1. MOZ's says


    CNN etc have all walked back and are blaiming their sources not themselves for the continual fail

    Anderson Cooper looked pissed and of course it was f@ck up john King yet again f@cking up with a false report

    every news outlet is saying “people of interest” are being looked at and nothing about skin color or ethnicity

  2. iowan says

    what MOZ? you are upset that the government isn’t broadcasting pictures and descriptions of the people they are checking out? You want addresses too? Apparently you have never worked around law enforcement – you don’t give away clues so the people know they are being pursued.

    Quit watching the ‘news’, wait a week and see what the final outcome is. You are just being strung along by the media outlets so they can sell more commercials and keep you watching.

  3. MOZ's says


    No , expect US news to do its job and not report falsehood BS ala john king CNN yet again

    no need to report anything till arrests are made but again CNN john king jumped ahead of the story and reported false info

  4. Ryan says

    The federal court in Boston is being evacuated now (watching it now). Looks like a bomb threat. Dogs are searching now.

    I’ve heard Brighams and Woman’s hospital is being evacuated, too, but no confirmation on that.

  5. I'm a Lawyer says

    Is the difference that if they arrest a suspect, he can request a lawyer?

    If they are merely questioning ‘persons of interest’, they may be able to get more information.

  6. Rrhain says

    So let me see if I got this right. A source that “was not authorized to divulge details of the investigation” gave you details of the investigation.

    And as a journalist, rather than actually doing some legwork to verify that information, you just ran with it out of fear that some other news source might get to it first and “scoop” you.

    Let’s examine how much of a failure this is. The source, if legitimate, needs to be fired. If he wasn’t authorized to give any details, why was he talking to reporters?

    If the source isn’t legitimate, why did the journalist fall for it? What checking was done do to validate that this person had anything useful to say?

    And after that, what validation of this information was done beyond this source? Why was a single person’s statement taken as valid when it was given by someone who wasn’t supposed to be talking?

    The “reporter” who filed this story at the very least needs to be sent back down to editing copy.

  7. ratbastard says

    A portion of Brigham and Woman’s hospital was briefly evacuated due to a suspicious unoccupied car. B&W is a huge hospital complex, located in the Longwood Medical area. It’s surrounded by other hospitals like Children’s, New England Baptist, Beth Israel, Harvard Medical School, etc.

  8. MateoM says

    Lol, David just can’t quit trolling. It is literally the only thing he knows how to do. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad and pathetic.

  9. SoLeftImRight says

    This endless media orgy has got to stop! Of course CNN jumps to announce something. They would rather be first than right. Such a decline. Watched MSNBC for a few minutes this afternoon and the endless conjecture is so unhelpful. Wake me when there is real news, confirmed, real news, when they are ready to offer some evidence, which, no, they are not going to discuss in detail right now.

    And all you false flag trolls can go shove a real flag up your collective assholes.

  10. says

    “You are just being strung along by the media outlets so they can sell more commercials and keep you watching.” Exactly. Even though I think that it’s good to stay informed, it’s disheartening to think about how news outlets may be using this tragedy to sell commercial airtime.

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