1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Acceptance? Equality under the law is far more important. Gay folk will NEVER get 100% acceptance just as Black folk and Women and Old folk and others won’t ever get 100% acceptance. But those other groups have equality under the law. BUT NOT IN PEOPLE’S HEART. Hence bigotry is alive and well.

  2. rise says

    There is no such thing as GLBT or TGBL or LBTG. However, there IS such a thing as STFU. Fans of abbreviated baloney – such as GLBT etc – need to STFU.

  3. scott says

    ehhh… I commend her effort, but word policing is never popular. Again, what is popular isn’t always what’s best or right; however, there are better ways to achieve tolerance, acceptance, and equality. A simple one- I think, and yes, in contradiction to what she just said- is not being too offended when good friends use “gay” or faggot. And yes, I realize another’s response would be “Well, a good friend shouldn’t be using that,” and well, if they’ve got my back always, I’m ok with that.

  4. Jaxtall says

    @Scott this is much more about subliminal meanings and the opportunity to dialogue rather than police. As the lady CLEARLY says: say what you mean and mean what you say. Using GAY in a pejorative way by definition states that there is something inherently wrong with “GAY”…and that is so fallacious!

  5. Fensox says

    Holy crap I hate that crowd. Pejorative gay is totally fine with me. Growing up in gamer culture I hear it all the time, and you know what? I like it oh so much more than the F word. There will always be an insult to relegate you away, I prefer this mostly harmless one.

    I do however love the work that people have put in to get it toned down. That is really something. If left unchecked “That’s so gay” would be a total norm for so many people. Instead it evokes a slight sense of unease in the people who say it because they know they are saying something that has further reaching implications and ramification than they want. And that is the best form of censorship, having the offending party censor themselves intelligently.

  6. says

    :Word “Policing”?
    Call it Enlightenment…she’s addressing the root of discrimination and Bullying and pretty much our Equality, across the board. We are bound to Diligence and Assiduous Attention to the way the world perceived us.

  7. Rrhain says

    “Policing”? That’s nothing but whining from those who got caught.

    If you don’t want to get called out for insulting people, then perhaps you shouldn’t insult them. Freedom of speech doesn’t come with freedom from consequences.

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