1. Rick says

    “We need to be careful of the tolerance trend, so that we do not swallow it up and get swallowed up in it”

    So his great fear is that Mormon boys will swallow it up….(LOL)….Swallow, boys, swallow!

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Another semi-senile old white man farts-out his 19th-cent. line of illogic. Actually, its a good thing; the more stuff like this that churches promote, the less relevant to the world they seem and the weaker they become. Pretty soon they will just disappear (One can hope, anyway.)

  3. Rick says

    “Another semi-senile old white man farts-out his 19th-cent. line of illogic.”

    Yeah, tnank God old black men and old Hispanic men and old Asian men and old women of all races don’t think the same way…..

  4. says

    Dear Mormons – when a “small” Mormon family has 5/6 kids, you guys are forgetting how the law of numbers works. Y’all crank out more gays than man can count. No dedication to magic underwear will make them straight.

  5. Pete N SFO says

    So, a guy named, Boy Packer, has a message for me about swallowing….

    Be right there.

  6. Wavin' Dave says

    “TOLERANCE TREND?” Comedy gold – like a line lifted right from a South Park episode!

  7. Jerry says

    LDS Apostle? What kind of idiotic human being allows another human being to create a gradiose title out of their ass and suddenly be in control of their minds? I cannot understand this at all, though there are some supremely f@ckable Mormon boys out their. They make some very appealing DILFs too. Surprising how easily that magic underwear comes off.

  8. says

    i don’t even know any liberal-minded folks who promote “tolerance” – tolerance is the scrap that weak-minded conservatives beg for, or offer. you know, like that mormon gay republican son of an anti-gay mormon republican Senator.

    and how well is that working for ya, eh sugar?

  9. Tampazeke says

    No matter how hard they try, it is absolutely impossible for Republicans, Mormons, Catholics and/or Southern Baptists to hide their true feelings and beliefs and stay on the “kinder, gentler, we don’t hate, we LOVE you” message!

  10. Kieran says

    Isn’t this the same church whose doctrine refused to allow blacks to become Mormon priests because their black skin was supposedly God’s curse upon them? It wasn’t until 1978 when the Mormons got a “new revelation from God” that black people weren’t cursed afterall.

  11. CPT_Doom says

    You know, the legacy of Jesus is under attack by false religions that use His story to promote their Satanic heresy. Perhaps it’s time for Christians to fight the “tolerance trend” that allows Mormons to wallow in a false religion? Sound like a good plan Mr. Packer?

  12. EchtKultig says

    Yeek, that comment made my day!
    Why do hardline religions fear acceptance? As I’ve said before, homosexuality makes one of the best boogeymen to attract people to their religion. If you’re a closeted lesbian and want to stay that way, what’s more appealing a way to beard/compensate than a cult that will set you up with a husband who wants 4 or more children? Admittedly I see this more with the women in the evangelical Christian subculture than among Mormons; however I have known a few ridiculously closeted Mormon men.

  13. Louis says

    At least one thing is sure and true… Boyd is going to die, and so is Orrin. Hopefully their twisted antiquated ideas will die with them. The real shame is that Boyd thinks he is speaking for god(!!) There are huge threats to the family. GAY MARRIAGE IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Boyds time would be much better spent if he would use his position to address those problems, rather than using one minority population to scare the people he has dominion over. He really is a vile person.

  14. ger says

    Don’t forget, this was a church founded by a man that thought that marriage should be between one man and as many women as he could afford.

  15. BobN says

    I preferred the Mormons when they were openly racist. I dread the day they accept us. It will only make them bigger and richer.

  16. David from Midvale UT says

    In the almost nine years since same-gender marriage became legal in Massachusetts, not one individual or family systematically has been harmed by secular equality. The fifteen old white men who run the LDS club are delusional. And Boyd is the worst when it comes to spewing unsubstantiated, fear-mongering nonsense.

  17. andrew says

    The Mormon “Apostle” Packer speaking in defense of traditional marriage is hysterical. The next thing you know the Catholic “celebate” Bishops will be speaking out about human sexual behaviors. LOL

  18. TonyJazz says

    It is astounding to me that anyone could fall for the precepts of this so-called church.

    The Mormon have to be the least-scientific church conceived by man. Gold talking plates that have never been seen by anyone? Magic underwear? Caffeine is sinful? Woman as inferiors (and blacks used to be)?

    Grow up and leave it behind…,.

  19. Joe in Ct says

    Even though I personally value tolerance, I have very little tolerance left for Mormons like Brother Boyd. He’s trending down.

  20. Kenny Jimno says

    Um, God loveth all his Children. That’s me you and yes even Elder Packer. It’s not not east being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and gay. Please Keep in mind there are so many different types of gay people in this world just like there are many types of Mormon people in this world.

  21. FFS says

    Though it is the bit that grabs headlines, Mormon doctrine isn’t all about throwing shade at gays. A more fundamental tenant of the religion is “Obeying the law of the land.”

    Federally recognized equality is coming and when it arrives, you can suck it, Brother Packer.

    Although, they’ve never hesitated to throw one of their supposed God-given tenants out the window when it became inconvenient, so I guess I shouldn’t be in such a hurry to count my chickens.

  22. millerbeach says

    He’s a heretic. I would not give him the time of day. I really don’t care what a heretic thinks…I write them all off as heretics, unworthy of consideration. Have fun worshiping your false idols in Hell. This idiot heretic has the audacity to judge or criticize me? The very idea! He is the one ruining families, making them worship false idols. God does not like that. To think one of their kind almost got in the White House!

  23. SoLeftImRight says

    To quote one of the best lines from an old favorite movie, “Broadcast News”: Well, I certainly hope you’ll die soon.