1. Carl says

    The reports never said that ABC didn’t approve of her views, like Barbara said. The reports said that audiences didn’t like her extreme views.

  2. DrMikey says

    I really do hope they fire that twit’s a**…
    And while they’re at it, they need to replace Sherrie Jackson too. She’s as stupid as a summer day is long!
    How about a panel with Whoopi, Lili Tomlin, Sarah Silverman – and then Ann Coulter (whom they would dice into mince meat daily)!

  3. Polyboy says

    And they can have her. I have Netflix to watch on my days off. I have better things to do than watch an idiot relay mouthpiece for Faux News.

  4. Jerry says

    This is extremely relevant too gay and lesbian issues. Oh wait, no it isnt in any way at all.

  5. Eric says

    First thing I thought of: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” ~ Mark Twain

  6. kookie says

    I love the view. Joy deserves her time off. As far as Elizabeth….I may not agree with all of her views, as a gay man, I respect her views. She is not the Elizabeth that started on The View. Her statements, her viewpoints, and her judgements have changed. As she’s encountered people, interviewed them, discussed them, and spent time with them in person, she’s becaome a more vocaly tolerant woman. She’s discovered and she’s grown. Saying, that, her chair on that show represents millions who have shared her views. Through her journey we’ve all grown. What would have originally appeared to be a huge injustice has actually advanced the rights of everyone….through Elizabeth’s help.. She has actually become an unwillingly ally. I think she deserves a continued chair on The View because she does represent a view…it may not be out view, but it’s a view that has increasingly changed in out favor, because she’s gotten to know us.

  7. Lazycrockett says

    I see this as damage control. Elizabeth was rather quiet during the whole scene and Walters side stepped the whole “audience members hate her” group. I think shes out and the show is giving her time to find another gig and then present her leaving in a united front.

  8. DrunkEnough says

    “We have no plans to replace Elisabeth” isn’t a very strong denial, is it?

  9. Kendall says

    Didn’t she say the same thing on air about Star Jones when she got fired, but they weren’t ready to announce it?

  10. dbaudit says

    Hassledumb hasn’t had an original idea in the entire time she’s been on the show. Her shrill, screechy regurgitation of tea party screed has become predictable and extremely boring. The show needs a conservative voice to maintain balance, but they could (and should) do better than this vapid, mindless shrew.
    She won’t be missed

  11. sean says

    That’s why the show is called the VIEW. To have a different viewpoint than everyone else on the show.

    Maybe you don’t agree with most of her VIEWS on things (I know I don’t).

    But it’s OK. We don’t need to call her “Hassledumb” and silly things like that. If anyone on the show is dumb, it’s Sherri Shephard. She’s LOUD, yet contributes nothing valuable.

  12. David says

    She doesn’t go over well with the audience. It’s not even like she holds those conservative views, she’s just parroting talking points she’s given. Liberals hate her because she’s a parrot and conservatives don’t like her because she’s not advancing the best arguments — just the same talking points heard all over Fox News.

  13. Scott B. says

    My money says Elizabeth announces she’s leaving “on my own terms” in June. Classic PR move. I doubt the HP would post that story unless there something to it. They’re already claiming Brooke Shields is joining the cast. We’ll see… agree Shepard adds very little to the show.

  14. Keppler says

    Without Joy Behar, the show is unwatchable. Between Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd (who is unencumbered with a brain), there’ll be nothing left. It’ll simply become a running commercial for Barbara’s 20/20 specials, which is pretty much what it’s become anyway.