1. ratbastard says

    Nothing personal against Ms. Lohan, but she’s damaged goods. She’ll have ‘problems’ til the day she dies.

    If she was a nobody and I met her in passing on the street, I’d tag her as a trouble.

  2. Donald says

    Could the writers at Towleroad tone down the dramatics with words like “grilling”. She wasn’t grilled by Letterman, he asked like twice, they all laughed, she answered sort of. Not really a grilling.

  3. Jack says

    Handled herself like a pro. We’ve all got our problems (even Rat Bastard, no doubt). To get knocked down and get back up (even when it’s you doing the knocking), do that over and over, while keeping a sense of humor — that’s the mark of a winner in the end, and the end is all that counts. Good for you, Lindsay.

  4. greg says

    I am so tired of reading/seeing this freaking train wreck of an actress. She should be applauded because…why? Because of the 5 DUI’s and the numerous legal infractions she’s caused? Do you think any one of us on this comment board would be given even the slightest of chances that this girl has been given? Why did we need to see her on Letterman last night? I’m the first person who will give anyone a pass if they deserve one. Miss Lohan does not.

  5. ratbastard says


    No, I’m not perfect. Never claimed otherwise. But Ms. Lohan is a hot mess. And if she didn’t have the $ she has to look good, you’d pass her in the street and think ‘crackhead’.

    Yes, Letterman is a grumpy d-bag. Has been for many years.

  6. Gigi says

    If Robert Downey Jr. can be given umpteen chances, why doesn’t Lindsay Lohan get the same courtesy?

    I think Lindsay handled herself very well here. Much better than Paris Hilton did when Dave “grilled” her about her time in jail.

  7. e.c. says

    Thing is, if you go back a few years she was giving the same answers about “learning” from her mistakes and “growing up” that she gave to Dave last night. It’s a script she’s read from before. She’s “looking forward” to rehab but has been out partying ever since her sentencing. If she really wanted to get her act together she wouldn’t have to do it under court-order.

  8. dbaudit says

    Gigi – to compare Lohan with Downey is like comparing apples with onions. Downey bottomed out, accepted his addictions and turned his life around. Lohan continues her addictive behavior, ignores her responsibilities, and plays the victim card. Until she really accepts and owns her problems, she will continue to be a train wreck for the tabloids and the poster child for destructive behavior.

  9. AriesMatt says

    I’ve been rooting for Lindsay for years now and for the past few months, have wondered if she is a lost cause. This interview is great and puts me back on her team. I truly hope she comes out of rehab with a new perspective on life and renewed self love and respect.

    That scene from Scary Movie 5 was pretty funny. Gotta love those two poking fun at themselves!

  10. MichaelJ says

    I’m not surprised that Lindsay comes off as pretty intelligent in this appearance. Yes, she’s a train wreck, and yes it has gotten tiresome listening to her talk about going to rehab and getting her act together, only to screw up big time once again. But what makes her self-destruction sad is that she’s a really fine actress when she has good material, such as in Freaky Friday or A Prairie Home Companion or even Bobby. Unlike a Hilton or a Kashardian, Lindsay has talent, as much as I have my doubts about whether she can get it together enough to show it.

  11. Joseph O'Connell says

    She’ll either stop or she’ll stop. I’ve liked her in a few things. You go to rehab you have a chance to change, you go again and it mostly sounds like yadda, yadda, yadda. Keep repeating that which hurts you they eventually can’t bring you back! You haven’t lived till you try to speak to someone with Korsakoff’s syndrome or any stages of permanent alcohol dementia.

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