Homophobic Washington Florist Barronelle Stuzman Faces Second Lawsuit Threat


Yesterday I reported that Barronelle Stuzman, the homophobic Washington state florist who told a gay longtime customer that she would not do his wedding because of her relationship with Jesus, was being sued by the Attorney General for discrimination.

Stuzman now faces the threat of a second lawsuit from the gay couple she discriminated against and the ACLU, Slog's Dominic Holden reports:

Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed's lawyers, working with the legal powerhouse at the ACLU of Washington, sent a letter today to Arlene's Flowers owner Baronelle Stutzman saying she has two options: (1) She can vow to never again discriminate in her services for gay people, write an apology letter to be published in the Tri-City Herald, and contribute $5,000 to a local LGBT youth center, or (2) she can get sued for violating the Washington State Civil Rights Act…

…"Your refusal to sell flowers to Mr. Ingersoll and Mr. Freed for their wedding has hurt them very deeply. It is a disturbing reminder of the history of discrimination and disparate treatment that they and other gay men and women have experienced over the years," write the couple's lawyers at the firm Hillis, Clark, Martin, and Petersen, who then add more sharply, "More to the point of this letter, your conduct was a violation of Washington law."

Stuzman and her bigotry have shown no signs of giving in.


  1. G says

    Poor woman. What she did was wrong, I do not argue with that.

    But I certainly hope that the lawsuit is more bark than bite and that she is strongly encouraged to go with the first option.

    It’s not like she’s some big corporation with deep pockets and a nationwide client base. Give her a bit of a scare and leave her be.

  2. Chriso says

    I’m gay, and I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but my opinion is that if someone doesn’t want to do business with you, then don’t go there.

    Suing won’t solve anything, besides making us out to be tyrants who refuse to accept a different perception of life, one I vehemently disagree with.

    If it was me, I’d find another Florist. That’s the best response. You don’t want me as a client. Fine. Your loss.

  3. AJD says

    I think a lawsuit is the wrong way to go. We have enough people on our side now that simply talking about this lady and how she doesn’t like gays is enough.

  4. Cyberman says

    These people need to learn how to fraking lie. She deserves to get sued for not being smart enough to come up with some excuse to cover up her bigoted views.

  5. Blake says

    I totally agree with Chriso and G. I think this makes us look bad. It makes the argument that we are “out to get the Christians” look true. If a small business doesn’t want to provide service to someone for being gay, it’s the small business’ loss. There are plenty of flower shops, even in Eastern Washington, who would love the business and would supply the flowers for a gay wedding joyfully, instead of grudgingly. We should be supporting the businesses that support us, not trying to hurt those that don’t; it’s a much more effective method.

  6. anthony says

    @ Chrisco…

    I agree with you…with a “but”

    They were clients of hers for a “period of time”….hence their was a “relationship”.

    Also “assuming” it was a friendly relationship for she took their money.

    As another person has mentioned she could have come up with 101 “other excuses” to not
    supply the flowers…She choose Jesus.

    Let him help her now.

  7. AG says

    So, the gays are doing everything to live up to anti-gay stereotypes. Being assholes is surely the way to go.

  8. Caliban says

    I’m fine with the first lawsuit, which is being filed by the STATE against her for breaking their anti-discrimination laws.

    This suit however, IMO, is just piling on and more likely to make her a martyr for the Christian Right.

  9. Dearcomrade says

    “There are four burdens, which gays, along with every other despised group, whether it’s blacks following slavery and reconstruction, or Jews fearful of Germany, must address.

    The first is recognize one must overcome fear.

    The second is overcoming self-hate.

    The third is overcoming self-denial.

    The fourth is more political. It is to recognize that the job of the gay community is not to deal with extremists who would castigate us or put us on an island and drop an H-bomb on us. The fact of the matter is that there is a small percentage of people in America who understand the true nature of the homosexual community. There is another small percentage who will never understand us.

    Our job is not to get those people who dislike us to love us. Nor was our aim in the civil rights movement to get prejudiced white people to love us. Our aim was to try to create the kind of America, legislatively, morally, and psychologically, such that even though some whites continued to hate us, they could not openly manifest that hate.

    That’s our job today: to control the extent to which people can publicly manifest antigay sentiment”.

    Bayard Rustin
    From Montgomery to Stonewall

  10. says

    What a bunch of wimps some of you are. Yeeeesh! She. Broke. The. Law.

    you know what happens when people break laws and discriminate against historically-discriminated against people? they need to be punished. why? or else it keeps on going.

    what’s UP with you guys, eh? did y’all come from families that wish they could continue to turn away those unwanted “colored” customers or something?

    backbones. invest. please. kthanks.

  11. stephen says

    so private businesses aren’t allowed to have free speech? this threatens free enterprise for a lot of privately run businesses not just in Washington.

    I’m gay but I would have just taken my business elsewhere and left the business owner to run HER business the way she sees fit. sad that they’ve gone after here.

  12. says

    I guess Rosa Parks must be an @$$hole too. She should have given up her seat like a good n****r!

    Same goes for all those uppity n****rs at Woolworth. They should have eaten somewhere else rather than make a scene!

    That also applies to those prissy f*gs and drag queens at Stone wall. Should have just let the cops arrest them for the crime of being gay rather than start a riot and scare the straight folks!

    Gosh, nobody should ever rock the boat – equal rights aren’t worth it if it someone gets offended!

  13. Kyle says

    If she received extra profit due to a “Chick-fil-A effect”, then it’s especially right that she gets hit with lawsuits.

  14. Francis #1 says

    Some of you sound like people more concerned with what heterosexuals think of us than standing up against discrimination. If a restaurant had a “No Blacks” sign in front of their doors, there would be incredible outrage. Yet this florist is essentially doing the same except with a “No Gays” sign and some of you are ready to let her off the hook.

    Sure, if a business doesn’t want to do business with you because you’re gay, you shouldn’t do business with them or even want to. Of course, but that DOES NOT mean that any such business should get away with DISCRIMINATION. Discrimination is discrimination, and discrimination against us is rampant and thinking that we have society on our side regarding discrimination against us in the working field is completely false based on the numbers, and polls, where people in fact feel it should be legal and is OK for businesses to discriminate against us. It happens all of the time, and some of you want to turn a blind eye to incidents like this? The only way the discrimination ends is if we fight against it. Some of you want to give in to the bigots and just “ignore” discrimination but put yourself in the shoes of the victims. Put yourself in the shoes of the victims who have their humanity thrown in their face.

    Nope, sorry. You break the law, there are consequences. She broke the law. She loses. Why should this couple ignore the law…….to be nice? Why exactly should the couple in question not actually seek to have this woman follow the law? Instead of worrying about how heterosexuals or anti-gay bigots will think about this lawsuit, why don’t you celebrate this couple for sticking up for themselves and the AG of Washington for sticking up for the gay community.

  15. AG says

    It is so cute that we’re now supposed to care deeply that she broke the law. This particular lawsuit shows that the law in question is not fair. And what about all other laws. Anti-sodomy laws are still on the books in several states. Just 10 years ago they were not even overturned by the Supreme Court. And how about illegal immigrants? What have you done today, kiwi, to investigate the immigration status of people around you and report them to US immigration authorities?

  16. Dearcomrade says

    YES. By all means lets make this woman a martyr. I hope all the lawsuits run her out of business. Let her martyrdom be an example to all the other bigots.

    What you do in your church, temple, synagogue, or home is your own business. In the public arena you follow the law!

  17. Caliban says

    I think the rejected customers were absolutely right to publicize her homophobic attitudes and report her to state agencies that handle discrimination. I’m glad the state is filing suit.

    That’s what they are there for.

    But other than hurt feelings (and a much-needed heads-up to stop giving this woman any more of their money), what damages did they actually incur? They had to go to another florist? Again, the real tragedy here is that they gave her their business for years not knowing she secretly despised them.

  18. Francis #1 says

    Firestorm and Kiwi have it right. Some of you sound PATHETIC. Not trying to offend but, yeah.

    Free speech, Stephen, does not give this woman the right to break Washington state law by refusing to serve a gay man. In fact, that has nothing to do with free speech. At all. That’s a ridiculous comparison to make.

    Discrimination in the working world occurs against the LGBT community more than any other group by a WIDE margin. Some of you are willing to simply look the other way, I guess. Not all of us. Discrimination is discrimination. Barronelle Stuzman broke the law and there are consequences.

  19. bobbyjoe says

    Look, if the lady refused to serve Catholics or African-Americans or Jews or Hindus or Muslims or Asians or the disabled or Buddhists or the elderly or one entire gender (men or women), there wouldn’t be any question here or people wringing their hands about “ohmigod, what will people think” about suing this woman for breaking the law. And in the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s they didn’t say “well, we’ve already made some progress about the busing situation, but we better not do a sit-in at that racist guy’s diner because, oh no, people might think we’re pushy.” If you want or expect equality, act like it. STOP ACCEPTING SECOND-CLASS CITIZENSHIP. The end.

  20. Francis #1 says

    I’m guessing we’ll learn more about the damages incurred during these legal suits, Caliban. I don’t think you’re pathetic, BTW, I can see what you’re saying. Maybe the financial damages weren’t significant but the emotional ones probably were. In any case, this woman broke the law so there are consequences for that and I have no problem with the couple seeking reparations. Seems they really want a resolution more than they want to destroy this woman’s company.

  21. Sean in Dallas says

    Wow–what’s with all the apologists today?

    Time to grow a pair and start letting people know this IS bigotry. Sometimes the only way to make that happen is through the courts.

  22. says

    @Stephen, this has nothing to do with free speech. She’s free to voice her opinion about gay people; she’s not free to select a certain group to exclude from a public business. It’s a clear violation of WA non-discrimination laws.

    As for those saying, well, just go to another florist. Again, not the point. When a state passes non-discrimination laws the point is to send a message to all citizens and business owners that, in this state, you can’t discriminate against people you don’t like just because you don’t like them. You can’t hang out a “No . . . Allowed” sign, not here. The WA AG was simply protecting his state’s interests and values by showing her the consequences of violating state law.

    It could be argued that the couple bringing a lawsuit is bad PR because it creates a situation the bigots will use to play the martyr card, but the same could have been (and was) said about anyone who refused to be treated like a 2nd class citizen. And make no mistake, she is the a-hole here. You’re not a decent person when you take loyal customers’ money for years, as she did, then suddenly decide to get up on your moral high horse when these loyal customers make the mistake of getting legally married.

  23. David Hearne says

    This is not a hospital. This is not a pharmacy. This is not a motel or an auto repair facility in the middle of nowhere.

    This is not an essential service. Neither the state nor the individual has a right to force this woman to work for people she doesn’t want to work for.

    You people keep defending this. You claim that because the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been upheld that it therefore must be carved on a stone tablet from God. Well it doesn’t work that way. Every violation of the Constitution was unconstitutional when it was written, not simply when it was finally tossed out.

    Listen to yourselves. Are you saying that sodomy laws were constitutional? I should hope not. They weren’t constitutional, but they hadn’t been successfully challenged until LAwrence.

    I am sick to death of gay people saying, “My rights are being violated.” in one breath and then calling for the violation of the rights of others in the next breath; whether it’s First Amendment rights or Second Amendment rights.

  24. says

    Yeah, raise your hand if you know Washington State law…

    (I do)

    She broke the new anti-discrimination law. She is guilty. The offended party is just now pursuing legal options against her, but the state has had enough and is suing her to enforce it’s new law.

    This law was voted into power, it is the will of the people, she broke it.

    The only wiggle room is art. Artists can’t be made to make art, they choose to make art. When an artist parlays their skill into a business, they can be made to make art. This woman’s only defense is that after she was sued and read up on the law, she now claims to be an artist.


  25. Ted says

    Violation of civil rights law can and has resulted in prison time. If, for instance, a restaurant owner were to refuse service to a customer based upon their race, they could be subjected to criminal penalties resulting in prison time under the Civil Rights Act passed under President Johnson. The argument with respect to the rights of private businesses was one raised by the extreme right wing when they debated it in Congress in the late sixties. That argument was thoroughly debunked — private businesses that serve the public (restaurants, hotels, retail establishments such as a florists) are not free to discriminate as their very existence is a result of serving the public (the people)and they operate within the public sphere. This case was a clear violation of Washington State civil rights law. For such a civil rights law to be effective it must be enforced vigorously.

  26. Gigi says

    Black people gave one another the same message during their fight:

    – don’t rock the boat
    – be polite
    – dress nice, talk nice
    – don’t cause trouble
    – do what they say
    – sit at the back of the bus

    Thankfully Rosa Parks got tired of it. I certainly understand the feelings of some.
    If we go after her and make her into a martyr that the Talibangelists will think less of us. THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE! The Bryan Fischers and Rick Santorums of the world already hate us. Just as sitting back and doing nothing won’t make then like us, standing up for ourselves yet once again isn’t going to make then hate us any more than they already do.

    She broke the law! If we allow her to simply ignore laws that she finds inconvenient, what’s next? If she was an Atheist and refused to do flowers for a chrisitian you can be your Sweet Lulu they’d be suing. Does that make us “the same” as them? No. We’re fabulous.

  27. David Hearne says

    Ernie – You are incorrect. This is exactly about free speech. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subsequent case law, you cannot tell a customer, “I would rather not serve you, but what would you like me to do for you today?”

  28. says

    Look at the Quislings like David Hearne wanting desperately that back seat on the bus because they don’t believe that they should be treated the same as straight people.

  29. Todd B says

    Thank you Little Kiwi- well said. You cant break the law- its your job to know what the laws are so you dont break them. Laws that people have with their imaginary friend jesus do not apply to the real world. So if you want to live in a civilized society- you need to abide by the laws!!! Sheesh…….

  30. says

    can some of y’all Americans actually find out what the First Amendment means so you can finally realize that this has NOTHING to do with, uh, “freedom of speech”? thanks.

  31. SPOT says

    Amazing the ignorance in some of these comments. Are some of you really advocating that people be allowed to subjectively decide who they will provide public services to?


    My tax dollars pay for services to your business, not to fund your religious discrimination. I get enough of that from churches.

    This woman is not a church.

    And those of you whining that she should be allowed to discriminate in providing services have absolutely no idea how offensively ignorant you are about the civil rights movement and the number of people who were assaulted and killed in order to end this kind of discrimination.

    You’re sick to death of people demanding equal treatment Dave? Then move to a country without civil rights laws.

  32. David Hearne says

    Fenrox – Are you aware that the NAACP threatened to sue a restaurant in Myrtle Beach, not because they refused to serve black people, but because they decided to remain closed during Black Bike Weekend. There you had a business, who through their experience not their prejudice, had decided that remaining open during Black Bike Weekend simply wasn’t worth the aggravation. And the NAACP threatened them with litigation. That’s extortion.

    Now by what arrogant and stupid reasoning can you imagine that it is within your rights or the right of the state to tell a business owner that he has to be open for business when he has determined it would not be profitable for him to do so?

  33. Kevin says

    Guess what Dave..those other things you mentioned…that kind of discrimination exists because people get the idea that if you can deny public services to them in one area,then you can do it in all of them.

  34. says

    No, @David, this isn’t about free speech. She is not being sued for anything she said. She is being sued for being in obvious violation of Washington state non-discrimination law.

  35. rustytrawler says

    David Heane, businesses do not have a right to free speech. They are compelled by public accommodation. So this woman is perfectly free to practice whatever religion she likes AND to tell gays that she hates them, while she’s handling their order. She could also hand them off to another employee and sit this one out.

    But she can’t turn away their business based on the fact that they belong to a particular class of people. That’s Washington state law.

  36. David Hearne says

    She violated a law and should be fined, etc. Discrimination does not make good business practice. Personally, I hope she loses her business.

  37. Derek says

    Giving an ultimatum like that seems shady. The state should prosecute her because what she did was unlawful, the ACLU should step in if the state can’t or won’t. But the way the ACLU is handling this is jacked, in a way they’re basically blackmailing her… If you don’t do this, this, and this we’re going to sue, but if you pay this penance we can forget about the lawsuit. There shouldn’t be a plea bargain here. Sue her because you think its the right thing to do, don’t use it as scare tactic to get her to do what you want, you’re sinking below her level.

    We’re better than this, boycott, protest, push for better equal treatment legislation. We shouldn’t be fighting cooties by threatening to tell mommy if they don’t give us their toys.

  38. rjp3 says

    Andy – she is not a homophobe – more likely she is just a Straight Supremacist that feels greater and better than you. Stop giving them this magical reason to hate you – that is just what people do and it is not out of the PC curable reason of “fear”.

    Did you not see the Greater Than logo you posted this morning???

    That is not fear. That is elitism as any cost.

  39. David Hearne says

    She’s gonna be sorry. The ACLU doesn’t play around and knows how to deal with homophobes.

  40. says

    The cynical side of me tends to think that a woman who would engage in blatant religiously-motivated discrimination against clients based on her views of their sexual orientation, and then double down on her position when called on it, is highly likely to try and play the martyr card, no matter what happens later.

  41. LincolnLounger says

    I’m sure I will be attacked, but this is not helpful to our cause in the least.

    Here I sit in Illinois with opponents of marriage equality making stuff up about the consequence for businesses, churches, etc., when marriage equality is implemented. Things like this do nothing but give them ammunition.

    It’s not like this is some essential service, and why anybody would want to give money to someone like this is bizarre.

    Get your damned flowers from another florist and remember there is a bigger picture. Your actions have consequences outside of your state.

  42. J. says

    Are some of you people stupid? There is a law in that states that she can’t do this. Hence, the lawsuit. God give me strength to deal with these self loathing gays.

  43. Sean in Dallas says

    Waah, consequences! Don’t rock the boat! We’ll get our gay rights slowly over many many decades! Just stay in the closet! Let us “connected” gays get the job done! We’ll vote against our best interests but only for now, we promise–just look at Ken Mehlman!

    Give me a fuggin break. Take your failed theory of social change and shove it up your ass. We’ll TAKE our rights, thank you.

  44. says

    @David, First I said book, not internet page.

    Second, YOU ARE SO RIGHT, after all, there was NO RACISM, so it was extortion. Because how could they possibly prove racism!? After all, so many stores close every time black bike groups come through, how could any racism have happened at all?

    Of course i am joking. If transportation was private and buses that went through predominately black areas just didn’t run on election day, would that be racism? Yes.

    You can’t just assume that all parties are lying and the solution is to semantically pin it on one. You have to get into the situation and make a judgement, the law is messy.

    Civil rights are also a cornerstone of America, people who consider the America before civil rights as nostalgic, good, or historical are fooling themselves. As they die off and the youths get old, they will instead choose to remember that America was the place this stuff couldn’t happen. You are arguing that a woman gets to get away with breaking a most sacred law.

    @Kiwi, you are like a cookie dipped in poop, I may try to like or favor the cookie, but it has poop all over it. One of these days you will make a non-hyperbolic point that isn’t also an insult on someone.

  45. Rawn says

    @anthony You mean she chose to /blame/ Jesus.

    When asked to comment, Jesus responded “Relationship with her? She doesn’t even listen to anything I tell her. She blames me for everything.”

  46. Joel says

    “Time to grow a pair and start letting people know this IS bigotry.”

    Well said, Sean.

    And why should I think that this person should stay in business? I cannot imagine any reason.

  47. melvin says

    Obviously this hits some sort of fault line. There is another odd one here – I am local. When the subject comes up around here and it often does, the response from a lot of very conservative people focusses on personal disapproval of the florist. Because she had known these guys for a long time; they were regular customers. It is seen as an ugly personal betrayal more than a legal matter.

  48. Hollywood, CA says

    HAHAHAHA! Money talks! Sue her! I’m sorry, but if you can’t act right, you gotta pay up. If she’s “really” so concerned about gays getting married, she’ll go through with the lawsuit and fight it out. However, we all know that people’s convictions run as deep as their pocket books… Suck it, Homophobe!

  49. Mel says

    That is so weird. I have never heard of someone grabbing the hand of or hugging for that matter someone they had a phobia about. Kind of sounds like she didn’t even think he had cooties. Your headline and religious bigotry is disgusting. Not to mention being a total hypocrite.
    I would like to point out that she was born that way. You are not supposed to discriminate against those that are born a certain way, now are you?

  50. Javier says

    She is not protected to discriminate if she is a business in the state of Washington that clearly has “sexual orientation” as a state law for protection from discrimination. She cannot discriminate based on race or sexual orientation… she is cooked! May the lawsuits come in droves and bankrupt the b-tch!

  51. David Hearne says

    So you all think I should have to serve Robert Mugabe or The Grand IMperial Wizard of the Knights of Columbus Carl Anderson? Forget that. My freedom of association says that I don’t have to.

  52. says

    The simple solution for those who don’t want to associate with people they don’t like: don’t open a public business. Or open one in a place where the law says it’s ok to discriminate based on your personal prejudices. Otherwise, you don’t have any excuses.

  53. Bill says

    @Jack M: the way I’d put it is that Jesus may save her but won’t save her bank account or business. As he said (according to the Bible), “My kingdom is not of this world.”

  54. Kris Smotherman says

    A lot of people on this site seem confused. She owns the business so it is a private business not a public one. She has the right to refuse service to anyone at the business she owns. The saddest part is that if the shoe was on the other foot the State of Washington would do nothing because her rights are not protected. This is not equality, it is discrimination. I would defend anyone’s right to religious freedom, their freedom of speech, or other freedoms even if I don’t agree with them. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the State of Washington where apparently you must agree with their political opinion or be sued by the state.

  55. says

    Actually @Kris you’re the one who is confused. Her business is open to the public; it is a public business. She has no more right to refuse to serve gay customers as she would to refuse to serve black, Jewish, Christian or old customers. There is no special exemption for discrimination based on religious belief, whether that belief comes from the Bible, the Koran, L. Ron Hubbard, or the tooth fairy. It has nothing to do with “political opinion.” No business would be allowed to discriminate against her, either. You are misinformed.

  56. David Hearne says

    What you “It’s the law!” people don’t seem to understand is that this law doesn’t stop at accepting the money of those you would rather not associate with. The nondiscrimination laws have been interpreted by the courts to extend not simply to accepting the business of anyone who happens through your door, but giving EQUAL service. This is a can of worms. This means that if one customer feels that you were nicer to the customer before him, then he can file a suit against you. It’s a ripe field for nuisance lawsuits.

    In the example I gave, the restaurant in Myrtle Beach did not decide to stay closed through Black Bike Weekend because of some irrational dislike of black people. They decided to stay closed because the year before they had remained open and were abused by the customers. Now I ask you people, in rational and calm terms explain to me how you think it is right to FORCE a restaurant to open its doors, to FORCE a privately owned business to do its labor and risk its investment during an event that its experience showed was ill advised. You can’t do that can you?

    Your problem is that your philosophy is incompatible with reality. That flower shop is PRIVATE property. You have no right to tell her that she has to work for you.

  57. Derrick says

    Apparently it’s not private property if the State feels it has enough grounds to sue her. I would think they would know best if a lawsuit would even be a possibility.

  58. Glenn says

    This has nothing to do with bigotry (an idiotic charge), or the invented term ‘homophobia’. The two faced slime that hugged her neck and stuck a knife in her back epitomizes intolerance and treachery. I expect nothing less of a tiny minority who seeks to marginalize and torment Christians and people of faith. Bible believing Christians are especially targeted by those who demand that their aberrant and disgusting lifestyles be recognized and ‘celebrated’ by everyone, regardless of beliefs or conscience. A business owner should have the right to turn away business for whatever reason they choose.

  59. Burt says

    Somehow I don’t think there’s a very large gay population in the Tri Cities area of Washington. So, the question really becomes how much effect a grass-roots boycott of her shop would really have? My sense is that she could blithely go on discriminating against people she thinks her religion compels her to and life would be good. In this wake-up call, she’s been presented with a couple of choices, one of which amounts to little more than a hand-slap. If she wants to become a martyr to her beliefs, fine. She could very well lose her business license and her store when all this is over. What she’s probably not taking away from this is a deep reflection on her beliefs and how they’re not consistent with Jesus’ and the apostles’ teachings.

    That’s the sad part.

  60. says

    @David, it wasn’t just one, It was all the racist owned stores that would do that, it was a known thing in the town and they had problems because they made problems for the black patrons they did get when open. Get a better example.

  61. RS says

    Worship Jesus or another person’s private parts? I’ll stick with Jesus.

    The constitution protects our religious rights, not our sexual preferences.

    If all the homosexuals want to be slaves in Satan’s new world order, than keep going down this road.

  62. Hayden says

    I’m on her side on this one. I think that as a private citizen she has a right to refuse service to whomever she wants. I also think that I have a right to protest her shop, pass out flyers about what she is doing and spend my money elsewhere. To sue someone because her religious beliefs go against my personal rights is not a good thing because that gives the right ammunition to say “SEE!!!! Even though there is religious protection clauses written into these “so-called” gay marriage laws, we can still be sued for our religious objection! As such, we should NOT allow these laws to go into effect as they will NOT protect our religious liberties” So far that is an argument we have not had to have since we have been respecting religious rights in our marriage equality bills, but this undermines that and gives our opponents ammunition.

  63. lab says

    This country was founded on religious freedom. You may disagree with the florist this time, but next time someone may try to force you to do something you have a religious or moral opposition to. Why do people continually compare blacks/jews and other minorities to gay and lesbians. There is no where in the Bible that this comparison is made! I don’t hear anyone stating that they have a religious belief that prohibits them from serving blacks/jews or any other race or culture. This country was founded on religious freedom. Does anyone really want to lose that freedom? For those of you who are unclear; here is just one example of where those of us who you are calling names derive our beliefs:
    “Romans 1:24: “Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator who is forever praised. …Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts w/other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. …and “claiming to be wise, they became fools.”

    It is amazing to me that liberals claim “to each his own, everyone has a right to do as they personally want” until someone disagrees with them. Then that person is called names. I am amazed that “adults” call someone names based on their personal convictions.

  64. Kelley says

    I wouldn’t give these bigots my money anyway, I’d give her a few choice words and walk out. We have our own choice as to which businesses we use and which ones we don’t. I still refuse to visit the Bigotry Chicken Establishment, that I will not name, that was in the news not too long ago. Just looking at their sign makes me sick.

  65. Lance Desker says

    David Hearne: I am sick to death of gay people saying, “My rights are being violated.” in one breath and then calling for the violation of the rights of others in the next breath; whether it’s First Amendment rights or Second Amendment rights.

    Woah, cowboy, cut down on the testosterone shots, and quit listening to crap like Faux news – no one wants to take away your right to a gun, because who knows, you might actually use it on yourself and rid us of another idiot. The florist broke Washington state law, and that is it. If it has been an African American or an Asian-American, all those who agreed with her not serving a minority would be shown up for the bigots they truely are.