1. Dback says


    When your presidency makes people nostalgic for the statesmanship and actual accomplishments of Richard Nixon (yes, he actually did some decent things as President), it is time to go deep into hiding and never emerge again.

    Go play with your golf clubs, George. The country is still trying to piece itself back together, and doesn’t need you spouting gibberish.

  2. MaryM says

    Another part of his legacy is that he has seriously damaged the US’ reputation and influence on world affairs. In effect his presidency will guarantee a speedier emergence of the Chinese superpower.

  3. thepolarbeast says

    PRECOCIOUS? WTF! The Dumbest man since Reagan to inhabit the Oval Office and probably one of the four worst: Bush Jr, Reagan, Grant and Andrew Johnson.

  4. Tom says

    He needs to be sent a bill for the total costs of the 2 wars he got us into that he put on the countrys’ credit card. I believe the most recnt estimates are around from $ 3-6 TRILLION dollars. That amount of money wasted would sure go a long ways towards dealing with the many, many issues that have surfaced since we started to end both wars.

  5. disgusted american says

    amazes me that President Carter – a Man who’s been OUT of ofc for decades Continues to this day to HELP the Under-privilaged, here and around the world….when he could have easily LIVED a Life of LUXURY – unLike you, you spoiled Ahole….You cant kiss Carter’s Pinky!

  6. MateoM says

    Adam (aka Rick/Jason/David Hearne), of course you, Towleroad’s resident troll, would try to deflect attention to Obama. Republican trolls like you are THE WORST.

  7. thom says

    Adam- Had the use of drones been perfected during his “regime”…he most CERTAINLY ordered them used. Are you kidding HE loves new gadgets.

    I cannot believe that $500 million was raised(wasted) to open this hall of mirrors. That money could have been so much better used…he might actually have a new codicil of his “legacy” if he applied it the the astronomical debt he left us with….nah..
    He would have done anything to get that monstronsity of waste erected in Dallas. Glad it is in Dallas. It seems appropriate given the politics in that city.That is why he “retired there, where he can still hear “hosannas” on a regular basis.
    Good riddance to the loser.

  8. says

    Adam, bush did authorize a number of drone strikes in his last year-especially in Pakistan. True, Obama has vastly increased their use, but it’s incorrect to say that bush never used them.

  9. Caliban says

    I’m still trying to figure out WTF he was trying to say with “precocious.” Usually you can figure out what word he was going for by context, but not this time.

  10. Bill says

    We do owe him some thanks. He forced the hideous truths about Republicans to become visible to more people. Republicans continue to pay the price for his disastrous presidency. They can’t embrace the future without disavowing almost every aspect of their past. It’s a no win and they will continue to pay the price for decades, if they survive at all. Much appreciated, Georgie.

  11. dave gershner says

    OBAMA VS. gw bush

    Dow’s 71.7% run during Obama’s first term ——————————-looks especially good when compared with a 1% decline ————————during the first four years ——————–under President George W. Bush that left the blue chips at 10471 in January 2005.
    ——————————-President Clinton’s first term enjoyed the greatest amount of stock market prosperity in the modern era as the Dow Industrials surged 111% to 6844 in January 1997.

    First presidential terms have mostly seen ——————more modest performance in recent decades, including a 45% gain during President George H.W. Bush’s only term, a ————————–29% increase between 1981 and 1985 under President Reagan and a 0.87% contraction under President Carter.
    ————————President Hoover presided over the ugliest presidential term for stock prices: the Dow plummeted 83% from March 1929 until March 1933 amid the market crash of 1929 that set off the Great Depression.

  12. gregorybrown says

    You can the the obviously great effort on both faces as they try to restrain the breakdown of tissue that would reveal their alien reptile selves.

  13. anon says

    The law that requires the existence of presidential libraries is silly. I’m sure the national archive could handle these documents, and most are probably not of historical value anyway. Plus, the libraries become conduits for all sorts of sinecure cronyism.

  14. Mike says

    That war criminal “W” should be in shackles by now! As president he was and in too many respects, still is the horrible unwanted disease of a “gift” that keeps on giving. (You can bet that even the recent massacre in Boston with the marathon bombings and a myriad of other horrors world wide would never have occurred if it were not DIRECTLY for him.) Hate to get scatological however that bloody twit and his minions could not tell the difference between s**t and pure mountain honey . . .

  15. woodroad34d says

    He’s a sociopath who is “comfortable” or “very comfortable” with illegally starting wars, illegal torture, lying, stealing, putting American lives in danger and who knows what else just to please or show up daddy. No conscience, whatsoever. He’s a sick and twisted little snot who’s thumbing his nose at everyone.

  16. Peter says

    The only way the waste of space known as the Bush Library can redeem itself is if it allows homeless people to squat in its halls.

    Any MSM outlet which tries to portray George W. Bush as a victim needs to have its press credentials suspended for a century.

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