasn’t, then what is the big deal?

    Police “rough handle” a lot of (often inebriated) individuals who hurl insults at them and resist arrest, and most of them not gay.

    So in the absence of any clear evidence that there were homophobic motives at work here or any serious physical damage done to the individual in question, what is the basis of the “protest”?

  9. Peter M. says

    The police officer who slammed the handcuffed, defenceless boy’s head into the pavement needs to get sacked, before he seriously hurts or kills someone who uses “offensive language”.

  10. Matt26 says

    @Rick, then what is the big deal, you ask. Seriously? Look at the pictures. They’re police officers using unnecessary violence. Every person, gay straigt, black white, male female, young old, Christian Muslim, needs to trust to the police and needs to be treated the same way, by the law.

  11. Rick says

    @MATT 26 Take a look at the update on this story that is now at the top of the site. Apparently our “innocent victim” threw a punch at a police officer BEFORE he was “rough handled”….and it was caught on videotape by someone other than the individual who videotaped this part of the confrontation.

  12. Daniel says

    He punched a cop and continued to resist arrest. He only has scrapes and bruises to show for it. Perhaps they could have tried milder techniques first since they outweighed him by so much, but I don’t have a lot of sympathy for a drunk idiot who hits a cop.

  13. nefter says

    There was absolutely no reason for the cop to slam that kid to the ground like that. None. If he were a petite girl rather than a petite gay boy there would have been no body slamming. The way he picked him up he could have very easily subdued him in a less violent way and IF you believe that homophobia did not have something to due with this moment of rage than you are “naive and gullible”. That cop should be on a desk.

  14. andrew says

    Interesting comment from the Uber bully Little Kiwi: He thinks this rogue cop’s desire to be a cop comes from ” wanting to intimidate and scare people”. Looking in your mirror bully?

  15. andrew says

    @Anita Pill: Since no self respecting LGBT person can go to Austria now that this “bashing” has happened, may I suggest that Australia, especially Sydney is lovely this time of year.

  16. Swiminbuff says

    Why do people like Ratbastard/Rick frequent a gay website on a daily basis? Wouldn’t he be better off dealing with his issues on a psychiatrists couch?

  17. andrew says

    And yet another example of the tactics of the devious LITTLE kiwi. He really does undermine the free exchange of ideas and opinions on this site. He is incapable of listening to differing opinions without trying to crush those who dare to disagree with him.

  18. Sophia Lugilahe says

    We LGBT community we have to organise on how to fight agaist those incidents thrugh reviewing the human rights treaties which most of our counties have signed and see how should be implimented ,let us also approach International human rights organs hence to see how we can elliminate such kind of theat

  19. Sophia Lugilahe says

    We LGBT community we have to organise on how to fight agaist those incidents thrugh reviewing the human rights treaties which most of our counties have signed and see how should be implimented ,let us also approach International human rights organs hence to see how we can elliminate such kind of theat

  20. arsebandit says

    he deserves to be beaten to a pulp for dressing like an attention starved little fairy. Secondly if you swear at, try to kick in the head and punch police then I am sure you can expect a swift sharp less than compassionate response. This pathetic little confused boy screams blue murder why ?
    He fought the law and the law won, its not a case of homophobia it’s a case hetrophobia. Heaven know how the gay community would have reacted had the police officer messed up his hair as well.

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