1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Rachel seems to have a *favored guest* status with Letterman. I wonder if she will appear more on the Tonight show after it moves to NYC.

  2. Paul R says

    Am I imagining it, or didn’t he once say some pretty cruddy things about gays? Whatever, I appreciate these comments.

  3. ratbastard says

    It’s nice of him to say. That said, I’ve found Dave to be impossible to watch for years now. He’s an incredibly cantankerous guy. Hasn’t been fun to watch for a long time.

  4. says

    Dave has always been gay-supportive. Leno, on the other hand, is known for lisping when he imitates San Francisco men.

    I love Dave’s support, of course, but it’s missing his usual erudition. “Humans have a right to do what humans do”? Even I was staring at the TV going, “That is totally a slippery slope toward marrying animals.”

  5. bobbyjoe says

    Letterman reportedly has a number of gay and lesbian staff-members, most notably Barbara Gaines, a key producer for his shows who’s pretty much been with Letterman since he started on tv.

    Dave has also hosted guests like Zach Wahls– it’s pretty clear Dave is a staunch equality ally.

  6. Hank says

    Letterman did his share of homophobic “comedy” bits back in the day. On one hand, it’s, of course, great to have him get on board in such an unequivocal way. On the other hand, there is a certain amount of revisionism going on here. It’s like no one ever was a homophobe- it never existed.

    Apparently Ronald Reagan wasn’t even a homophobe, per daughter Patti, in the interview posted on here today. Must have just been an oversight, that Pres. Reagan sat idly by for eight years, while hundreds of thousands died, and that he never uttered the word AIDS in public, until seven years into the pandemic.

    Oh, and Jodie Foster was never in the closet- who knew? When celebs kinda sorta come out now, they do it with these Orwellian assertions that they were never “in.”

    Of course it’s good that all these people are making more positive statements now, in whatever degree. But the erasure of history is also a dangerous thing.

    It makes me think of how, in Germany after WW II, there were no former Nazis. No one had ever been a Nazi.

    My spell-check is even telling me “homophobe” isn’t a word. Homophobia doesn’t exist. It never did. Welcome to reality 2.0.

  7. anon says

    The key thing would be for Letterman to get politician on his show and on the record.

  8. Francis says

    I agree, Hank. Everyone is racing to “out-accept” each other and racing to be the one that triumphantly stands up for gay rights or proclaim how accepting they are. A lot of it is PC, and for appearances. This whole mentality of everyone being so accepting today, or somehow making a positive comment regarding anything gay wipes away years of non-action (regarding politicians) or outright negativity (Ronald Reagan) is offensive. It’s about looking good and not wanting to be thought of, or think of themselves, as bigots.

    With that being said, Letterman, yeah, he’s had a few moments but really, he’s been consistently good to us. He’s a friend of the community for sure. It’s great to see him speak out like this. Hopefully he got through to some people.

  9. Thomas says

    Hank–Honestly, I hate the word “homophobia” because I feel like it lets people off the hook. People who don’t like us aren’t afraid of us or of homosexuality–they just think we’re gross and should be subjugated. Maybe homomisia would be a better word, to mean “hatred of homosexuals.”

    As for Reagan, I think being pro-marriage equality is probably compatible with his non-action about AIDS. Republicans in the 1980s were very much in the “let everyone including corporations do what they want, and don’t use government to address the consequences.” So gay marriage would be fine, but if you got AIDS then too bad. I’m not sure much revision is going on there.

    And Dave is pretty old. Except in a few districts and cities, gay people were still some politically invisible other when he was doing stand-up. We have LGBT comedians and various other forms of media now that are pretty terribly homophobic, so if Dave veered into this occasionally, I won’t hold it against him. It’s not like he was signing DOMA into law or anything. Heck, maybe Dave should geta GLAAD award.

  10. charley1107 says

    I Have loved Dave since the eighties. And to the previous poster who made comment about Dave making homophobic jokes. I believe when and if he did it was in a less enlightened time. He like the rest of us have grown and matured with age and the times (some of us more than others)and recognize that as he said “Humans have the right to do what humans do, that’s it.”

  11. target market says

    I have a distinct memory of Letterman using “and his longtime companion” as a punchline in a Top Ten list awhile back; another time I remember his saying “more fun salads” with a “gay accent”; I think he made snide homophobic remarks in that vein pretty regularly back when (1980-1990s).

    He’s very obviously matured, and then some, and I applaud him for that. He’s also seemed ahead of Leno, for a while. Leno made an unforgivable joke after “Brokeback Mountain” didn’t win the Best Picture Oscar back in 2006. Conan O’Brian’s history isn’t very good, either. Conan went to Norway and saw the name “Fagerstrom” on an apartment door, and yelled out, contemptuously, “Hey FAGerstrom!” It was **appalling.**

  12. Reality says

    I love Dave! You can actually tell that he has evolved himself, really. He used to brush this kind of stuff off, but now he knows how ridiculous it is to deny people their human right to be happy.

  13. Andy Humm says

    Letterman still tells fag jokes–as do Leno and Kimmell and Fallon and that Scottish pig Craig Ferguson on late. It’s just cheap, lazy humor. But they all think of themselves as pro-gay and open-minded.

  14. BigGuy says

    I still like the one of the top ten REJECTED Arnold Schwarzenegger movie lines, “Lets all go down to the piano bar and sing show tunes.”

  15. says

    Who is he kidding?….Dave was always snickering about gay situations and making it look like anything gay was totally scary with his facial expressions…Besides dave and Paul are both such “manly men” for sure!!!

  16. LincolnLounger says

    Glad he’s trying to help, but “humans can do what humans do” (paraphrase) doesn’t help.

    We’ve decided that humans cannot molest children legally, in spite of the NAMBLA crowd using arguments like Dave’s.

    Like I said, I’m glad he’s trying to help, but I hope Rachel or somebody coaches him on more effective means.

  17. Joanne says

    I am disappointed that David has these Liberal views, I think gay marriage is so wrong,gayness is unnatural, the gays need therapy not marriage. This is what most people really think but they won’t say it! Since when has it been wrong to believe in marriage between a man and a woman, It’s only the way our bodies are designed. Get real people!

  18. Jake says


    What are you doing here trolling a gay blog? And who is against straight marriage? No one is trying to ban straight marriage, you stupid goose. When the US lifted the ban on interracial marriage, was anyone suggesting to ban marriage between two people of the same race? The point here is equal rights.

    Not even going to comment on your spectacularly stupid comment on homosexuality being “unnatural”. XD

    And yeah, in some states most people think interracial marriage is still wrong and that black people are lesser human beings. Thankfully the state protects minorities from bigots like you and them.

  19. Acronym Jim says

    Time to play the Gish Galluping Game.

    “I am dissapointed that David has these Liberal views”

    Where have you been the last few decades?

    “I think gay marriage is so wrong”

    Your “thought” process is duly noted.

    “gayness is unnatural”

    Wrong. Google “homosexuality in nature.” Is this an example of your previously noted “thoughts?”

    “the gays need therapy”

    I agree that some gays need therapy. Just like some straights need therapy. Have you looked into it?

    “not marriage”

    Equal treatment under the law is a right, even if it’s not a “necessity.”

    “This is what most people really think but they won’t say it!”

    Wrong. Most reputable polling shows a growing majority accepting marriage equality.

    “Since when has it been wrong to believe in marriage between a man and a woman.”

    Nobody is making that argument. we’re looking for an expansion to marriage, not it’s elimination. You’re looking to limit it.

    “It’s only the way our bodies are designed.”

    My lovely, lovely, prostate gland was designed to be best stimulated from the inside. Another argument failure.

    “Get real people.”

    I would say the same to you since you have an apparently skewed view of reality. Again, have you considered therapy? It can help.

    Thanks for playing the Gish Galluping Game. But nobody goes away a loser. You’ve won a nice reality check. Spend it wisely.

  20. Ryan says

    We have to remember that for many heterosexuals being born straight was the only thing they had going for them in the world. Now with society changing insecure straights are bound to feel somewhat diminished in the same way that poor whites felt when racial segregation ended in the South.

  21. Michael says

    @Joanne…I bet that my cock would slip right inside your husband’s ass, as designed.

  22. Goal says

    I’d have more respect for Rachel if she told us what exactly she does with another woman. Then I’d feel better about what we are “supporting” Otherwise she should stick to Field Hockey and grooming horses.

  23. Sharp says

    Letterman doesn’t care about gays. He’s just venting about getting caught with one of his staff years ago. Sexual shame is his game.

  24. Acronym Jim says


    I can tell you fairly closely what Rachel Maddow does with the woman she loves.

    She shares her life, love, dreams, aspirations, frustrations,tribulations, vacations, family, stories from work,stories from her commute TO work, and just about aspect her daily life.

    She also argues with, cries with and over, and gets angry at the person she loves.

    And I’ve little doubt her partner does the same with her.

    You know, exactly like a “traditional” marriage.

    You’re welcome.

  25. Mary says

    Poor Joanne! Acronym Jim is really wiping the floor with her. Now wait till Kiwi starts in……!

    Joanne, let me tell you from experience that if you plan to stay on Towleroad your views on gay rights will become more liberal. Either that or you’ll be hounded off the board with insults. I don’t envy you since I’ve been where you are. Try to warm up to the idea of gay rights. It’s happening.

  26. Acronym Jim says

    Thanks Mary?

    But to be clear, I wasn’t wiping the floor with her. I was just cleaning up her detritus.

  27. Sharp says

    @Jim But if she didn’t do the “one thing” or “those things” they wouldn’t be together would they?

  28. Acronym Jim says

    Sharp, are you responding to my reply to “Goal?”

    If so, read it again. The crux is that gay relationships are no different than straight relationships when it comes to the things that really matter.

    Unless, of course, if the thing that really matters to you is the cheap thrill of the fantasy that doesn’t really apply to you…

  29. ty says

    Joanne did it ever occur to you that we find straight relationships unnatural? Think about it. We relate best to members of our own sex because we are familiar with their reactions, their bodies, their attitudes, etc…
    To stray off course to a whole other sex is just plain odd to us, but we put up with it because they are our parents and siblings some times….