1. Dale says

    Sounds promising? Really? As the GOP is doubling down on their hatred by introducing legal discrimination against all LGBT citizens?

    Seriously, we don’t want these christian freaks on our side in any way. We WANT them to double down on their obvious innate hatred of us. The illiterate, rednecked fossils are dying and the young who despise their crap are coming of voting age.

    Think about it.

  2. Francis #1 says

    Good on Jeff Merkley on pushing this. He’s a great ally for us.

    Unfortunately, a “there are Republicans who might maybe be thinking about doing this possibly” is not really anything to be excited about. Combine that with the fact many Democrats don’t want to touch it, either.

    Funny how we’re in 2013 and with the progress we’re making on marriage equality, at least, that politicians are still playing hot potato with our rights. When will we be truly valued and respected as Americans I wonder.

  3. says

    This “Republican Bargaining” video is hilarious, but sadly a little too real: This is getting ridiculous! There is so much more to worry about today than if two people who love each other want to love each other, or if one can afford simple medical care, or even if someone inhales a burnt leaf. America is a great country for many reasons, but the greed and ignorance involved with these simplest of rights disgusting. Right is right. There seems to be no logical compromise for this way of thinking. The “Republican Bargaining” portion of this video hits it right on the head:

  4. Jim says

    ENDA will not pass anytime soon because it includes gender identity along with gays and lesbians. The polling on ENDA that is often quoted, I bet, does not include gender identity along with gays and lesbians. I say we limit the bill to gays and lesbians, for now.

  5. TheDrDonna says

    @Jim, do you have any links? Something recent? Because I can’t seem to find any and it just seems so easy to blame the trans folk. It’s not trans folk voting against this, it’s conservatives. Lets try to remember who the opposition is, here.

  6. Timothy Beauchamp says

    As a Navy submarine veteran who was discharged for being gay, I’d like to add that Republicans really have no excuse considering lesbians and gays are openly serving in the U.S. military. If we can openly fight, bleed and die for our country then we should be able to work anywhere with the same protections as any other group of American citizens!

  7. Truthseeker says

    There are already two Republican senators publicly listed as co-sponsors on the bill!
    More than 75% of the country supports ENDA, including a MAJORITY of Republicans. This bill should become law in 2013.

  8. robroy says

    The key to all this is the Republicans from swing states up for reelection during the 2016 presidential year. Kirk, Portman, Ayotte, Toomey. Plus Collins in Maine. They can’t win with their base & need to either peel off some dems or convince independent women they are not knuckle draggers. So those five plus maybe one mountain state R.

  9. Francis #1 says

    Mark Kirk is already a sponsor, and so is Susan Collins. But this bill will die in the House if it doesn’t die in the Senate. I mean, it isn’t going to go anywhere. I’m hopeful but let’s be realistic. Obama hasn’t done anything regarding fighting for ENDA. There aren’t enough Senators galvanized to see this through, but we’ll see if they can prove me wrong.

  10. David Hearne says

    From what I can gather from hanging out on conservative forums:

    • It is rarely mentioned that these laws do not apply to most small businesses. Small business owners and sympathetic persons rightfully do not want to be told who they must hire. It’s their property, their work, and their investment and they should be free to run it anyway they want as long as they aren’t dumping coal oil into Spring Mountain River.

    • There is little actual resistance to gay people. No, they don’t want you to marry their son perhaps, but by and large most conservatives like most people have gay people in their lives and see no utility to discrimination.

    • The big resistance is reserved for transexuals/transgenders/whatever. I wrote that that way on purpose because the general public is confused and frankly so are most gay people. Society likes clear lines. You are black or you are white or you are oriental. In the US, if you are mixed you are considered whatever is visible. In some countries, you are black or white or mulatto- or some other ethnic designation but you have your place in the world and the world knows where it is. Transpeople often seem to enjoy being unclear on this. They seem to delight in confusion. Well confusion has a price and we see it in Congress.

    What it really comes down to is that to support a law against discrimination, America wants to know that little Johnny’s second grade teacher is going to come to school everyday as Mrs. Smothers or as Mr. Smothers: not switching back and forth and not somewhere in between.

    Now call me names if you like, but that is the situation and it has to be taken into account.

  11. Randy says

    Those GOP senators better stay mum until the vote. If they publicly support ENDA, the pressure from the right and religious will bear down upon them like a plague of locusts, and most will cave.

    As we saw with the gun control bill, it’s not about what a super majority of Americans want, it’s what the GOP leadership and the big money lobbyists want. Any GOP senator who comes out in favor of gays will find that official republican support will dry up. They can’t afford that.

  12. nonapologies says

    Both David and Jim are lying. I frequent conservative sites, they don’t don’t see a difference between Gays, Trans, or for that matter any other group they don’t like. Anyone who believes they do, needs to go into the cesspool of some of those sites.

  13. nonapologies says

    Incidentally, when you go to those sites, its quite literally a throw back in that they don’t even know there is a difference between trans and gay.

  14. Jim says

    Daivid’s research backs up what I wrote earlier. The bill is being demonized due to the gender identity issues. It will not go forward. My question is are gay and lesbian issues now the same as gender identity issues. Do we not support any laws pertaining to gay and lesbian issues if it does not link to and include gender identity issues?

  15. Francis #1 says

    Trans persons need ENDA probably even more than LGB people do given the rates of discrimination and less protections they have compared to us and it’s not as if we have much. So no, we cannot have a law without them included as if trans issues are beneath us. They are not, their issues are our issues. Especially considering “gender identity” is a reason that LGB people are fired and discriminated against on a regular basis (aka not fitting societal gender norms).

  16. nonapologies says

    A series of assertions is not research.

    As i said, anyone here right now can go to conservative sites, and they can see what I mean.

    Here’s the interesting thing about the bigotry against trans- they have been trying and failing to pass ENDA since the 90s.

    They didn’t put trans in there as I remember until later.

    So, the logic that its anti-trans conservatives who are okay with gay rights, really has a correlation problem.

    The bill wasn’t passing before trans was added so you got to be able to show it was trans being added that harmed you rather than people just plan not liking gays.

  17. David Hearne says


    Not all conservative forums are the cesspool that is Free Republic or Little Green Footballs…. just as not all liberal forums are the pettiness, denial of reality, and sheer moonbattery that is Democratic Underground.

    There is some commonality there, as one should expect. That is the persistent belief that nearly everything is a slippery slope. This would explain any lack of discrimination between gay and trans you might find there. Howbeit, educated and regularly employed conservatives don’t fall into the category of gay = trans/pedo/whatever.

    There is nothing wrong with expecting some common sense and consistency from the gay community and transpeople when it comes to this discussion. I realize that the whole world can’t be as smart, sharp, and enlightened as you are, but most of them just want to know what to expect.

    And because they have no cause to question, they sometimes do not see things in perspective. I am often surprised that heterosexuals who get upset when there is a tea room bust don’t consider in context the fact that every city in the US has an open air heterosexual prostitution district. So we need to nudge now and then.

    But the gay community and transpeople often act like it’s too much to expect for them to be precise. They want the world to accept a “whatever” mentality and it simply isn’t going to happen. EVen in the Blesséd City of San Francisco it doesn’t happen. The “whatever” crowd in SF is actually a minority, and the majority is somewhat silent most of the time. Silence is not consent, it’s simply easier than listening to some shrill throated thing blast you because you don’t accept his/her world view.

  18. David Hearne says

    The fact that the enda has not passed in the past without transgender language doesn’t mean that it’s not stalled in the present due to transgender language.

    The bottom line here is that society, gay or straight, does not accept your declared sex when it’s in conflict with your biological sex. And they aren’t going to . If you are passable then you will pass. If you aren’t, then maybe you should be a weekend woman.

  19. nonapologies says

    The bottom line here is that you are a liar.

    By the way, I am a gay man. Your attempt to pretend I am trans only underscores that you are here to lie and now manipulate. Its a common conservative trick. Again, I invite anyone under the delusion that there is a separate view of gays by conservative visit some conservative sites to see for yourself. Note, the liar, David, has not provide any links for his assertions or those of his sock puppet Jim.

    The difference between you and I, David, is that I am capable of putting two plus two together and am not a liar. Two plus two: If they didn’t support ENDA when it was just gays, your assertion that trans -inclusive ENDA is the problem is a lie that the facts do not substantiate.

    You can’t really refute that so you keep lying.

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