1. David Hearne says

    Slam poets, rap music, people trying to make it without making anything.
    Musicians who don’t play, singers who don’t sing,
    lines that don’t rhyme
    beliebers will buy anything.

  2. Marc says

    I abhor the Bachmanns as much as any clear-thinking individual, and yet I think this speech is ineffective and embarrassing. To think the Bachmanns love it when gay kids kill themselves is crossing the line. I get the anger. I get why she is worked up about these clowns, because yes, they are clearly homophobic, unintelligent, bigoted and doing great harm to people. But to accuse them of sending “thank you” cards to funerals is untrue and, honestly, disgusting. We get it — they are pretty damn evil. But don’t accuse them of doing things they aren’t doing. Stick to the facts. They are damning enough.

  3. Tyler says

    But if the Bachmann’s didn’t like gay kids killing themselves then why do they continue saying the type of things that drive young gay kids to kill themselves?

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