1. Tom says

    Your thinking sounds like once again, it belongs in the 1800’s Sen. Guth. I truly feel sorry for the person(s) within your family who are gay, because the odds are there is someone. Its shocking sir, how many people within your party think the same.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Ignorance is alive and well throughout the Rethuglican Party – whether it’s voting NOT to do more background checks on potential gun owners or warning the general public that we “filty” queers are dangerous to their health. When, oh, when will be rid of these crazy hate-filled GOPers and their ability to make life a living hell for so many people in their “we don’t like ’em” column???

  3. MT says

    How exactly do these people get away with saying this in public? They could never get away with saying outright lies about other people/groups. Can’t we, as a group, sue them for slander or something?

  4. JONES says

    “If I saw someone going the wrong way on a one-way street, I would make every effort to stop and redirect them.”

    K. Easy-peasy.

    One way street = Equality
    Wrong direction on one way street = Anti gay Bigotry

  5. QJ201 says

    these idiots ignore science (duh) and still think “the gay” is something you can catch which is why they also support conversion therapy.

    And they only ever seem concerned about gay men…

  6. getridoffags says

    i totally agree with the senator. Senator Guth is dead on with what he is saying. We need to get rid of all these homos and tell them to change. Make it illegal all the way throughout america!!!! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

  7. getridoffags says

    i totally agree with the senator. Senator Guth is dead on with what he is saying. We need to get rid of all these homos and tell them to change. Make it illegal all the way throughout america!!!! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

  8. says

    What a nonsensical thing to say. It’s amazing that people can say things like this without citing any sort of evidence (because there is none). I am also somewhat surprised that a senator from a state with marriage equality is spewing this nonsense…

  9. David Hearne says

    I propose a new national response to all of these kinds of elected idiots- run a laugh track behind them when they do this. Put them on national TV and run a laugh track behind it.

  10. Lars says

    Of course he invokes Bob Bergeron. Right-wingers love that story. But he got the quote wrong. Bob didn’t say that homosexuality is a ‘lie based on bad information.’ He sad that with reference to the assertion that the best years of our life come after age 40.

    And while I deeply disagree with what Bob wrote, the least Sen Guth could do is quote him accurately.

  11. says

    you know, i make slew of pointedly facetious comments yesterday about Americans being able to rest easy knowing that no children this will be killed in drive-by lesbian weddings, but then i see this idiot and i wanna slam my face into a wall.

    let’s see – you have epidemic levels of gun violence. but let’s not do anything that would affect who can get access to guns.

    no. let’s worry about all the harm that’s been happening from gays marrying. because there must be a wealth of evidence to show how it’s killing america’s children, right? that’s why everyone’s so scared and angry, right?

    no? not at all? well, that’s just great. congrats, GOP. keep digging.

  12. Hey Darlin' says

    When you make absurd comments such as, “There are health risks that my family incurs because of the increase in sexually transmitted infections that this lifestyle invites.” then it does nothing but solidify the need for more commited married couples – yes, even the GAY ones. As far as any note someone is suicidal would leave behind, I would have to question their thought process at the time of writing.

  13. Gigi says

    “I am not gay by choice, but I choose not to be ignorant.” — Senator Matt McCoy

    Senator McCoy was far more measured and precise in his words than I would have been. He rebutted Guth with honesty and facts and in the process gave some much-needed dignity and support to gays not only in Iowa, but in the rest of the country as well.

  14. jamal49 says

    I don’t think I have ever been more infuriated than I am right now, after watching this video.

    How DARE that despicable cretin, Dennis Guth, use the late Bob Bergeron’s untimely death to justify Guth’s own bigotry and homophobia!

    Taking a line from Mr. Bergeron’s suicide note and using it, out of context, is about as low as I have ever seen a Republican go.

    I tell you I am enraged by Guth’s cheap shot, which demeans and slanders a good, decent and honorable man whose tragic suicide was completely unrelated to his being gay.

    Guth had better hope that our paths never cross. I will have no qualms about taking a baseball bat and bashing that right-wing Republican reprobate’s head into a bloody pulp.

  15. says

    The only people posing a health risk to the public are homophobic Republican with a poor understanding of science.

    Gays aren’t the ones telling people that you can’t get pregnant from rape if it was “legitimate”, nor do gays pretend that teens won’t have intercourse if you tell them not to and fail to teach about birth control and STDs.

  16. Jason Chenard says

    I would have been upset a year ago. But at this point, this one gets filed under the heading of ‘so bizarre that it’s just kind of entertaining.’

    He states outright that he’s repeating the positions espoused by FotF, which is basically like saying “I’m for what the loonies are for.”

    The more the wing-nuts make these sort of speeches in public forums, the more they relegate themselves to the fringe. They’ve already lost the battle. Now the rest of us are sitting back and letting them embarrass themselves. Please pass the popcorn.

  17. Bernie says

    ugh! Maybe straight people can get cancer or diabetes from gay people since we are as dangerous as second hand smoke…..what an idiotic analogy this guy makes

  18. says

    now, if he’d make a point that second-hand HOMOPHOBIA kills, then he’d be on to something.

    trickle-down bigotry.

    we’ve even had suicides reported where the victim wasn’t even (confirmed, perhaps?) as gay – but taunted as such.

    incidents where a victim of a hoped-for “gaybashing” have not, in fact, been gay at all.

    yes, anti-gay hate can even kill straight people.

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