1. Ryan says

    I actually like the award going to her — since it’s never going to go to the actual “most beautiful person in the world” (how would one even define that), it may as well go to someone who’s beauty is as much her spunky, fun-loving attitude as it is her actual good looks.

    Plus, I just love that it went to a 40 year old woman. Plenty of men may get it at 40 or even 50, but there’s this perception for women that they have to be very young (teens/early-mid 20s) to be beautiful… and Gwyneth proves that’s no where close to being true. Gwyneth is every bit as beautiful today as she was 15 years ago, if not more so.

  2. Joe says

    Gwyneth is gracious and obviously does not take this latest brouhaha all that seriously.
    Ellen’s send-up pokes fun and celebrates the absurdity of the moment.

  3. David says

    I’m laughing harder at the posts with people getting upset about this. Does this really matter in the grand scheme of things? Grow up! Love how Ellen just makes fun of it and they laugh about it. Gwyneth Paltrow always seems like a nice person and genuinely didn’t care for this “title”.

  4. Rick says

    Again with the objectification of scantily-clad men.

    I can think of 3 possible explanations:

    a) Ellen is so desperate to bond with her audience by distancing herself from “lesbian-ness” that she over-adjusts by having a constant stream of scantily-clad males on her show

    b) Ellen’s objectification of men is motivated by a feminist revenge fantasy–she objectifies men as a way of “getting back” at straight men for objectifying women, or

    c) Ellen honestly believes that most straight women like seeing a constant parade of scantily-clad men, when, in reality, few of them do…..the only attempt to create a magazine for women that featured nude men–namely, Playgirl, failed rather miserably, surviving only as long as it did due to sales to gay men, not women….and only a tiny percentage of women ever go to a “Chippendales” type club.

    Maybe all of the above.

    Regardless, it is tiresome and obnoxious and has begun to make her, herself, tiresome and obnoxious.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “Regardless, it is tiresome and obnoxious and has begun to make her, herself, tiresome and obnoxious.”


    if you changed the pronouns in the above sentence–who do you think that sentence would apply to more? You or me? Or both. Don’t, don’t, don’t take yourself too seriously. It becomes “tiresome and obnoxious”.

  6. DW says

    I see that Rick, who’s never appeared in so much as a YouTube video, knows the formula for a wildly successful show-biz career, unlike Ellen. Clearly another benefit of his frequently expressed deep admiration of women and understanding of what they want.

  7. Rick says

    @DW Oprah, Rachel Ray, Phil Donahue, Regis (and now Michael) and Cathy……and many, many others, have hosted successful daytime talk shows with overwhelmingly female audiences and none of them ever had to resort to parading around half-naked men every other day.

    Just because her objectification parade does not cause people to stop watching does not mean that they find that particular aspect of her show tiresome and obnoxious, which it most definitely is.

  8. UFFDA says

    The objectivication of fine men rocks. I often watch films just to get a scented eyeful of good-looking men, Jake Gyllenhall for sure, and many more. It’s joyous.

  9. Alan says

    I like topless men; but seriously – if a tv show today objectified women in the same way they’d be crucified. There’s such a double standard that women generally don’t want to acknowledge.

  10. MateoM says

    Mason, all of Rick/Jason/Adam/ratbastard/David Hearne’s arguements are lacking. Because the person behind all of these aliases is just some pathetic troll.

  11. BreckRoy says

    Haha, I was just going to find that Donahue clip! if I recall correctly, they appeared on quite a few talk shows back then and speedos and briefs were a staple of soaps and other female centric 80s entertainment. heck, Cosmo (which few if any guys would ever read) has plenty of beefcake and an annual nude centerfold. fail, Rick. fail.

  12. ***** says

    “Playgirl, failed rather miserably, surviving only as long as it did due to sales to gay men, not women”
    Rick, I would think that any magazine that survived for 40 years could not be one that could be considered as having “failed rather miserably”.

  13. Mona says

    The blonde guy is fitness model James Ellis. And he’s very smart for positioning himself behind Gwyneth because his wonderfully sculpted abs got plenty of camera time.

  14. Rob says

    Great let’s all talk about Rick. It’s like an Coulter or any other provocative train wreck. They get off on the attention.

    Ellen always makes me smile. She can eke a smile out of everyone, even in an awkward situation where someone has the best publicist and so gets the award publicists all beg for. (Ick.)

  15. UFFDA says

    Rick is priceless, the perfect contrast to Frankenfag KIwi, to the Left generally and to himself as well since a good deal of what he says is pure theory (nonsense) vs common sense. Plus he genuinely loves men far more than many hereon.

  16. millerbeach says

    I liked the one who put the sash on her. What abs! Kinda surprised about Gwyneth…pretty, yes. Most beautiful? Bit of a stretch…and nothing against Gwyneth. As for Rick, my usual pity and prayers. I just hope you find happiness some day…it seems to elude you with amazing accuracy.

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