1. Peter M. says

    He seems to be a nice kid but I wonder if his cute boyfriend would also be his boyfriend if he wasn’t a celebrity’s rich kid. Guess I’m a little bitter today.

  2. topher says

    Maybe, Peter. Love works in mysterious ways. The first few times I went out with my ex, I couldn’t believe the next day how ugly he was. I was like “WTF did I DO last night?!”. But then I fell in love with him and all that went away, and he was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

  3. Glenn says

    So, this means that Magic Johnson was having unprotected sex when he was HIV+ (and “sperm washing hadn’t started til the mid 90s…. interesting…. very interesting…)

  4. says

    @Glenn, there is nothing interesting about that.

    @topher, thats sweet.

    @peter, seems like a fun guy anyway, he might just like him.

  5. Francis says

    Magic is a good guy and has always been good to us. Happy he supports his son. Earvin seems like a nice young man and his boyfriend is really cute.

  6. Jim says

    the kid seems sweet! Magic has always been a supporter of the gay and poz community and I’m not suprised he supports his son.

  7. Satyr Troll says

    Doesn’t Magic Johnson attend the same church as Michelle Shock… the one she suggested was the root of her homophobic politics?


  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Young Ervin seems self-confident and proud. I remember Gays like that. They were queens but they were fearless. The ones that survived the epidemic have done well. They’re not afraid of anyone.

  9. MateoM says

    Gonzo, most of us would say the same thing about you. Self loathing trolls like you are an embarrassment to all out and proud LGBT people.

  10. Jack says

    Good on Magic, and good on his son.

    I’ve taken offense before to the insinuation that all gay men are “queens” or that we on the more “masculine” side are bad gays for it.

    But this is the flip side of that coin – everyone should be who they are, and there is nothing more refreshing to me than seeing someone be themselves, and not even give thought to whether they should try to be something else.

    If we could only all follow that example, there’d be a lot less infighting, and we’d all be better for it.

  11. tim says

    @Gonzo-What a horrible comment to make. All Gods creatures have a place in the choir. I’d be proud to be his father. Magic certainly is. And E does seem quite self-confident.

  12. Arrant says

    There is nothing but good in this clip and this story. Love EJ, Love Magic and his wife for raising such a comfortable-in-his-skin young man.

  13. says

    Oh, I get it. Gonzo is upset because a “fat queen” has the love and support of his parents.

    must suck not being far and/or a queen and still being an embarrassment, eh sugar?

  14. Gotcha says

    Some information on EJ’s conception prior to Magic learning his HIV status below. The write-up seems to confuse HIV+ status with an “AIDS diagnosis”. I don’t think that Magic has ever progressed to AIDS.

    “In November 1991, Magic Johnson retired from the Lakers after revealing that he had the AIDS virus, which he believed he contracted through unprotected sexual activity. The AIDS diagnosis was especially hard for Johnson. At the time he learned he had the disease, his wife Cookie was pregnant with their first child. Both his wife and son, Earvin III, turned out to not have HIV.”

  15. Tim says

    He reminds me of characters when I first came out. How could Magic be HIV+ for so many years? He retired from the Lakers because of that a long time ago.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    “Well that just set us back about 10 years.”

    “us”? Humph, not Earvin III. He’ll inherit millions…hopefully, not too soon.

  17. Rick says

    Poor Magic. Just imagine being a parent and seeing all your dreams for your son go up in smoke when he turns out to be a fat, gender-confused, embarrassment who will probably end up doing away with himself at some point.

    My condolences to the family and others like them.

  18. MateoM says

    Says Rick, who disappoints his parents everyday by being a gay man. RIck will never know the kind of parental love and respect Earvin enjoys. What a sad and pathetic troll.

  19. Chicklets says

    Ohhh I’m glad there are still some divas roaming the streets. Not all of us strive to fit in and be “just like you”. Kudos for him. I do hope thats a fake fur too!

  20. Topol says

    Magic’s son seems very nice.

    But, in this day and age, where does nelly come from?

  21. andrew says

    @Rick: You constantly show yourself to be a very hate filled person Don’t you know that hate eats away at the hater and often has little effect on the object of the hate?

  22. andrew says

    @Rick: It is often difficult to know who posts what on this site because of littlekiwi’s devious tactics. If some or all of the hate filled things posted in your name are in fact the work of the devious kiwi. I apologize to you. If the hate is coming from you, root it out because hate really destroys the hater.

  23. M says

    “Couldn’t be prouder”? yeah, right. I feel sorry for Magic. As a father, this is my worst nightmare.

  24. M says

    Not ashamed? Maybe. “Couldn’t be prouder”? I don’t think so. I feel sorry for Magic. As a father, this is my worst nightmare.

  25. M says

    Not ahamed? Maybe. “Couldn’t be prouder”? yeah, right. I feel sorry for Magic. As a father, this is my worst nightmare.

  26. PAUL B. says

    M…you’re too ignorant to post once…and that’s the least of your problems. Why don’t you and Rick hook up and “f” each other till your head screws on right. It’s obviously been twisted for a long time.

  27. Robert K Brown says

    As a teenager I used to lust after Magic when he played ball. After his diagnosis I had nothing but respect and it just keeps getting better and better. What wonderful parents.

  28. Bryan says

    @Bravo, my partner has been HIV+ for over 20 years and he’s still surviving. He’s a patient of AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Los Angeles, which is a clinic that Magic Johnson supports with time and money.

  29. shiny&new says

    why would the interviewer be looking for new bathrooms are the glory holes in the old one too used up?

  30. Gabe R L says

    I just started laughing when I saw this post because the Johnson looks such a stereotypical queen I knew that the gays wanting gay guys to be seen as mainstream would have a bit. And i have to say that the boyfriend looks like Robert Pattinson. That is who I thought it was at first.

  31. Bill says

    @Glenn: Your comment, “So, this means that Magic Johnson was having unprotected sex when he was HIV+” is case of jumping to conclusions.

    It is not necessary to have sex to have a baby. They could have used artificial insemination, all done in the proverbial test tube but using his sperm and his spouse’s egg. With anti-viral drugs
    substantially reducing the viral load and only a fertilized egg being re-implanted, the risks might be very small. HIV binds to cells using specific receptors and it is possible that eggs lack those receptors.

  32. DannyEastVillage says

    Yeh he’s queenie and who cares? He seems like a nice, well-brought-up kid.

  33. DannyEastVillage says

    To all you who have something ugly to say about Earvin: DRAG QUEENS were the ones who picked up rocks and threw them at the cops that night at the Stonewall in 44 years ago. And you really need not to forget it.

  34. Bobby says

    Beautiful human being who just happens to be fabulous! Good for him and screw the haters and bigots.

  35. J.C says

    I respect fearless, brave, bold gas like him who are proud to be themselves and don’t apologize for their mannerisms, or being in a gay relationship. I LOVE this kind of gay. They to me are a hero as they step into an ignorant world with confidence and being true to themselves.