1. Lars says

    I would applaud any athlete who made the courageous step of coming out. But I am particularly pleased that Collins was the first. This guy is a rockstar, and I admire him for so many reasons.

  2. Jackson says

    He’s seriously like an amazing human being based off everything I’ve seen. Not just basketball player and athlete…but a actually great human. What a kind heart and what an HONOR to have him as a member of our community

  3. Nick says

    Welcome to the community Collins. We couldn’t ask for a more well rounded person to be on our team.

  4. Duration & Convexity says

    The manner in which he’s constantly been honoring Matthew Shepherd really touches me and makes me feel like this man is the exact leader to inspire millions of gay youth who can truly look up to him. What an inspiration he is!

  5. DattDude says

    Hopefully this inspires all closet cases to realize they owe it to themselves to live an authentic free life. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, hence something wrong with hiding your sexuality. We don’t hide aspects of ourselves that are innate. free yourself

  6. Thomas says

    We are really fortunate as a community to have such a great role model as the first gay athlete to come out in a major team sport. He is going to inspire a ton of young people and probably a fair share of adults as well. And maybe it’ll make it harder for parents to cling to the stereotype that their sons can’t be both gay and a “real man.”

  7. Alex Parrish says

    WOW! What an articulate and well-spoken man. He is re-writing stereotypes both for gay men and for professional athletes as well. His acknowledgement of Matthew Shepherd is very touching. He has my congratulations, my gratitude for what he has done and is doing for a generation of young athletes, and my awe just for being so awesome.

    Someday, such a revelation will not be news. I look forward to the day when I can read such a story and go “ho-hum.” Until then — Thanks!

  8. MateoM says

    Thomas, we already know that you’re an alias of Rick, who goes on and on about what “real men” are here on Towleroad every day. Anybody with the balls to be out and proud is a “real man.” It doesn’t take adherence to masculine expectations to make a person a “real man.”

  9. Billy says

    Or, ya know, not supporting the likes of Chick Fil A. Something I doubt self respecting men like Jason Collins would ever do, but you seem more than willing to.
    Be consistent with your message of wanting to uplift the community.

  10. Fenrox says

    @Terry @Yeek, you guys made comments that didn’t detract from anything, weren’t actually racist or offensive. Good job!

  11. Kolog says

    You’re looking to be offended, but that’s usual for you. Your anger toward the gay community amuses all of us. Here’s to hoping YOU finally accept being gay as all these public figures seem to. I don’t see it happening though

  12. drew says

    Wonderful young man. Couldn’t ask for a better role-model in sports. Best wishes for him.

  13. Thomas says

    Billy: I never supported Chik-fil-A, and I’m not sure why that’s even pertinent to questions of self-respect. I have said that running a boycott can often give unintentional benefits to the thing you’re boycotting, and that’s far from a ringing endorsement.

    MateoM: Calm down and grow up. I’ve written many, many times against Rick, and I’ve never tried to define what a real man is because it’s obvious that’s about nothing more than bad stereotypes. Maybe you’re confusing me with someone else–you do know that on the internet people can post with any name they like, right?

  14. RK says

    Jason Collins – So much class and intelligence combined with much strength. The wall keeps cracking as gay people demand the dignity they all deserve. A great role model for gay men everywhere. Not to mention, probably the most eligible bachelor at this time guys!

  15. Joe says

    @ Thomas

    Running a boycott against a corporation that donates MILLIONS per year to actively fight against our existence and rights is flawed? Your intentions aren’t nearly as noble as you may think. Gay folks like yourself who want to lecture gay people for having convictions and standing firm on them are resentful over gay activism. And that’s unfortunately your own problem. We won’t stop fighting for equality, nor will we stop combating blatant homophobia, financial or otherwise. If that upsets you, you need to evaluate why that is.

  16. Rick says

    Key statement from Jason: “I want to re-write stereotypes”

    Key lead-in observation from Stephie: “By coming out as gay, he smashed stereotypes”

    Yes, indeed.

    Change society so that male homosexuality is viewed not only as compatible with masculinity, but a natural component of it….by ALL men….regardless of their sexuality.

    And by simply living and providing an example of that, steer gay youth and gay teens in the right direction and away from the self-destructive culture of effeminacy.

    That is what this is all about and I am glad to see it explicitly acknowledged, both by Jason, himself, and by the media (in the form of Stephanopolus).

    If more such individuals follow suit–and they will–it will help to further the revolution that will result in there being a single male culture with masculine values that encompasses men of all sexual orientations.

  17. USC Trojans Fan says

    I find it fascinating when people like you are startled that the gay community would object a company that has made a career of fighting against us every way they could. You wouldn’t dare question black people doing so toward an outward racist company. Or Jews, or Muslims, or any other demographic who have been targeted galvanizing to spread the word about a company that takes their earning and donates it to fight against said people. It speaks volumes that you feel bigots are entitled to donate against gay rights and gay people should accept it. And yes, if your issue is with an orchestrated boycott, than you are in essence advocating for the gay community to not spread the word about how spending money at that establishment HURTS GAY PEOPLE. Your own homophobia is showing….please correct it before schooling us.

  18. steve says

    nice to see some out role models representing the masculine side of being gay. as someone who considers himself both masculine and feminine…yep, just nice to see that aspect of being gay represented.

  19. AMFM says

    Rick…if THAT’S what you got out of this interview, then others are right, you are a completely chemically imbalanced individual. THAT’S what you walked away with from this interview? Wow. Just wow.

  20. Matthew says

    Rick, you’re actually helped fem (or rather, any gay man not hyper machismo masculine) in more ways than you can imagine. Your irrational prejudice and hate against our non hyper masculine gay brothers has helped many of us actually sympathize and side with them and appreciate them more. You’re like the Westboro church. You’re helping your opposing side without even realizing it. And that 99% of comments on here trash you speaks volumes to that point.

    Just sayin’

  21. IonMusic says

    @USC Trojans Fan
    Love all your posts. Thanks for that one. Didn’t have the time nor patience to address the likes of Thomas and their apologizing to Chick Fil A for gays actually having a back bone. Us uppity gays don’t know our place on the back of the bus anymore. Shame on us.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    I think when Rick writes these comments about a “great revolution of masculinity” he has Hollywood theme music playing in the background. You know, like the theme from “Ben Hur” or “The Ten Commanments”.

    …have any idea what the flag for your movement would look like, Rick? You can’t use the Star Spangled Banner. What about a flag with stripes and 50 sets of testicles on it?

  23. says

    Rick is a closeted adult coward. Until the day he dies he’ll be upset that the men he chooses to hate in life have bigger balls than him.

    Those sparkly “effeminate” twinks on the street don’t live in fear of what Straight Bigots Think – it’s only the anonymous-online-trolls who can’t put a face to their comments and boastful claims that are the real cowards.

    there is no such thing as “a stereotypical gay person” – not really. there’s an ignorant straight person’s idea of a Gay Stereotype, but the reality is there are a LOT of stereotypes. and archetypes.

    for example, the stereotypical closet case who hates openly gay people and gives excuses to not come out. 😉

    tis a stereotype.

  24. Rick says

    “You’re helping your opposing side without even realizing it. And that 99% of comments on here trash you speaks volumes to that point.”

    @Matthew No, the anger my comments tend to attract is just a reflection of how pervasive and deep-rooted the culture of effeminacy is, after centuries of oppression.

    Formal academic studies have demonstrated that at least 70% of gay men are recognizably effeminate….and that is reinforced by every-day experience, not only by those of us who are gay…..but by straight people, as well. Ergo the stereotype of gay men as “sissies”….which is just a reflection ot those experiences.

    The low self-esteem that drives effeminate behavior makes those who display it very prone to lashing out at those who call attention to it. And the oppression-induced psychological damage that results in that low self-esteem is very hard to un-do once it has taken hold…..which is why the whole “it’s just the way I am” excuse has gained such popularity among the majority of gay men who are effeminate.

    It is not “just the way they are” but it would be too painful and too difficult for most of them to face up to the reality of why they are that way and deal with the underlying causes…..and so they don’t, instead engaging in self-destructive behavior, towards themselves and each other.

    I don’t expect any of those people to change……what I do expect, though, is that as positive, masculine role models like Jason Collins become available to younger gay people, they will see the real truth about themselves and about homosexuality and masculinity…..and will choose the positive, self-affirming embrace of natural masculinity that is so much more attractive to everyone than the negative, soul-destroying path that the culture of effeminacy puts in front of them.

    So I really don’t care what spin is put on this or whether Jason, himself, and others like him, have the conscious intent of changing the gay culture–because the very fact that gay youth will be able to contrast the respect and social status that are granted to people like him…..with the disrespect and low social status that is accorded to those who behave effeminately and in a cowardly manner…….will make the right choice readily apparent to them.

    And as that choice is further reinforced–as it increasinly is–by STRAIGHT men, who increasingly are making it clear, as Stephie did (however subliminally)…that it is OK to be gay as long as you are masculine, but not OK not to be masculine under any circumstances…..the outcome, over the long term, is not debatable.

  25. says

    rather than another day of tired typed rambles, how about you put a face to your comments and make a video, RICK?

    what’s that? you can’t because you’re utterly Closeted? great.

    die in your closet. you’re not missed.

    every time you refuse to put a face to your comments you prove all your diatribes to be wrong. and you prove my queeny @ss right 😀

  26. andrew says

    @Thomas: It looks like the devious Little Kiwi has some of his aliases and sycophants out gunning for you today. He tries to destroy anyone who dares to stray from littlekiwi orthodoxy. He muddies the waters so much, on this site, by the negative and offensive comments that he posts under other peoples’ names, that it is difficult to know the real opinions of many of the posters. That is unfortunate because this could be a site for a healthy debate about LGBT issues.

  27. andrew says

    @Little Kiwi: Instead of calling me names, why not address your frequent use of aliases to “gang up” on those who dare to disagree with you? Why not address your frequent vile and/or negative posts using the names of those who dare to disagree with you? I am not obsessed with someone of your ilk. I just dislike authoritarians and bullies like you. Your devious ways give gays and liberals/progressives a bad name.

  28. says

    strawman argument for 600, Alex!

    it’s not my fault you’re still closeted. nor is it my fault that the other hateful cowards trolling this side are, either.

    i don’t use aliases to gang up. i’m an attention-whore, remember?

    feel free to show yourself, or chug some bleach.

  29. andrew says

    @Little Kiwi: “I don’t use aliases to gang up”, REALLY? Here are a few of Little Kiwi’s aliases: Duration & Convexity, USC Trojans Fan, Klein, Two Dads, Scott Johansen, and the list goes on.

  30. says

    none of those people are me. you’re hilarious. sad, but hilarious.

    but hey, keep obsessing over me. it’s ok. i’m used to it. i understand you closeted guys don’t have anything to live for and focusing on me provides a distraction.

  31. Jenny says

    Rick has a hammer and everything in his whole world is a nail.

    A simple tool with a simple tool.

  32. andrew says

    @Little Kiwi: They are just A FEW of your aliases. I’m not obsessed with a devious person like you. I just hate authoritarians and bullies. As to the closeted charge: I haven’t been in the closet for decades. You are right about one thing: You are a distraction. Towleroad could be a site for real open and honest debate of LGBT issues. You however, so muddy the waters with your aliases and vile/negative comments that you post using the names of people who disagree with you that a healthy debate is nearly impossible.

  33. andrew says

    I’m going to write a few more little essays to explain how I’m not obsessed with Kiwi.

    While I masturbate furiously with two pudgy fingers.

  34. Duration & Convexity says

    stop patrolling these comments and siding with all the anti gay ones, and claiming all the passionate ones pro gay are from Little Kiwi. You sound ridiculous and foolish, and are starting to make me think you are Rick. I’ve been posting on this site for ages and have had you accuse me of being Little kiwi. You’re uncomfortable with those of us who are GAY ACTIVISTS. I’m a PROUD gay activist and wear that honor with pride. That’s something that makes you uncomfortable, and that’s your problem.
    Stop being a bully on here

  35. Jamie says

    Guys, Andrew says he loves to use phrases like “that’s so gay” and f*g with his straight friends, and encourages them to use it too. Hardly a friend of the community. I’m actually closer to thinking he is another Rick/Ratbastard alias himself.

  36. MateoM says

    Considering that andrew has a similar obsession with LittleKiwi as Ratbastard does, and uses similar language to convey his obsession, I’m almost positive Andrew is just another Rick/Ratbastard alias, just as Thomas and Adam are.

  37. andrew says

    What you see posted above are examples of what I am talking about. There is a comment about me masturbating furiously with two pudgy fingers, which clearly comes from the twisted mind of little kiwi. Then his aliases and or sycophants join in the attack. I am an out and proud gay man and lifelong liberal democrat. I live in the gayborhood, volunteer at an LGBT center and everyone who knows me knows that I am gay. What I am not is an authoritarian bully like kiwi. I believe in a free an open discussion of all issues. This could be a great site to debate/discuss LGBT issues. However, kiwi and his aliases/sycophants so muddy the waters with their devious tactics that it is nearly impossible.

  38. ***** says

    Rick, how convenient that you forget that the “match”, for the revolution you so desperately desire, was struck by a bunch of drag queens. Without those “effeminate” queers you so detest, the revolution would still be being discussed in dark bars and harassed by unscrupulous officers of the law and government witch hunters.

  39. Robert K Brown says

    15 years ago Jason was 20 years old. 15 years ago 20 year old Matthew Shepard was brutally crucified on a fence in Wyoming. Is it any wonder that Matthew’s death had such a profound effect on Jason? He is not going to let any of us to ever forget.

    I admire these two men so much.


  40. millerbeach says

    I have that Human Rights campaign bumper sticker of a blue background, with yellow “=” signs. I remember Matthew that way. So glad that Jason not only knows of the incident, but also acknowledges it. To some, this may seem as media overkill. To others, we’ve been waiting for this day for a long, long time. Come out, come out, wherever you are…there is strength in numbers. Thank you, Jason. You are a brave, bright young man, and I wish you all the best. Thanks for building our community in a positive manner.

  41. ratbastard says

    Irony, considering the many stereotypical gays who troll on here. You know who you are.

  42. ratbastard says

    @Little Kiwi: They are just A FEW of your aliases. I’m not obsessed with a devious person like you. I just hate authoritarians and bullies. As to the closeted charge: I haven’t been in the closet for decades. You are right about one thing: You are a distraction. Towleroad could be a site for real open and honest debate of LGBT issues. You however, so muddy the waters with your aliases and vile/negative comments that you post using the names of people who disagree with you that a healthy debate is nearly impossible.

    Posted by: andrew | Apr 30, 2013 3:07:58 PM


    *************** BUMP **********************