1. Pedro says

    When you’re forced to resort to mou-mous, I think it’s time to reassess your dietary habits and overall health regime….As for Tom Ford, I’m happy to hear he changes his son’s diapers. Good for him.

  2. jeremyrain says

    @Matthew: Chill down, girlfriend. He’s not someone who pays your bills. No need to be offended.
    Unless I saw video, I don’t believe someone who is the symbol of the upper-class like him actually change his kid’s diapers.

  3. Ray says

    Is it just me but there is something about Tom Ford that really bugs!

    He’s one of those people whose work I admire but I could live without the personality crowding into the room.


    Love AT, Congrats on the baby!

  4. Paul R says

    Maybe Tom should have put a bit more thought into the collection, because most of that was pretty ugly given its cost.

    I feel bad for Andre, but not bad enough to say that his friends shouldn’t be staging an intervention. Otherwise he’s going to die at a very premature age.

  5. Marc says

    Things I love: Tom Ford. This interview. Tom’s talents. Tom’s class.

    Things I loathe: B!tchy comments from classless people who feel the need to post their hatred and jealousy of another human being.

    Tom…. keep on rocking it. Haters…. get lost.

  6. CAM says

    Good on anyone taking the time to spend with their kids… Much more impressed with the time he takes each morning than I am with the fact that he changes diapers.

    As for public personalities… let’s assume we’ve all got a little room for improvement and cut one another some slack. Take me, for instance: I’m terribly judgmental and would likely call most of you trash to your face. It’s uncouth and I loath that about you… I mean me!

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