1. David Hearne says

    What a maroon. Drag is as old as theater itself. The most famous drag show in the US was at Finocchio’s and featured female impersonators who mostly claimed to be heterosexual. And people wonder why we consider the Midwest to be the flyover.

  2. says

    what is UP with North American puritan ninnyhood???

    COME ON! Drag is a great big fun JOKE in the UK. Monty Python anyone? Dame Edna, beloved character played by a married heterosexual man?

    it’s DRAG. it’s COMEDY. these people are such complete buzzkills, sheeeeesh.

  3. Peter says

    Little Kiwi, drag has a richer history in the UK, dating back to Shakespeare’s time, when all female roles were played by male/boy actors because acting was inappropriate for women.

  4. Michael says

    Ha! Do a search on twitter for this woman. It appears that she is a batchelorette who has been living with the same woman for years. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    Michael, et al.,

    It is common knowledge that Ms Appling is unmarried and has shared her home with another woman for decades. While this doesn’t prove that the two women have any sexual relationship, it certainly leaves the door open and, to that extent, suggests where Ms Appling’s homophobia comes from. At the least, it suggests that Ms Appling has a concern that her house may be glass.

  6. andrew says

    We in Philadelphia have the biggest drag show in the country every New Years Day. It’s called the Mummers Parade. Thousands of guys, mostly straight, parade up Broad Street in this New Years celebration.

  7. says

    The Fox Valley-area has had many drag shows in the past, and Green Bay even has had public performances during our Pride Alive events. Southern Wisconsin social conservatives need to keep to themselves before they embarrass themselves. (Oops, too late.) Please don’t let these these crazy people speak for Northeast Wisconsin. I see the Fox Valley as center-left on the political spectrum in regards to social issues.

  8. billmiller says

    Please check out the Philadelphia Inquirer local section..March 13, 2013 My grand pop was doing drag back in the 40’s. Are we not over this crap yet?? Christ-like my ASS!

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