1. graphicjack says

    Adam, you’re an idiot. This event was created by a gay man who was a Broadway star. This has nothing to do with stereotypes… and men AND women participate in this event every year. Would it fit your perfect ideal of gay men and masculinity if it happened to be started by a gay man who was a lawyer? Or a doctor? Or a plumber? Who the crap cares who started this event and who is participating in it? It’s successful, it has helped people living with HIV/AIDS for over 20 years, and hell, it’s hot. Chill out and enjoy the view.

  2. McCoysMarketNY says

    LOVE Broadway Bares! My partner and I go every year. It’s amazing what they put on stage for one night only! (BTW, graphicjack: I love Jerry Mitchell, and I love the new show Kinky Boots, which he both directed AND choreographed, but in a city full of Broadway stars, it’s quite a stretch to call Jerry one! He was a featured dancer in The Will Rogers Follies when he created BB, but he has never been a broadway “star.”

  3. JoJo says

    Adam is a conservative troll guys. He’s an alias of the other resident troll named Rick. When you see a wack job with knee jerk homophobic reactions belittling our gay brothers who are fem….IT’S RICK BEHIND THE POST. Rick lately has been having a Michelle Shocked kind of mental break down on here. Me thinks he’s at the end of his rope. And I don’t say that with an ounce of sympathy either.

    Btw….great cause!

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