1. Walt NYC says

    Lisa Lampanelli did it and now Vassar has done it. Taking something so unequivocally vile and turning it into something completely selfless and productive. And, rubbing the WBC protestors’ smug faces in it. It almost restores my faith in humanity.

  2. ObeyGod says

    That pastor is a false prophet saying nothing really. Hellbound! Simply put God said he hates workers of iniquity. Christ said to go now and sin no more or be afflicted with terrible things. If you are disobedient (this of course includes homosexual) then you are going to burn in hell. There is no question. To love God = obey God. To love thy neighbor = warn them they’re going to hell. Christ is Lord.

  3. Marcus says

    Thank you to this pastor! By speaking out for kindness, compassion and love he is helping save lives. He’s truly understand of the teachings of the Bible which promote love. God would absolutely want there to be more love in this world. That’s why we’re on this planet. Gay people deserve equality and life is too short to be spent in bigotry.

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