Tony Perkins: If 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Abandons Marriage, We’ll Create a Third Party

The Hill reports that same-sex marriage makes the 2016 Republican field "fraught with danger" for any candidate:

Perkins“Any presidential candidate seeking the Republican Party nomination in 2016 has to be very careful not to poke a stick in the eye of that base vote in any state,” said Gary Marx, executive director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

If the Republican party “abandons marriage evangelicals will either sit the elections out completely — or move to create a third party,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. “Either option puts Republicans on the path to a permanent minority.”


  1. Lee says

    oh please do that! Then we would never have to worry about them ever winning elections again.

  2. Scottevill says

    Sounds like a win-win to me but the Tony Perkinses of the world are not worried about the GOP being reduced to permanent minority status – they’re worried about THEMSELVES being reduced to permanent minority status within the GOP. And they’re right to worry ’cause that’s just what’s happening.

  3. says

    this is what the GOP wants, though….right? they want to evolve and no longer be the party of stupid? trouble is, when Stupid *is* your base you’re kinda left with….oh well…

  4. Thomas says

    Yes! Let the Teavangelicals form a third party, and let them be reduced to a couple dozen seats in the House of Representatives in any given election cycle.

    Republicans might be able to stay against marriage equality or keep riding the fence through 2016, but the demographic trends are impossible to ignore.

  5. Bill S. says

    I imagine the 2016 Republican nominee will be in favor of civil unions. At that point, being against any and all recognition of same-sex couples will be seen as entirely unreasonable (which it is starting to be already).

  6. Sean in Dallas says

    Best idea I’ve heard in a few years!! Start a new party and we’ll all sit back to watch ’em sink!

  7. Alex says

    I agree with Lee. Bring it on – GOP, please continue to marginalize others and see what happens.

  8. rumla1978 says

    What he fails to realize is that the GOP will actually grow once marriage equality exists because it will free up DINO’s who favor those social issues to focus on other things they care about. Those things may very well be Republican POV on jobs and the economy. I’m not an R but I do like what the head of the RNC said and I think it shows a little glimmer of hope and change for the GOP. Til then, I will remain BLUE.

  9. Jack M says

    Great idea! Third parties have always been incredibly successful in this country. They can call it the Brontosaurus Party.

  10. HadenoughBS says

    Hey, GOPers, remember the old adage “be careful what you wish for”? Well, you wished for your party’s big tent to include hate-filled extremists from entities like FRC, Liberty University, NOM and Fox News. See, you got what you wished for and now you’re going to have to live with it. Unfortunately for you, “it” means having achieved permanent minority party status, at least for now on the federal level. It serves you right for becoming the “anti-” party for the GLBT community, women’s reproductive rights, immigrants, voting rights, etc. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving political organization. Congrats!

  11. aj says

    Right now the GOP as ONE single party CANNOT win an Election – so yes Tony P split off into a third Party which will be comprised of all the Bigots, haters, fear mongering religious whackos and that will reduce the GOP’s numbers so much so that neither will ever recover. Yes, you might be able to seat a few of your party favorites into congressional seats but that’s all you will have…..

  12. rascal says

    This must be music to the ears of sane, rational republicans holding out any hope for ever winning elections again. Finally! A way out of self-imposed political exile!

  13. Paul R says

    As much as he’d like to think so, Perkins doesn’t speak for the GOP.

    As much as it would like to think so, the GOP won’t have a viable candidate any time soon.

    As much as I don’t want to gloat, I will. This is an insane idea.

  14. Lymis says

    “As much as he’d like to think so, Perkins doesn’t speak for the GOP”

    He doesn’t speak for the GO-D, either, as much as he seems to think so.

  15. Jay says

    Well, Tony…I completely understand! These GOPpers just don’t understand you and your needs. Really, take your close friends and make another party. Don’t you think it’s time? Your “traditional values” just need to be paid more attention. People need to start including god more in their politics. If the Republicans aren’t going to do it…and the Democrats are heathens…what are you left with?

    Go with god, Tony! Make that third party. Make your voice heard!

    You jackwagon!

  16. footwork61 says

    Can we PLEASE stop giving these hate groups free publicity? We know that they hate everything to do with gays and gay rights. We don’t have to republish their hateful and demented points of view just because they want us to.

    If I really want to know what Tony Perkins or Bryan Fischer think about something, I will Google them.

  17. Lucas H says

    This would be AWESOME. An immediate way to make the evangelicals less effective, and give the GOP a chance to redeem themselves.

  18. Randy says

    All the more reason the Dems should ratchet up and place EDNA full front and center of their agenda. It will drive the GOP nuts because that’s another wedge issue.

    A majority of Americans already support ENDA and the only ones who oppose it the usual wingnuts. But by raising it, it would give lie to those who claim that just because they want to protect marriage doesn’t mean they are a bigot. We know they are, but when you oppose both issues for gays, there is no way you are going to win any national election.

  19. kpo5 says

    Stewart and Colbert are wondering what they did right in life to deserve so much comedic gold.

    Please, Tony…by all means – onward!

  20. Bart says


    Bring it Tony…we’ll watch you wither and die from lack of funding and votes. I’m sure even the folks on the right got a huge laugh reading this.

  21. Me says

    The Religious Right has threatened to “sit out” a few times every election cycle since the 80s. They don’t sit out and they won’t, because no matter how upset they are about marriage issues, the GOP is still the “pro-life” party and that issue is hufe for them. So this threat is hollow. The GOP transition on this issue is occurring. My guess is that the GOP platform will change from including the marriage amendment to one advocating that states get to decide their own marriage laws.

  22. Javier says

    I believe this is what you cal a win-win. If they remain with the anti-LGBT, or anti-marriage equality platform then they will be increasingly marginalized over time. (If their friends and relatives don’t tell this to them then the polls definitely should.)

    Go for it! Create your 3rd party. Better yet let’s continue to allow Democrats to push forth our equality. At the end of the day you will only get lip service from Republicans anyways. (This occurs about once every 2, or 4 years when they need your vote.)

    I say this because Republicans, by their own admission agree that they need to appeal to: Black, Hispanic, Asain, and women voters. Their actions speak louder than their words ever could… but they have not figured that out yet.

  23. JohnAGJ says

    @Randy: Who is “EDNA” and why should the GOP put her “front and center of their agenda”? ;-P

    As for Tony, this idea of his would certainly make things interesting in politics. I think what some folks here are missing though is that a GOP free of the social cons would then start picking off some of the “DINOs”. Whether that would give them victory on the national stage or not I haven’t a clue. Still, no major party has survived for long with full power. Voters tend to be fickle at times.

  24. ToThePoint says

    That would make it 50% good – 25% bad – 25% worse……Yeeaaahhhhhh, 50% WINS!!!!!!!

  25. Jack says

    Am I the only person who thinks this would be an awesome way to sound the end of the chokehold of the two party system? I would love to see this happen, and it herald the initiation of a multiple-party dynamic. Two parties cannot possibly uphold the ideal of “representative government” in a country as diverse as the USA in 2013. Let Perkins and his ilk form a new party, and let it be viable. And from there, let’s begin breaking up the two parties into entities more true to their constituents visions…

  26. SoLeftImRight says

    Yes, please! I do believe we still have a period ahead where the extreme right splits from the Republican party, and the anti-tax and corporate wing figures out that they have to finally compromise. They will find a welcome corporate wing of the Democratic party. Plutocrats always win.

  27. Mawm says

    There are dangers for Democrats if this happens. Imagine if they did form another party, let’s say the Christianist Party. Republicans could move towards the center and start capturing independents again. The Reps and the Christianists could then form a coalition that might ensure the house stays right-wing.