Towleroad Talking Points: Hillary Supports Marriage Equality


A look back at today's top stories


A busy day on the marriage equality front. After last week's pro-gay marriage announcement from Rob Portman, today it was former Secretary of State (and potential 2016 presidential candidate?) Hillary Clinton's turn. This as a new poll shows that public support for gay marriage is higher than ever

Here is a pair of related videos that are likely to bring a tear to your eye. Watch 12-year-old Daniel read a powerful letter he wrote Chief Justice John Roberts about his two dads and the upcoming DOMA and Prop 8 cases. Very sweet. And celebrate marriage equality with an accordion-based tribute jam




In case you haven't heard, Survivor creator Mark Burnett has a History Channel mini-series called The Bible. It turns out that in addition to creating a Satan who looks oddly like Obama, Burnett also hired a panel of prominent homophobes to advise him on Biblical accuracy. I think I'll pass on this one. 

Alt-folk singer Michelle Shocked lived up to her name and cleared out a San Francisco venue with a homophobic rant. Here is a tip, if you want to wave to some pals, don't do it with a Nazi salute. Despite Rob Portman's GOP support for gay marriage, Rick Santorum is still not a fan of it. Shocker. And it seems the RNC would like to make themselves less offensive to some Americans



Openly gay singer-songwriter Matt Fishel gives us a new song that skewers the homophobia in the music industry. A man in England did what I'm sure many of us have thought about and asked Prince Harry out on a date and the redhead replied in a surprisingly charming and adult manner. Also Anderson Cooper and Madonna get candid backstage after the GLAAD Awards



One more video for today. It's a powerful coming out story from a Naval Petty Officer


  1. Bryan says

    Effective politicians always have a strong instinct for the zeitgeist. That they’re abandoning the anti-gay ship one after another is a good thing, but we shouldn’t be confused by that. If these people were motivated by a desire to do good they’d have spoken out long ago.

    They’re not abandoning that particular ship not because it’s wrong – it was always wrong. They’re deserting it because it’s sinking. There’s no real power left in homophobia, and politicians are by definition interested in power above all else. The only power gay-hate ever had was in it’s ability to frighten the sheep, stampeding them to and fro according to who screamed “Save our children!”

    Now that our potential as scapegoats and bogey men is nearly exhausted, we should ask ourselves what comes next. Muslims have some potential. Immigrants are definitely in the running. Socialism might work. China might have proved handy, but is tricky since it owns us.

    The only thing that’s clear is that America can’t get by without something to fear and hate. It’ll be interesting to see what we choose next.

  2. Bill Perdue says

    Desperate for votes, Hillary evolves like Portman, Obama and the other bigots. Just a bit slower.

    Will she lead a camping to repeal Bill Clintons DOMA? No, imitating Obama, she won’t.

    Will she campaign for ENDA? No, imitating Obama, she won’t.

    Will she try to expel anti-gay Democrats from that bigot infested party. Definitely not.

    Will she fight to free gay.antiwar whistle blower and hero Brad Manning who made fools of her and Obama on the world stage? No, since it was her petty rage that caused him to be imprisoned and tortured.

  3. Ryan says

    Bill… take a chill pill. She was the Secretary of State and had to avoid getting involved in any domestic political issues. If you look at her stances on lgbt equality as Secretary of State, she was in some ways ahead of the President for a while. It’s clear she’s been for marriage equality for some time, but couldn’t comment on it because she was Secretary of State…. for the very same reason why she didn’t comment on any real domestic political issue, or attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, etc.

    Finally, given that her own husband has disowned DOMA very publicly and that the entire Democratic Party is getting on board the marriage equality train — and has recognized they’ll be rewarded politically for it — yes, you can bet your bottom dollar that Hillary would fight hard for it.

  4. says

    i think what folks are (willfully?) ignoring it this – since President Obama’s history-making stand in support and solidarity with the LGBT Communities, the bar has been raised. Any and all potential-Democratic Presidential candidates will now need to be wholly on board for marriage Equality.

    process that, if you will.

    we’re going to see the polar opposite of the conservative republican stance: we’re gonna see people fighting to be “more pro-Equality” than their competitors.

    and unlike Portman, Hillary didn’t need her own child to come out.

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