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Two Men Marry in First Traditional African Gay Wedding: VIDEO


Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithole were married yesterday in the town of KwaDukuza in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in the area's first traditional African gay wedding.

WeddingMamba Online profiled the couple in February:

The relationship has become something of a cause célèbre in KZN, with a local newspaper celebrating their upcoming nuptials as the area’s first legal gay marriage with a front page feature. Tshepo says that one of the reasons they’ve chosen to be so open is that they "hope to inspire people out there who are still struggling to come to terms with their sexuality”.

"We see no reason to hide in darkness as if there is something to be ashamed about. Our marriage is largely symbolic and a sign that black gay men can commit and build family through a happy and loving marriage,” he says.

Thoba chimes in that “This is who we are and we are just tired of people judging with no understanding. We are people and entitled to live life to the fullest”.

Watch an excellent report on the wedding from ENCA, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. A beautiful sentiment and a beautiful couple. So sweet.

    Posted by: Jersey | Apr 7, 2013 5:00:54 PM

  2. Same-sex marriage is an injustice, a tyrannical ploy being perpetrated upon our society, the pernicious consequences of which are simply mocked and laughed at by its supporters. Ignorance and prejudice have taken the place of knowledge and reason. Caprice and passion substituted for prudence and virtue. The happiness of society, the good of all families, and the welfare of mankind fall victim to the injustice of selfish love, which calculates every thing for itself while taking no notice of a child's best interest or the public advantage of the government promoting ONLY the traditional family.

    In the eyes of a child, same-sex marriage appears adulterous by nature. Someone is not present in his/her home who is his/her true mother or father. No good can come from adultery, only broken homes and broken hearts. At best, an adoptive virtuous heterosexual man and woman can soften the evil sustained by children of adultery, but same-sex proponents want their adulterous families to be considered normal and "equal" to a monogamous heterosexual marriage -- which study after study has proven to be the best environment for child-rearing. There is simply no virtue in ignorance, or in denying truth.

    Here are two truths regarding marriage: (1) A man creating a family with another man is not equal to creating a family with a woman, and (2) denying children parents of both genders at home is an objective evil. Kids need and yearn for both.

    Same-sex marriage in unconformable to the state of a rational social being, it is defective in principle, and has ONLY a deceitful appearance to young and old because it denies Natural Law. All babies grow up to eventually figure out that it takes a man and a woman to bring a new life into the world.

    At school, those kids who have two mothers or two fathers will be different, and the other children will notice that the child of a same-sex couple is different in many ways. Besides the obvious exclusion of either a mother or a father at home, a same-sex-marriage child is deprived of one necessary gender role model at home, and will undoubtedly interact differently than other children of his/her gender, and especially with regards to interacting with the opposite sex of his/her same-sex parents. It is without a doubt that these children will be recognized to be different by the children who have a mother and a father at home, and especially when they have both of their biological parents at home.

    In order to protect the child of a same-sex marriage from any perceived harassment, that child will become a special protected class in the eyes of the government. School officials will have to punish and "re-educate" any child who "offends" the protected-class child by simply expressing that it is strange that the child of the same-sex marriage is missing a mother or a father, or that the child acts in a manner unusual to his gender contemporaries.

    This unjust punishment to subvert the natural understanding of children is evidence enough that same-sex families do not follow core principles of Natural Law, and because same-sex marriage defies Natural Law, pernicious consequences will inevitably happen. To punish a child for saying what he knows is true (all children have a mother and a father) is nothing less than a tyrannical oppression to children who instinctively rely upon Nature's Laws to help them understand life and natural consequences. Children will be coerced to accept as "natural" what are unnatural behaviors, and this challenge to their instinctual knowledge of right and wrong will result in confusion. A morally-confused child is more susceptible to evil and perversion than one who is confident in his knowledge of right and wrong. Evil-doers know this, and will thrive in a society that indoctrinates its children to see no inherent evil in disregarding Natural Law. Alas, those who support same-sex marriage have apparently fallen too far into the depravity of tolerating licentiousness themselves to realize or acknowledge the harm and injustice same-sex marriage imposes upon our children and thus our society. Society institutionalizes marriage to enforce the natural rights and responsibilities of the organic family unit.

    Marriage was instituted to protect the Natural Rights of children. Same-sex marriage ignores nature and tramples those rights in the name of "equality".

    Posted by: Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui | Apr 7, 2013 5:10:22 PM

  3. They look perfect together.

    P.S. to Jean-Jacques: Thanks for taking the time to copy and paste all that BS. Now go fvck yourself--in a same-sex kinda way.

    Posted by: Douglas | Apr 7, 2013 5:20:16 PM

  4. Jean-Jeacques, please remind yourself that you have been dead for over 200 years. Keep your tirades in the 18th century where they belong.

    Posted by: misha | Apr 7, 2013 5:21:51 PM

  5. JJ, you have no idea what you are talking about. Your team has already lost. Go peddle your bullsh*t somewhere else.

    Posted by: Rocco | Apr 7, 2013 5:37:31 PM

  6. Awesome! And to the long-winded anti-equality post--what a strange place to spew such an argument, lol.

    Posted by: | Apr 7, 2013 6:01:58 PM

  7. Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Posted by: Joseph | Apr 7, 2013 6:13:14 PM

  8. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui comes back from the dead and posts on Towelroad, interesting. Of course he is perplexed by same-sex marriage, he must also be perplexed that a group of British sailed over to the Americas and started their own country and that slavery is outlawed most places in the world and that women are treated as equals in own quaint country of Switzerland. Yeah the world has changed a bit since you died in 1748, I can understand your confusion. Perhaps you should just go back into your grave where you belong.

    Posted by: Joseph | Apr 7, 2013 6:18:21 PM

  9. So am I the only one who misread Sithole? That has to be the most unfortunate last name in the history of ever. That aside congrats to the happy couple and I hope in this case Mr. Sithole decides to take his husbands last name lol. Good on you for being vanguards in the African culture and leaders of change for the better. Now I just wish America would follow suit and catch up.

    Posted by: ble.d_out.colo.r | Apr 7, 2013 6:39:36 PM

  10. So am I the only one who misread Sithole? That has to be the most unfortunate last name in the history of ever. That aside congrats to the happy couple and I hope in this case Mr. Sithole decides to take his husbands last name lol. Good on you for being vanguards in the African culture and leaders of change for the better. Now I just wish America would follow suit and catch up.

    Posted by: ble.d_out.colo.r | Apr 7, 2013 6:39:53 PM

  11. those men are awesome in their traditional costumes. i love it.

    Posted by: Joe | Apr 7, 2013 6:56:38 PM

  12. adorable couple. nice families too.

    Posted by: DannyEastVillage | Apr 7, 2013 7:51:13 PM

  13. Finally, interesting people doing something interesting.

    Posted by: David Hearne | Apr 7, 2013 8:23:08 PM

  14. "So am I the only one who misread Sithole? That has to be the most unfortunate last name in the history of ever"

    In the native language, it would be pronounced SEE-TOE-LAY. I know you were probaby just trying to be funny, but.....

    Great that both men wore traditional MALE attire, appropriate for warriors or royalty, emphasizing that a bond between two men is (should always be) a uniquely masculine experience.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 7, 2013 8:51:23 PM

  15. I'll never marry, but if I did I'd wear the frilly lace outfit my grandpa would put me in when he used to make me dance for nickels.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 7, 2013 9:15:27 PM

  16. Congrats, guys! What a beautiful wedding and a great family. Wish you all the best!

    Posted by: Jake | Apr 7, 2013 10:30:36 PM

  17. Its great to see some good news, on the gay equality issue, coming out of Africa.

    Posted by: andrew | Apr 7, 2013 10:41:39 PM

  18. Note Kiwi's post as Rick (second one), he does this all the time because Rick totally shakes his sick little tree.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Apr 7, 2013 11:33:06 PM

  19. Also note my obsession with Kiwi. It's because I'm a worthless cowardly sack of crap and I hate everything that I can't have.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Apr 7, 2013 11:58:04 PM

  20. That was so fackin' awesome, man!

    Posted by: Tyler | Apr 8, 2013 12:08:49 AM

  21. Rick was over at my place last night. We braided each other's hair, drank apple-tinis and then posted things on Towleroad about how awesome traditional masculinity is and how femmes are ruining everything.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Apr 8, 2013 12:24:13 AM

  22. Hey Gurl, HEY! I had so much fun with you! I have to ask, though, what do you use to keep your family preserved upstairs? Mother is starting to rot. Oh, how she HATES to rot! You know us gurls, always wanting to keep fresh.
    Wanna paint each other's toe-nails next time? It can be a really masculine color, don't worry. Like puce.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 8, 2013 12:54:52 AM

  23. This is what I have been waiting for, nw people can see that we have relationships nd serious once, I say this because I am happy married gay guy nd I love my husband, U guys u look good together don't let anything or anyone came between u guys. What a beautiful traditional wedding I loved it.

    Posted by: Malinga | Apr 8, 2013 1:47:40 AM

  24. @misha: whether or not the guy in question was actually dead for 200 years, it is certainly possible to get messages from the dead over the Internet - I once received an email that was delivered a year after it was sent! And that email was being sent at work from one employee to another.
    And that was with all of us, and the mail server, being in the same building.

    Posted by: Bill | Apr 8, 2013 2:20:59 AM

  25. Best of luck to the happy couple.

    Posted by: Howard | Apr 8, 2013 2:21:29 AM

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