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Gay Rapper Cakes Da Killa's 'Goodie Goodies': VIDEO


Here's "Goodie Goodies", the new video from gay New York-based rapper Cakes Da Killa, who, like Le1f, doesn't really care what Snoop Lion thinks is acceptable or not.


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Snoop Lion Not Sure if It Will Ever Be Acceptable to Be Gay in the Rap Music World

Snoop Lion talks to Simon Hattenstone at The Guardian:

Snoop_lionWhat about homosexuality? "I don't have a problem with gay people. I got some gay homies." He looks round the room and laughs. "Yeah, for real. People who were gay used to get beat up. It was cool to beat up on gay people back then. But in the 90s and 2000s, gay is a way of life. Just regular people with jobs. Now they are accepted, not classified. They just went through the same things we went through as black."

He recently spoke out in support of gay marriage in America. Does he think that Frank Ocean coming out is a sign of progress in the rap world? "Frank Ocean ain't no rapper. He's a singer. It's acceptable in the singing world, but in the rap world I don't know if it will ever be acceptable because rap is so masculine. It's like a football team. You can't be in a locker room full of motherf**king tough-ass dudes, then all of a sudden say, 'Hey, man, I like you.' You know, that's going to be tough."

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Two Men Marry in First Traditional African Gay Wedding: VIDEO


Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithole were married yesterday in the town of KwaDukuza in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in the area's first traditional African gay wedding.

WeddingMamba Online profiled the couple in February:

The relationship has become something of a cause célèbre in KZN, with a local newspaper celebrating their upcoming nuptials as the area’s first legal gay marriage with a front page feature. Tshepo says that one of the reasons they’ve chosen to be so open is that they "hope to inspire people out there who are still struggling to come to terms with their sexuality”.

"We see no reason to hide in darkness as if there is something to be ashamed about. Our marriage is largely symbolic and a sign that black gay men can commit and build family through a happy and loving marriage,” he says.

Thoba chimes in that “This is who we are and we are just tired of people judging with no understanding. We are people and entitled to live life to the fullest”.

Watch an excellent report on the wedding from ENCA, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Writer Augusten Burroughs Marries

A literary union.

BurroughsFrom the NYT:

Christopher Robert Schelling, a literary agent, and the writer Augusten Burroughs, who is also his client, were married Monday at Staten Island Borough Hall. Edison Stewart, the deputy city clerk for Staten Island, officiated. Mr. Schelling (left), 50, is the founder of Selectric Artists, an agency in Manhattan that represents fiction and nonfiction writers, as well as musicians. He graduated from DePauw University in Indiana.

Burroughs is the author of eight books including Running with Scissors, Dry, and Magical Thinking.


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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Comes Out for Marriage Equality: VIDEO


In SNL's cold open last night, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un lifted the nation's ban on same-sex marriage because of a gay nephew:

"Watching him suffer unhappiness because of this policy affected me deeply. I still had to have him executed, but not because he was gay. It was because he was hosting a weekly book discussion group at his apartment. And here let me make one thing really clear. I have no personal stake in gay marriage one way or the other. I'm about as heterosexual as a person can be..."

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Transsexual Actress Calpernia Addams and Drag Race Star Shangela Light Up New Facebook Home Ad: VIDEO


Transsexual actress and activist Calpernia Addams (below) wrote to alert us to a new ad for Facebook's new 'Home' launcher app in which she and RuPaul's Drag Race star Shangela are featured.

Here's the synopsis of the ad:

A boring business trip gets a lot less boring, when Facebook Home brings a guy's friends on the journey with him. And all it takes is a few glances to reveal that his life isn't as conservative as his khakis.

Mark Zuckerberg featured the ad in his keynote this week, Calpernia tells us, and the ad makes Facebook one of the few companies to feature a trans actress in a commercial in a positive light.


UPDATE: Business Insider reports that the ad is receiving "a wave of negative reaction":

The ad's intent seems to be to show that having Facebook Home means that no matter where you are, you'll get all the wonderful, unadulterated weirdness of Facebook. But it also gives the odd impression that Facebook Home will turn your life into a visual clown car, with an endless stream of trivia spewing randomly from your phone.

The ad was created by agency Wieden + Kennedy, which also did "Chairs." Facebook spends very little money on TV advertising — why should it, it's owns its own audience of 1 billion people after all — and thus needs its ads to go viral in free online video media. Ads generally don't go viral unless they're very unusual. So what's happening here is that Facebook is being deliberately weird in order to get your attention.


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