Letter Containing Gunpowder and Gay Marriage Threat Sent to Head of French Parliament

The head of French parliament is being terrorized over the coming gay marriage vote on Tuesday, The Local reports:

BartoloneClaude Bartolone, the Socialist president of France’s Assemblée Nationale (lower house of parliament) on Monday received a threatening letter containing gunpowder and demanding he defer a parliamentary vote, expected to definitively legalize gay marriage on Tuesday.

The one-page letter, signed by “an intermediary of law enforcement,” warns Bartolone that “our methods are more radical and more swift than protests”, according to French magazine L’Express.

The document concludes with the statement “You wanted war, and you’ve got it.”


  1. Jake says

    There is no evidence that this was from a “Christian.” The logical leaps some of you make are patently absurd and undermines any ounce of credibility you might otherwise have.

  2. Francis #1 says

    Jake, you’re right, but there is circumstantial evidence in play here, which is that hate crimes have risen over 30% in France, and all due to the marriage bill and conservative Catholics and other denominations as well as NOM stoking up the flames and telling their hateful followers to attack French gays as means to protest. At the end of the day the religious fundamentalists in France said that they were going to promote this and support these hate crimes.

    Dangerous times in France.

  3. JJ says

    Whoa, @Jake. Patently absurd? *Any* ounce of credibility? I think you may be overstating the degree of the leap people are making. Or maybe I don’t know what you mean when you say patently absurd. Perhaps you could arrange the following beliefs in order from most immanently reasonable to most patently absurd, as you see it:

    – virgin birth
    – a wooden boat that holds two of every species on earth
    – an anonymous threatening letter was simply a Christian reiterating threats that Christians have been making.


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