Towleroad Talking Points: Rob Portman’s Son Turns Him



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Rob Portman of Ohio has become the first sitting GOP Senator to publicly endorse gay marriage. Apparently we have Portman's gay son Will to thank for this change of heart because the Senator says that it was when his son came out that he was forced to look at gay rights differently. Will is rightfully a very proud son today but, there is still the question of whether Portman still believes that businesses should be able to fire employees because of their sexuality

There was another heartwarming story of acceptance from the father of a gay son today. Try not to tear up when you read this letter that a dad left for his son, saving him the trouble of even having to come out. And the Wall Street Journal took a look at Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and what he might be thinking about the Prop 8 and DOMA decisions




Padma Lakshmi and Anderson Cooper deal with that everyday annoyance of getting spooked by Bigfoot. Help out these filmmakers put the finishing touches on their film about finding big gay love! Also Rihanna's "Stay" gets a gay love story edit from Mister Chase



The story of how Rob Portman came around to his support of same-sex marriage clearly has no effect on Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz because he told MSNBC that he still wouldn't support gay marriage even if his son were gay. Despite ample evidence to the contrary, NOM Chair John Eastman claims that he didn't mean to smear SCOTUS Justice John Roberts when he called his adopted kids "second best". And the owner of a texas Megachurch used a whole bunch of analogies about plugging the wrong sized plug into the wrong sized outlet and generally sounded like an idiot while he was ranting about the immorality of gay sex



A very happy birthday to "Huge Anus" from a local Los Angeles newscast!

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