1. Henry Holland says

    Made it through 40 seconds and the “singing 8 notes when 1 would do” melisma overload started.

    I hope Robert Smith enjoys the royalties, though.

  2. Jerry says

    Beautifully done. That song has been seeing some great covers, including Adele, but this is probably the best Ive seen.

  3. Rob says

    That’s not covering the Cure and making it her own. That’s just doing the version Adele already did.

  4. stranded says

    So many singers mistake overwrought for authenticity but this lady has real talent and soul. Adele may have done this song before, but Candice made it her own. Wow!

  5. Gregoire says

    This isn’t the version Adele did, not even close.

    It is very melisma’ed out, but I chalk that up to being on American Idol.

  6. Thomas says

    I usually hate melisma because a lot of it now is from the Christina Aguilera school of awful, overdone, pitchy, scream-singing backed by limited vocal quality. But this–this was amazing. Candice knows how to do melisma–how to embellish but return to the home note at the perfect moment. Awesome talent.

    @Rob–Candice and Adele sound nothing alike, at all. They each take a completely different approach to the song.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I agree, Thomas. I usually hate the “Hey, y’all, look what I can do!” type melisma, that covers up lack of technique and tone, but Candice used melisma with taste, tone and technique. I thought it was sophisticated, like classic jazz.

    I had never heard this song, and had no idea Adele had covered it, but as I was listening I thought of Adele. I was thinking Candice’s tone and technique are so good, I’d like to hear those two duet.

  8. Bart says

    Damn. I can’t bear to watch this show so I’m glad someplace runs the highlights. And this was a highlight.

  9. Kissyfur says

    I’m glad we can count on all of you Queens with extraordinary musical talent to tell us all how to sing. Bravo Candice!

  10. says

    She totally brought down the house! Girl can sang! And for those who can’t bear to watch the show, it’s actually a LOT better this year. The talent among the remaining 5 girls is so far beyond anything they’ve ever had on the show. With the exception of the last remaining guy on the show, who’s only there out of sympathy vote, the 5 other girls are amazing! But yeah, this performance by Candice was truly the greatest performance ever on American Idol!

  11. says

    God american idol is such garbage, the first 20 seconds of the video are ads… Too bad she didn’t try out for the Voice.

  12. Larry McD says

    A Christian friend on Facebook posted this on her FB page and I was bowled over by how many people commented on what a beautiful job Glover did on this “beautiful Christian praise song.”

  13. Craig says

    Honestly, If you think this is just a rehash of Adele’s version, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Adele did a guitar focused Bossa Nova arrangement (that is much closer to the original Cure version). This was a R&B infused arrangement that worked for Candice. She sounds great, but Jesus is there a melody in there anywhere?? I’ll take Adele any day and twice on Sunday

  14. jjose712 says

    She is fantastic, and practically the only thing that idol did well this year.

    Unfortunatelly i think idol don’t want her as winner, and the same way they wanted Paul Jolley eliminated as soon as possible, they will push her under the bus soon (the fact that only Mariah thought she is one of the best three speak really loud).
    I think she will be the Melind Doolittle of the season (but i wish i am wrong)

  15. Ulu says

    Cleary she can do melisma very well and has a beautiful voice. With that said, it was WAY too much melisma.

    Melisma is like dessert, it should just be a cherry on top, not the whole meal.

    The beginning was wonderful like the first few spoonfuls of icecream. By the end I felt like I had overdosed on 2 gallons of the stuff.

  16. AJ says

    I have skipped the last two seasons of idol but this season has 4 amazingly talented girls. Candice is at the head if the pack, but Amber reminds me of a young Whitney, Kree has a country Patsy Cline thing going on and Angie is flawlessly talented. Glad I picked it up again this season. This performance had me stunned completely speechless. It’s NOTHING like the Adele one. This ranks up there with Fantasia doing “Summertime” and Katharine McPhee doing “Over the Rainbow” for stunning performances. This may be the best the show has ever had.

    And I was wondering what that weird sound at 1:11 was too. I thought it was my TV.

  17. Randy says

    I didn’t like it. Her voice has a weird “Glee” autotune quality to it, which is quite unpleasant, but I suppose scientifically interesting.

    Also, she left out (or “forgot”) the “girl reaction” lyric in “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, which was pretty unsatisfying.

  18. me says

    um…hasn’t anyone heard Adele’s version. I have a sneaking suspicion that Candice got inspiration from it. Regardless…her version was also beautiful.

  19. jakeinlove says

    @ Randy: That ‘autotune’ quality is actually what a SINGER’S voice is supposed to do without autotune.

    God where do these kids come from these days?

  20. JayKay says

    Yuck. She’s very talented. But she needs to learn some restraint. That’s WAAAY oversung.

  21. A says

    Candice is everything and finally showed most of what she can do. Notice how her contralto voice, with it’s rich resonant tone cut through the background music and singers and the generally poor sound on AI.

    People who trash American Idol don’t understand that these singers, even with production are singing without all of the help that established artists get when they perform on that stage. There is no gloss put on their vocals and no tricks other than amplification and sound mixing. That is why many of them underwhelm, but there are many worse vocalists than Amber or Janelle, who don’t sound anywhere near as good as they do with their flaws exposed.

    Amber has serious potential to be a boring r&b artist, and Janelle has a very pretty centre to her voice and will be much more welcomed in today’s craptastic country music than the superior and far more serious Kree. Janelle is very likeable and her voice is very pretty in a good way. She has pitch issues, and will record terrible gimmicky songs, so I enjoy her singing these classics while I can. She was beautiful on Motown week, with “You keep me hanging On.”

    Kree will make records and I will buy them, but she won’t sell out and start singing nonsense songs. Keith Urban may be correct that she has an all-time great old school pure country music voice and style but that doesn’t get you on the radio anymore. If she gets lucky with producers she could become countries Adele and just do it by talent and integrity alone. She is capable and like Adele both warm and mysterious, a little sad. I love her.

    Candice has the most beautiful new voice I have heard in a long time. A bit of Sarah Vaughn, some Mary J pain, some legit blue notes, and can Rock and growl and howl like Tina if she wants to- but then so much more, because her voice is rich and powerful with no need for speed or pushing it, and yet she has a very large range and these things don’t all come in one package hardly never. The equisite phrasing is her own, with the stamina to go anywhere she wants from note to note and the innate gift to go deep into a song lyrically and tonally, taking her audience somewhere with her. She cast a spell on “Lovesong” She is a contralto but goes far into mezzo soprano territory and can swoop down even into baritone. That is some voice. (Mariah Carey is an alto too, even with those freak high notes, but her voice is much airier…whispery, and her power notes are forced in all of her registers)

    Candice can blow the roof off anytime she wants to, but she holds back and lets us hear her amazing tone and subtle vocal play. I love her. She is not small news, y’all.

    Angie – Les Miz awaits, Rock of Ages, Phantom.

  22. peterparker says

    If you’ve ever heard the original, you’ll know that this Idol version is crap.

  23. graphicjack says

    Chills. On both her songs this week. She is the front-runner, with Kree and Amber following… both are consistently strong singers, but are not polished stage entertainers yet. Janelle has good stage presence and a quality voice but has been hit and miss on some of her performances.

    Angie peaked early but has been really campy, perky and even downright cheesy at times… I see her more on Glee than anything.

    Lazaro? Well, it’s a mercy for us and for him that’s he’s gone. The poor guy just wasn’t ready for this and the producers threw him to the wolves. He needed to go so he could work on his performance for the tour.

    How will the voting go? Who knows… the results have been shockingly erratic and pathetic. It looks like either Janelle and Amber will be next to go, but I can’t wait to see the end of Angie.

  24. emjayay says

    She has a great voice. She sings perfectly on key and is an extremely adept singer. This (mini) version of the song is pure crap. Nothing she does has much to do with the song, but it’s all about doing as much singing as possible. Also, it’s “with” not “wi'”.

  25. says

    Jesus Christ !
    Just because the notes exist doesn’t mean you have to use all of them ….over and over.
    Just an Americanized version of a great song.