1. Alex Parrish says

    Glad he has accomplished this. I notice that he is still a “free-agent.” Proof of of the NBA policies will be if he gets picked-up on a team, I think. I hope so.

  2. Craig says

    34 is old in the NBA. I’m afraid we’re making too big of a deal for something we are unsure of. Let’s hope there’s a GM out there ready to bring him in.

  3. dredmond says

    Congrats Jason! As far as I’m concerned this is big news. Sadly, when I look at the mainstream message boards, fans are making juvenile comments like “He sucks as a player – literally!” or “Why do gays always feel the need to tell the world they’re gay? I don’t scream ‘Im straight’ to everyone” These ignorant comments PLUS the fact that other NBA players have publicy said they would not accept a gay player are reasons why this is a big story.

  4. andrew says

    Alan, the glass is half empty, Brickman is unable to enjoy this awesome moment. He has negativity engrained in his very DNA. His attempt to dampen the joy of this moment, will be to no avail. You are awesome Jason Collins. Thank you for coming out.

  5. Ben says

    He’s a hero because he’s the first one on mainstream sports venue to come out and take this heat…and there’s heat coming at him from every BIGOTED angle. He’s a hero for breaking that glass. I am so proud of EVERY LGBT does the same, be it in professional sports, or in a small Midwest town. They are slowly yet surely helping advance compassion and eliminate ignorance!

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