1. jjose712 says

    Unfortunately is geoblocked. But i suppose these are the first two episodes they posted in youtube

  2. Mike says

    Hooray! I love everything about this show and cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next. So happy that it’s going to be on Logo!

  3. Rob says

    Finally! Watched the first two episodes on youtube back in December. Really well written, funny and dark. Right up my alley.

  4. Skippy says

    Great… why does all the interesting content always get blocked outside the US?!

    So much for “global community!”

    How backwards.

  5. Liz says

    Really excited that the show is coming back! Being oversees and a contributor to the Kickstarter, I’ve been following all the International/Kickstarter news and I think it’s great that the show is allowing fans who donated to watch a private video link with the US fans! Just goes to show how much they appreciate us, which makes me love the show that much more!

  6. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I guess Texas seceded because I’m getting the “outside the U.S. message” too.

  7. Alex says

    Okay – I don’t get this geo-blocking. I’m in the US, can watch episode one, but blocked from episode two?

    Can someone explain?

  8. Jen says

    I love this show. Kit’s writing is brilliant! The characters are incredibly relatable and so well acted! I’m so excited its coming to Logo online and I would love to see it on TV soon!! If you haven’t watched it, it’s definitely a must watch show!

  9. John says

    Episode 2 is geoblocked. I live in sight of our Nation’s Capitol. I’m reasonably sure that I am in the U.S.

  10. paul says

    even if i am in holland i am superexcited that you guys still have a nose for talent. Both the acting as the writting are from a standard we no longer see at tv

  11. Dave says

    Liz, have I got that right? It’s free to watch in the U.S.A. but you have to pay if you’re overseas?

    So you’re happy about…discrimination?

  12. Warren C. E. Austin says

    Someone PLEASE post links to Episode 1 and 2 (from anywhere) that will work from outside of the continental United States.

    Warren C. E. Austin
    The Gay Deceiver
    Toronto, Canada

  13. Shickles says

    Yawn. One more show about privileged, skinny, white, middle-class gay guys, complete with overdone story line and annoying fag-hag BFF. Gurl, your boyfriend pings hard.

    Only innovative thing about this is they didn’t make the guys shave their chests.

  14. HkFca says

    @ Shickles, no one is stoping you from making you show about fat, hairy, working class, gay men of a race of your liking.

  15. Sargon Bighorn says

    As long as the guys are not stereotyped I think this is great. Show loving/hating/communicating men in relationships just like the Hetero-folk and I think it’s all good.

  16. says

    Geo-blocked in Pennsylvania as well, I’ll check back later though, I’m sure it will show up somewhere or get fixed.

  17. eric says

    i hope they work on delivery a little more. There are bits of the first episodes i’ve had to review 5 times to discern what’s being said.

  18. Leonard says

    Sorry, but this is what I’ve been thinking anytime I see these new gay web series:

    Just change pretty white kids to pretty white gays

  19. Phoebe says

    I watched both links just fine, not really sure why people are having issues. Cannot wait for Episode 3! Albee the cat 4 lyfe!

  20. Karen says

    these 2 shows were very well written & the acting was some of the best i’ve ever seen. i’m left with wanting to know why Cal was drinking & why Thom cheated & i can’t wait until tomorrow to see the 3rd episode to see what answers or more questions i get.

  21. Mick says

    I watched the first episode and never caught the second one. It’s a little hard to get into a series that isn’t much a series yet.

    I am so happy to see all of these new shows exploring themes outside of the Gay Big Three:

    1. Crush on a Straight boy
    2. Painful Coming out
    3. Living/Dying with HIV

    There is so much that goes on in a gay person’s life that is worth watching. Maybe I’ve been surfing Netflix’s streaming list too much where every gay movie makes me want to put a bullet in my head.

  22. gary says

    Very glad to see that a new episode of ES going to be available tomorrow. I love this show!

  23. Sarah says

    Thank you so much for the update. I LOVE this show, and I am pumped for the second season.

    PS don’t know why people are getting geo blocked in the US, but the first two episodes should be on LOGO when episode 3 airs.

    And, for all you international peeps their facebook page says that they are looking for international distributors. So hopefully you will be able to watch soon. Until then you can always use proxys!

    LOL can you tell I’m a MEGAFAN!?!? Later!

  24. Marc says

    This is a visual litany of repulsive alcoholics wondering why they can’t make satisfying relationships. How sick is that! Never mind that they are gay; this could be any straight couple of alcoholics, Tom needs to go to Alanon and someone should re-label the subject of these videos to: “How Alcoholics Screw Up Relationships”, especially with those that love and care about them. And oh, yes, they also happen to be gay.

  25. Stephanie says

    YAY! Thank god Eastsiders is back! and I love Logo. This show is my absolute fave- so excited to see what’s going to happen!!

  26. Peter says

    I didn’t have any issues watching both episodes… such a smart, well written show. looking forward to the rest.