1. jjose712 says

    Well, they are not exactly articulate about the issue, but at least they are sincere, gay marriage has zero impact in their straight marriage

  2. AdamTh says

    Well if it increased their belief in traditional marriage, as that first guy claims, wouldn’t that be a good thing?

  3. Bryan says

    The great irony here is that these sad men’s dull despair, tepid meanness, and apathetic fear are in large part the result of decade after decade spent in an institution that denigrates and represses male sexuality and discourages living an examined life. Their spark was stamped out long ago, and they’ve no real idea what it is that has slowly, day after monogamous day, killed their hearts.

    It’ll be interesting to see who or what gay men choose to scapegoat in vague, impotent rage after 30 or 40 years trapped in the joyless, soul-destroying, and de facto mandatory institution we’re so avidly pursuing the right to participate in.

    The saddest thing about being chosen last for basketball is that one can end up longing to be in the game without ever considering whether it was worth playing in the first place.

    Acceptance comes at the price of conformity.

  4. RyanInWyo says

    Bryan, why do you think that having a right is the same as having an obligation? Having the right to marry doesn’t require anyone to do so. But that’s been said a thousand times – this surely can’t be the first time you’ve heard it. So what part of it is confounding for you?

    And why do you think that marriage has to be joyless or soul-destroying? Maybe you’ve only had bad relationships? (If so, I’m sorry for you.) At any rate, whether or not a relationship is recognized by the law has no bearing on whether said relationship “joyless or soul-destroying.” The participants in the relationship determine the character of it.

  5. says

    This reminds me of that youtube video that went viral recently. A fake straight couple distresses over “the horrors” of gay marriage, afraid that it will bring an end to theirs. Is it over dramatic and intended to be satirical. The world will not end if there is marriage equality…

  6. Lynel says

    bigotry like this can only end when we openly come out, be proud of our relationships, and be proud of who we love …including showcasing our relationships to our friends, family and not being afraid to hold hands in public…putting normalcy on same sex marriage.
    Love has to win here and if it doesn’t, our community will continue fighting for freedoms and equality.

  7. Simon says

    Only people with very low esteem of themselves and their own relationship would feel ‘threatened’ when 2 strangers get married.

  8. Bill says

    Bryan’s response to this article is perhaps the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Bryan, wherever you are, I’m giving you a big hug.

  9. Firestorm says

    I think the main reason these bigots are against gay marriage is that they’re afraid we’re going to make them look bad by comparison.

    It must burn their bacon seeing couples like NPH and David Burtka being happy together, having successful careers, and raising wonderful children, while their marriages resemble that of Al and Peggy Bundy.