1. Bob says


    – but I offer 2 suggestions to Katie
    1- next time, go a bit slower, as those of us who are parents’ age will follow it more easily
    2- sorry, the music was not at all joyous or romantic, it made the visual busier, not calmer

  2. UFFDA says

    Stop action…OK…but stop it now and then so we can look at the men and some of the scenes. Then go again. We need some relief from the freneticness of it all.

  3. jw says

    likely the least crappy of the ones youve shown – most are so sappy and meh
    this less so
    a bit too much of the same – they seem to never stop doing that stupid little kiss number – but whatever –
    generally less puke worthy than most of this type

  4. Bob says

    Probably an unpopular thought
    — but I think that Gay men understand men better than the woman who made this. All the emphasis stopping to kissy face tended to come across as making them less serious

  5. says

    You guys are awesome! I would never get such genuinely honest comments on a wedding blog. Albiet, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to be critiqued— but valid feedback for sure.

    If I make another I’ll certainly take these comments to heart. That said, being a part of Dan and Eric’s wedding was one of my top wedding photography experiences so far.

    Thanks for watching and thanks again for the honest thoughts :)

  6. Kevin says

    Very cute and exactly how I would want my wedding. I did not agree at all with the top wedding videos list that towleroad did a few months ago – this one is sin the top 3 for me.
    Congrats to the happy couple.

  7. ElCid says

    @ JW and Bob,

    What a pair of bitter witches!

    Inconsequential comments all the way. Have a gallon of Ice cream to see if the bitterness goes away!

  8. Bob says

    @jw — look in the mirror for the bitter person, not for the people who are entitled to have opinions of how the video came off.
    Presumably, ALL of us are happy for the couple, but we are not required to be thrilled with her video

  9. jason says


    The video was different in a good way, maybe it isn’t for everyone but I don’t think you should change a thing about it or your creative process. Well Done!

    And Congrats to the happy couple!

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