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Towleroad Talking Points: First Look At Liberace




A look back at today's top stories


In a true testament to spreading love the archbishop of Detroit is attempting to order all Catholics that support same-sex marriage to stop receiving communion. Do unto others huh? Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah says he is cool with civil unions because the word "marriage" needs to be protected for heterosexuals. The leader of the Church of Latter Day Saints recently told Mormons that they should be wary of tolerance.

There were a couple of grisly gay-related attacks in Europe over the weekend. The first openly gay person to be elected to Swedish Parliament was attacked while he vacationed in Greece. And a gay couple were brutally beaten for walking hand-in-hand in Paris. 



The pro-marriage equality pronouncements keep pouring in as Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota has become the latest public supporter of same-sex marriage. In Rhode Island a vote on same-sex marriage will happen by the end of this month. And despite the usual threats from NOM, a second GOP lawmaker in Illinois has come out in favor of the state's proposed marriage equality bill

A new study claims that a majority of the time people can tell who is the top and who is the bottom in a gay relationship. Also gay activist and columnist Richard Socarides talks about coming out to his father, who pioneered the so-called 'gay conversion therapy'


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The first trailer for HBO's upcoming Liberace biopic has arrived and there is so much to be excited about that it requires multiple viewings. And in a sentence I certainly never imagined I would type, Elton John and Fall Out Boy have teamed up



Adidas gives us the most ab-tastic advertisement for soccer uniforms ever! And the age-old human chair prank strikes again

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Rock Musician Linda Perry Unleashed a Surprise Marriage Proposal on Sara Gilbert: VIDEO


Sara Gilbert, former Roseanne star and co-host of The Talk, who has been dating rock musician Linda Perry since 2011, announced today that the two are engaged after Perry sprang "the most amazing proposal ever" on her at an L.A. park.


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Marc Jacobs' Acting Debut: VIDEO


Designer Marc Jacobs makes his acting debut in Henry Alex Rubin's film Disconnect, a role Jacobs described as that of a "porn baron," Movieline reports.

The film opens Friday.

Watch a 40-second clip preview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Immigration Reform Bill Will Not Include LGBT Families

The initial text of the immigration reform bill will not include LGBT families, advocates told the Washington Blade today:

NadlerImmigration Equality Executive Director Rachel Tiven on Monday said she does not expect same-sex couples will be included in the comprehensive immigration reform bill a bi-partisan group of senators could potentially introduce by the end of the week.

“We are not expecting LGBT families to be included in the Gang of 8 bill,” she told the Washington Blade during a conference call ahead of a rally in support of comprehensive immigration reform on Wednesday that is expected to draw tens of thousands of people to the U.S. Capitol. “That in our minds means that of course the bill is incomplete.”

Rep. Jarrold Nadler (D-NY) confirmed Tiven's remarks:

Nadler acknowledged to the Blade on Monday “it appears unlikely that the Senate’s initial immigration text” will include LGBT-specific language.

“This is disappointing but not particularly surprising,” he said.

Tiven said she remains hopeful members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will revisit the issue once they begin to debate the “Gang of 8” bill.

More at the Blade...

President Obama's immigration reform proposal, unveiled in January, had included LGBT familes. Advocates say they plan to fight for reinclusion through the amendment process.

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Gay Son of Congressman Matt Salmon Talks About His Father, Who Opposes Same-Sex Marriage: VIDEO


Matt R. Salmon, the son of Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), talks about his father and his father's public opposition of marriage equality, with KPNX.

Said Salmon: "It's hard for me to understand that people will jump to the conclusion that he's anti-gay, he's a bigot. When really, yeah he doesn't support gay marriage, but that doesn't make him a bigot at all."

Salmon also reveals that he was in 'reparative therapy' and the hardest moment he had in his relationship with his father was when he decided to stop doing it:

"It was probably while I was in college, at ASU, and I had just decided that I was no longer going to do reparative therapy, and it was hard for him. We still had a loving relationship but it was difficult for him to accept."


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Gay Wedding Video of the Day: Dan and Eric


Dan and Eric got married in NYC on February 15. Katie Osgood, their photographer, wanted to do something a bit different for them. So she went stop-motion.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

She explains:

DanericWhen Dan and Eric got into NYC a few days before the wedding I wanted to meet them in real life, so we met up for some beers. It was then that I told them about my idea to shoot a few scenes for a potential stop-action movie. Nothing too crazy, but I wanted see how a wedding day would translate through a quirky stop-action sequence. They were down and better yet, they totally trusted me.

So why all of a sudden did I want to try this out after so long? I’ll tell you— I’ve been shooting weddings since 2006, the last 3 years of which have been full-time. When it all started I thought I had to take ‘wedding style’ photographs. What does even that mean?! At the time, to me, it meant I had to shoot brides and grooms dip kissing each other and couples arbitrarily walking through a park in clothes that were way too fancy for the occasion. In short, I felt like there was my ‘wedding work’ which was mildly fake and contrived and then this other stuff I did.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

Katie explains that she used 94.7% of the images shot on their wedding day, which you can see separately here.

Congrats guys!

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