1. bambinoitaliano says

    If Singapore as a nation want to be seen as a develop country or first world nation, it needs to be progressive when it comes to human right issues. All laws that criminalized minorities need to be abolish. If Vietnam is looking into legalizing same sex marriage, it’s time for Singapore,a nation advance almost in every aspect but human rights, should come to it’s senses.

  2. Howard says

    Best of luck Gary & Kenneth. I made a contribution to help you fight your fight. I hope many others will do as well.

  3. CD in DC says

    they are pretty threatening with those haircuts, singapore GI Joes, LOL. A cute story, i think all officials of Singapore who attempt to enforce anti gay laws should be caned, i’m sure they would like that.

  4. Billy Crytical says

    Nothing is going to change. The only reason this lawsuit is happening in Singapore and not China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc. is because the city was founded by the English and still has the residual effects of Western culture.

  5. SayTheTruth says

    Empathy is not encouraged in Asian countries or it is in a different way. That is, usually individuals serve the group (family, country, whatever) and not the other way around. Hope they have a change but for what I heard the supreme court declared (sort of) it is not its function to meddle with very well established social stances, ludicrous as it sounds.

  6. UFFDA says

    Can there be any doubt that these two loving men have been inspired by the growth of American/Canadian freedoms and rights for gay people? What we do, what we accomplish matters.

  7. darkorient says

    Wow, 15 years! Good luck to both of them and to Singapore as well. Our neighbor is such a contradicting country in many ways. Just because it’s a well developed country in economic wise, doesn’t mean it fares well in human rights as well. They have so many stupid rules! But if this comes through, it’s going to make a big impact throughout the region.