1. mike/ says

    as Oliver Hardy always said to Stan Laurel, “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.”

    i’ve not been a fan of online series, but his one is excellent all the way around. it makes you care about all of the characters and want to see them settled. oh, and i’ve been a fan of Van Hansis since he was just a little ole kid on ATWT. great seeing him again.

  2. Jen S says

    I loved the first two episodes. These characters are so great and real but this one – just – WOW!!! I didn’t now see it playing out this way but I love it!! Can’t wait for next week!!!

  3. eric says

    their worst episode yet. the writing is incredibly immature. the writer has no idea how to handle confrontation so he elides over it of just skips it.

    sure people don’t know what to say and do in real life. that’s why we have entertainment: an improved world where characters we identify with say the words, take the actions and make the decisions we wish we could.

    Eastsiders is listless pablum compared to The Outs or It Could Be Worse. Even that silly vid cast about the agent is better.

  4. John G says

    Why is everyone comparing this with “The Outs?” It’s not like there can only be one gay show out there. Maybe if your attitudes were less malicious there would be more LGBQT shows available to the masses. Grow up.

    -A fan of BOTH shows

  5. UFFDA says

    This is pretty good, but what always gets me about people like this, or people in general in quasi-romantic films, is that they don’t seem to have a reason for existing to start with, they don’t have compelling interests, committments or work beyond their lame little sex lives. These guys don’t even have kids or family or meaningful social connections apart from their shallow, staggering parties. Moreover, Cal, especially is simply obnoxious. Nothing about him is even remotely loveable. And they all drink too much.

  6. Randy says

    If it was on Vimeo or YouTube, I’d watch.

    Being on Logo/MTV is almost always the wrong decision, for any series, but particularly a web series.

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