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I'd Do It Again With You: VIDEO


A short film by Branden Blinn titled "13 or So Minutes" in which two men who are incredibly attracted to one another discuss what brought them to the place where they find themselves. Featuring Carlos Salas and Nick Soper.


(possibly work-unfriendly)

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Towleroad Talking Points: Day 2 of Jason Collins' Coming Out



A look back at today's top stories


Jason Collins' decision to become the first openly gay active male player in professional sports continues to dominate the news cycle and Collins gave his first television interview since the announcement as to "Good Morning America". He discussed how he feels about all the attention and his special tribute to Matthew Shepard. Support continues to pour in from all corners; openly gay footballer Robbie Rogers says that he is proud of Collins, Ellen wants to hug as much of the big man as she can and even Lance Bass had some helpful advice for Jason. President Obama also made public remarks in support of the historic announcement

Ari Waldman takes a look at the importance of "identity" as it relates to the intersection of sports and homosexuality. Possibly taking a cue from Collins, other athletes are stepping up their public support of the LGBT community as American tennis stars Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish have announced that they have joined the anti-homphobia group Athlete Ally. And Stephen Colbert concedes that there may be gays in basketball, just as long as they stay away from figure skating!




The nominations for the 2013 Tony Awards were announced today and Kinky Boots and Matilda were the big winners. There is good news on the way if you can't get enough of RuPaul's Drag Raceit is about to be available in video game form! Willie Nelson is looking to be the first stoned version of Gandalf and the Pet Shop Boys have dropped the first track off of their new album



Despite many overtures for an apology, ESPN's Chris Broussard is standing firmly behind his bigoted and ignorant comments. Also it is 2013, one Georgia county is holding its first ever integrated prom

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Paul Ryan Supports Gay Adoption But Doesn't Want the Kids to Have Married Parents: VIDEO


Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke to a town hall in Wisconsin on Monday and was asked about his positions on ENDA, gay adoption, and same-sex marrage, Think Progress reports.

Ryan told the audience that he supports ENDA, and voted for it, but would have to take another look at it when you add transgender protections. He also said that he supports gay adoption, something he voted against in his first term.

He does not, however, support those adopted kids having married parents.

Said Ryan: "I do believe that if there are children who are orphans who do not have a loving person or couple I think if a person wants to love and raise a child they ought to be able to do that. Period. I would vote that way. I do believe marriage is between a man and a woman, we just respectfully disagree on that issue."


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Richard Branson's Tourist Spaceship Breaks Sound Barrier: VIDEO


Civilian space travel got one step closer yesterday as the first private spaceship designed for space tourism fired its rockets for a few seconds and broke the sound barrier.

Mashable writes:

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space plane fired its rocket engines for the first time during flight this morning in a test from California's Mojave Air and Spaceport. The vehicle was carried aloft by the mothership WhiteKnightTwo, and then released in midair at an altitude of about 46,000 feet. At that point, SpaceShipTwo test fired its rocket engine, designed to propel the craft of the rest of the way up to space.

After a short 16-second burn today, SpaceShipTwo reached a maximum altitude of 56,000 feet before flew back to Earth. The trip marked the 26th test flight of the vehicle, and the first "powered flight," which propelled the ship to Mach 1.2, fast enough to beat the speed of sound, which is 761 miles per hour.


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1358

CHRIS HADFIELD FROM THE ISS: How to barf in space.

SEEK: A film in progress from Eric Henry.

ANNIE: "Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts".

HIV ADVANCES: Not a cure but a step closer.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Saturn, Vietnam, Admiral Duncan, Fukushima, Sportswriter

RoadRadioactive water being pumped out of Fukushima plant at 75 gallons a minute.

PittRoadBrad Pitt twinkles for Vanity Fair.

Road Vietnam: leading on gay rights? "Marginalized only a few years ago, the LGBT community is not only finding support in the legal sphere but has been winning broad acceptance in the media and in public life."

RoadDepartment of Education to recognize same-sex parents on applications for federal financial aid: "In most instances, the amount of need-based federal student aid these students are eligible for will decrease because of the additional income and other resources used in the calculation of the student’s EFC."

RoadAxelrod: Obama cried over Newtown. “He emailed when the news came in and said, ‘It’s the first time that I cried in the Oval Office.’”

RoadToday is the fourteenth anniversary of the nail bomb attack on the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, London. "A two minute silence at 6.37pm will mark the moment when the Soho nail bomb left in a sports bag in the crowded bar was detonated killing three people and injuring over 80 more."

RoadJake Gyllenhaal and Jude Law hang out in NYC's East Village.

RoadJames Franco tweets a photo of his naughty birthday cake.

JovenittiRoadJason Collins inspires young sportswriter to come out: "I’m tired of putting on the charade of being straight. I grew up in a very small town that isn’t too accepting of diversity. There was one gay kid and one black kid in my school and both were bullied mercilessly. I didn’t partake in the bullying – I’m the kind of person who stays away from conflict, even when I probably should confront something – but I just stood by and let the jocks tease the only gay person in town who had the guts to be himself. For that, I’m ashamed."

RoadFOX News downplays, mocks first openly gay NBA player Jason Collins: "Despite the significance of Collins’ announcement, Fox News barely covered the story, dedicating less than ten minutes on April 29 to the story – significantly less time than coverage on CNN (48 minutes) and MSNBC (29 minutes) –  according to an Equality Matters analysis:"

RoadFive new minutes of footage from The Great Gatsby.

RoadNYC community forum to assess what it's like to have lived through the AIDS epidemic: "The evening begins at 7 pm with an excerpt from the Oscar-nominated documentary How to Survive a Plague, followed by a panel at 7:15 pm and an open discussion at 8:30 pm. The evening will be hosted by the Tony Award-winning star of Angels in America Stephen Spinella, with a panel featuring Jesus Aguais, Dr. L. Jeannine Bookhardt-Murray, Dr. Mark Brennan-Ing, Jim Eigo, Joe Jervis and Peter Staley, moderated by Dr. Perry N. Halkitis."

RoadMitch McConnell tries to make a funny.

SaturnRoadSaturn's massive storm.

RoadHurricane Sandy released 10 billion gallons of raw sewage into NY and NJ waterways: "The total amount of waste spewed by Sandy could cover all of Central Park, with sewage 41 feet high, the report said."

RoadRebel Wilson hits The View.

RoadHomophobia is 'the norm' among French footballers: "The poll, led by sports psychologist Anthony Mette for the amateur football club ‘Paris Foot Gay,’ found that 41 percent of professional players from France’s top two football divisions appeared to hold homophobic views. Among the 121 professional footballers, drawn from 13 clubs, 63 percent said they would be surprised if a teammate revealed he was gay, 'because it’s a taboo subject.'"

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