Towleroad Talking Points: Gay Marriage Already Won?

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Willie Nelson doesn't blunt his love for gay marriage .


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As the dust settles on the week that was marriage equality week at the Supreme Court, Ari Waldman gives us a list of seven things to takeaway from those two historic days. The Supreme Court has not ruled on either case yet, but Time magazine is already calling the race in favor of marriage equality, with a stunning cover to boot. MSNBC's Thomas Roberts took a moment on the steps of the court to talk about the personal connection he feels toward the importance of these cases

This week has seen a rash of politicians jumping on board the marriage equality bandwagon and Jon Stewart takes a look at the most boring Pride float ever. It's been a rough week for Heritage Foundation "scholar" Ryan Anderson who after having CNN's Don Lemon tear him a new one, used his lunacy to run afoul of Suze Orman. We all need to give Stephen Colbert a moment to process the notion that someone with the high level of intellect of Bill O'Reilly could possibly support gay marriage. And Jimmy Kimmel discovers if you can tell if someone is anti-gay marriage just by looking at them




Conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh still doesn't like gay marriage but says that right-wingers have lost the battle. Limbaugh also took great offense to fellow conservative host Bill O'Reilly's statement that anti-gay marriage groups are just "thumping their Bibles" and Lawrence O'Donnell is already relishing in a potential evil vs. evil battle

A group of Republicans in Michigan are calling for the resignation of a local RNC official after he made homophobic remarks on his Facebook. And in Arizona a House committee has approved a bill that would allow businesses to ban transgender people from using their restrooms. Luckily not every place in America has that problem



Rachel Maddow took some time on her show last night to break down the arguments in the Supreme Court DOMA case and to laugh about the phrase "skim milk marriage", of course. 


  1. rise says

    Why is Towleroad continuing to give publicity to the blatantly homophobic cover of Time magazine? Unlike the female couple, the male couple is shown in an almost shameful pose.
    Shame on Time magazine magazine and shame on Towleroad too.

  2. rise says

    I was going to submit a photo of myself kissing my partner but I’ve never kissed a boy so I wasn’t able to.

    I have a mop that I dress up like a boy and I call him “Thomas”, but Thomas doesn’t like it when we kiss because apparently my breath still smells like my grandpas Depends Undergarments.

    You know why.

  3. millerbeach says

    Wow, I must really be missing it. What is wrong with the two dudes kissing on Time magazine cover? Isn’t a kiss just a kiss, after all? LOL

  4. Rich says

    The men on the TIME cover definitely look different from the women in terms of style. Their faces seem to be hidden whereas the women’s are more obvious. The men’s lips are tightly pursed whereas the women’s are open.

    Seems that TIME is not doing us a favor after all.

  5. Jeff says

    Well, I see where they are doing us a favor, and that is the headline GAY MARRIAGE ALREADY WON. Towleroad has a question mark “?” after those three words, but the TIME magazine just has a period.

    Time is stating this as a fact to America, and not a question. So for that I am grateful.

    They are telling the folks on the fence, or the ones who wish to see Prop 8 and DOMA remain, that the writing is no longer just on the wall, gay marriage has been won, and it will happen this year, and not next.

    Basically they are declaring victory before the Supreme Court has ruled. This is ballsy, and rather optimistic, and fine with me.

  6. Freddie says

    The consistently bitter and negative comments really annoy me. Why is it that some people find negativity in everything? So, so sad. If you’re unhappy with your life, do something about it — that does not include trolling.

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