1. RMc says

    Their base is dying, so who cares? He is the pathetic one, a complete failure on every level of decent humanity.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Keep it up, Bill. We appreciate your ongoing effort to hasten the demise of the GOPer community.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if marriage equality (and civil rights for Gays in general) were to tear the Republican Party apart for the 2014 elections.

    ….the problem is getting Democrats and Independents out to vote.

  4. jamal49 says

    William Kristol, you have the blood of tens of thousands of Iraqis and American soldiers on your hands. You are responsible for the economic chaos our country has endured the past 9 years because of the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. You’re a major, first-class @$$hole and I would personally like to cause serious damage to your arrogant, smug, right-wing face.

    Kristol, sit down and shut up before I come down to D.C. to your cushy Heritage Foundation office and MAKE you sit down and shut up.

  5. Mike says

    And the more these bigoted idiots continue to speak out only hastens the departure of the GOP and Evangelical fanatics. Every time I read or hear one of them promoting their hate I giggle and pump my fist. Republicans have destroyed themselves – the Democrats can be proud.

  6. Kevin says

    ANd this is one of the reasons why Obama got reelected.
    A complete contempt for anyone that wasn’t a rich white male or someone willing to be in lockstop with the Republicians on every issue.

  7. Mike in nyc says

    Kristol doesn’t even care about America, that traitor has always put Isreal’s interests before our own. A vile right wing miscreant that will spend eternity burning in Hell for his evil deeds.

  8. candideinnc says

    Bloody Bill” shows contempt for people whom he says “don’t know anything”? I would much prefer the opinion of someone who might not know anything to someone who thinks he knows everything but is always wrong. How is that Iraq War victory lap going, Bill?

  9. northalabama says

    i can’t believe it, bill kristol has unearthed yet another group that the gop hasn’t completely alienated yet – all voters 18-26 of age.

    young voters, please join the stage with racial minorities, glbt, atheists, and non judeo-christian religions. you don’t know anything, anyways, so you don’t matter to the gop…

  10. Bob R says

    The interesting thing about Bill Kristol is he has never been right about anything. How he continues to garner attention and earn a paycheck is mind boggling. The man is almost always wrong about almost everything on which he opines. Even a blind pig finds a chestnut on occasion, but Kristol is still blindly foraging about on all fours looking for his.

  11. woodroad34 says

    I think Billy Crystal should do a comedy routine on how this guy stole his name; or he should impersonate him (like he did with Sammy Davis Jr and Fernando Mahvelous Lamas)–he wouldn’t have to change his name.

  12. Rich F. says

    Bill Kristol has NEVER been right about ANYTHING. Why would he suddenly start being right NOW?

  13. jjose712 says

    So a 26 yo doesn’t know anything, wow. Some people know that you get wise with age but that’s not this guy’s case for sure

  14. Caliban says

    Look up Bill Kristol and PNAC, aka Project For A New America Century. It’s educational.

    No matter what you think happened afterward, Kristol recommended war as a way to get the Republican party into power and keep them there.

    He’s a sociopath. Like many Republican warhawks it’s too easy to send other people to war when you have no skin in the game. It’s never their children who fight the wars they actively pursue.

  15. says

    GOP leader to twentysomethings: We don’t want your votes. You’re just a bunch of idiots. Vote Democrats. Go ahead. We dare you.

  16. Michael says

    Too funny. The, um, base gets smaller and smaller every day.

    I don’t wish death on anyone but at least it’s the bigots who are dying off first.

  17. MichaelJ says

    As much as I loathe Bill Kristol for all of the reasons others have mentioned, I suspect that what he says will come true to a certain extent — that some members of the GOP base will be alienated by the more established Republican leaders caving in on gay marriage. I don’t think the alienated base is going to start voting Democratic; they will just not turn out to vote. The Republicans have screwed themselves in the last 20 years by rallying a base whose hateful values and intolerance are increasingly repugnant to most Americans. I truly hope what Kristol predicts comes true big time.

  18. says

    You know you are old and completely out of touch when you think a 26-year old is “young” and “doesn’t know anything.”

  19. anon says

    Putting the “con” in “neocon” for the last 30 years. His father was at least genuinely smart.

  20. Caliban says

    Well OF COURSE some people will feel “alienated” by any moves by GOP attempts to adopt marriage equality!

    We have a “2 party system” right now and the Religious Right are a huge part of the Republican base. And so far as that portion keeps controlling the entire Republican platform they’re going to alienate people. “Well the BIBLE says….”

    If you trust any sort of Republican “turnaround” you’re a f*cking fool. Either they’re too afraid to lose the Religious Right or they ARE the Religious Right, so don’t expect them to change any time soon. The good news is that if they talk about us as subhuman, as the old-school is wont to do, they have to answer for it.

    But if you think that means ANY of them are safe votes you’re sadly mistaken. They’d sell you down the river to get votes in a NY minute. Don’t be fooled.

  21. andrew says

    We can only hope that more Republicans keep talking like that, so that the democrats can have a chance of holding on to a majority in the U.S. Senate in 2014. It isn’t going to be easy to hold the Senate. We need all the help we can get from guys like Kristol.

  22. says

    At this rate it won’t be long before fiscal Republicans really distance themselves from the tea-bagging bible-thumping cousins.

    I’ve actually seen the change on their face when looking at marriage equality when they see the financial unfairness of DOMA.

    Hopefully far enough that the party will actually split in two. I think the faithfully ignorant may have a hard time winning as many elections without “old money.”

  23. Bernie says

    wow!!! he sounds so wise and smart…..ugh!!!!!!!! his hate and ignorance knows no boundaries…again, if anyone with with double digits and above IQ reads this garbage it makes not an iota of sense!!!!

  24. Reality says

    What an idiot! I’m 26 and I’m confident I’ve accomplished more than his peabrain did at my age. He disgusts me – as does a majority of the republican party.

  25. Andy says

    How is changing your mind pathetic? I think it’s pathetic to refuse to open your mind to the possibility that gay people deserve equal treatment under the law.

  26. millerbeach says

    Is it polite to cheer as their heads explode? Oh, who gives a crap if it’s polite or not…I can’t wait for more bigots’ heads to explode! This is so much fun!

  27. New Trix says

    A 26-year old who doesn’t know anything today, still has a chance to learn.

    Bill Kristol’s future is diapers and death.

  28. Kristolnacht says

    Wasn’t Kristol a big supporter of Sarah Palin? Does that not say everything? Talk about rushing to jump on a bandwagon….

  29. Jerry6 says

    I know I am only 86, but I really do not recall the name “Bill Kristol”. What is he famous (or infamous) for? I suppose he is a Republican pundit, but I stopped voting Republican around 1980 when I finally realized that they do not care about the working class.