1. Caliban says

    Hmmm. The hardest thing to believe about this “skit” is that the guy in it is married to a woman, much less has a mistress. I didn’t make it to the end. Is he credited as Miss Thing?

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Adultery is a choice. Being gay is not. These knuckle-draggers don’t get that and won’t understand what is going-on in the world around them until they do. Perhaps in a generation or so…

  3. Eric in Chicago says

    OMG – the guy acting is so gay and if those aren’t fag hags I don’t know hot to spot them. Add the gay closeted homophobe Pete LaBarbra to it is just icing on the gay cake. What losers. (and trying to hurt gay children by convincing their parents to be unaccepting of them is truly disgusting)

  4. TANK says

    I know certain people here aren’t going to like this comment, but I have to say, without even watching this ridiculous clip, that the homely, dumpy guy has major gay face. That queen is in denial about her true self. Self hating gay people are so sad… so very sad, indeed. Thus sayeth Tank.

  5. Steve says

    The problem with Christians is that their entire moral code isn’t based on quantifiable and objective harm. It’s not based on consent. Adultery isn’t bad because the Bible says so, but because it’s violating someone’s trust. That’s also why open relationships are ok and not cheating.

    But Christians think it’s bad because the Bible says so. Same with every single other thing they call “sin”. So they have no problem lumping harmless, consensual stuff together with harmful stuff. It’s also why they always equate homosexuality with pedophilia.

  6. will.I.Am says

    WTF? Adultery is a sexual relationship between a MARRIED PERSON and someone other than their SPOUSE.

    And now, the religionistpornkingforjesus is so lacking in his fight against the ‘Gay Menace’ that he has decided to rewrite God’s definition and commandment of Adultery?

    Doesn’t the Bible Warn Porno Pete about Re-writing God’s words?

    About bearing False Witness?

    What an idiot we have in Jesus.

    And Porno Pete.

  7. Thomas says

    And yet we still love the alcoholics enough to let them get married and have kids, and even have wine at church! And the same for the adulterers. Funny how that is.

    Analogy fail.

  8. Continuum says

    Is this supposed to be a parody of over weight Christians.

    The guy is giving off gay vibes right and left.

    And, the women are doing some of the greatest impressions of drag queens that I’ve ever seen.

  9. Michael says

    Give me a flippin break. EVERY sin, that isn’t about keeping the Sabbath day holy, is a type of ‘wrong’ that you do to another.

    Homosexuality doesn’t fit into that descript.

    btw, I didn’t watch this video but was there any reason why they had 3 people who are beyond guilty of the sin of gluttony making this vid?

  10. Chaszle says

    Truly the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever. You can tell that ship is gasping it’s last breath, when these are the kinds of arguments they produce.

  11. Steve says

    Wrong. There are tons and tons of other “sins” that harm no one. Just in the realm of sexuality you have masturbation and “lusting after someone”. Though with lusting, fundamentalist Christians also don’t understand the difference between attraction and lust. Just finding someone attractive and appreciating them isn’t lust. Yet fundies condemn that too. To the point that plenty of people become functionally asexual. And then they are expected to flip a switch after the wedding and suddenly have awesome sex, despite having suppressed all their feelings before.

  12. Jay says

    You know what IS a choice? Stepping back from the table!

    I guess PornoPete only went as far as the nearest Exodus and PFOX meetings to get his “actors”…

    Hey Miss La B – if you want a video that isn’t mistaken for parody of your own stupidity, you may want to actually audition people.

  13. Mary says

    I normnally give an eyeroll when Towleroad posters claim that someone anti-gay is a closet case, but MY GOD, do these 3 people look like a closeted gay man and two drag queens! And yes, there’s something weird about the way so many anti-gay people are physically hefty. I suppose they may be compensating for represssing their same-sex desires by overindulging in food. Just a speculation, though.

  14. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Proof that you can’t fill an emotional void with food; otherwise, they’d be as happy as pigs in slop and wouldn’t care about what ‘teh gays’ are up to.

    (yes, I do consider obesity to be an mental disorder and the chance of three people with a rare glandular problem appearing in the same skit is approximately zero)

  15. Tom in Long Beach says

    Best funny comment was by Jack M. Reminds me of Divine and the egg lady in “Polyester” having a whole chocolate cake for lunch and saying “yummy yummy yummy” That said, orientation and, adultery are too different things. The true bitter irony for conservative Christians is that Jesus is recorded as not being married, and never saying anything about homosexuality or abortion. Oh but he is recorded about saying very much about not judging and treating others fairly. Matthew 7:12 “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and Prophets.” NIV. Perhaps it is no accident, the very next verse is “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14 NIV.

  16. EchtKultig says

    LOVE IT! It’s like the start of a postmodern joke: “the femme closet dyke, the closet gay, and the butch closet dyke decide to make a youtube video…”

  17. kdknyc says

    My guess is, that we’ll hear one day that the guy lost weight around age 50, maybe looked somewhat desirable, blew the hinges of the closet door, and totally hit on younger men to make up for lost time, just like John Paulk. They seem to be ex-gay when nobody would touch them.

  18. John says

    What unadulterated crap!

    Does this group seriously think that something this low-brow is going to work in their favour? If anything, it might just work against them … who wants to be associated with that?! (And someone should be charged with child abuse for forcing that kid to appear in it!)

  19. ajax2828 says

    Why, oh why, doesn’t Towleroad have like buttons? The comments about the mustard stains on and hole in the T-shirt and the John Waters comments made me laugh out loud, and watch the video all over again. One thing, though, I think that this IS a John Waters piece — the bad acting, the actors’ girth, the execrable dialog, it’s totally an early John Waters film! Isn’t the one on the right Divine?

  20. jaragon says

    That was lame- and really the three adults in the skit should head straight for weight watchers ( That LaBarbera person looks really really creepy)

  21. Arrant says

    The great irony is that while Jesus never said one word about gay marriage he very clearly defines an adulterer as anyone who remarries after getting a divorce. This is why you’ve never seen the gay marriage/adultery card played before–it reveals a smoking hole of hypocrisy the size of the Holland tunnel in evangelical thinking. 50% of all hetero marriages in the US result in divorce, and 80% of divorced straights marry again. So, roughly 40% of the adult population of married heterosexuals are committing adultery, according to Christ’s teaching.

    Which neatly cues up his other teaching about not pointing out the mote in your brother’s eye when you have a beam in your own.

  22. Merlon says

    Can you imagine being so miserable in your life to take the time and not only edit, shoot, conceptualize, film, write, and make this film….but the thought that goes in to it.

    Christians. SMH. wow.

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