LSU Football Player Alfred Blue Apologizes for Saying Gays Can’t Play Because They’re Sissies

On Thursday, the Louisiana State University paper The Dailly Reveille published a story on gays in football and asked several of its players what they thought of having an openly gay teammate, making this note:

The topic of openly gay athletes in football is so taboo, the LSU Athletic Department would not allow players to be asked questions on the topic before they were properly prepped for the interview.

BlueWell, apparently they didn't prep running back Alfred Blue, who said this:

“Football is supposed to be this violent sport — this aggressive sport that grown men are supposed to play. Ain’t no little boys out here between them lines. So if you gay, we look at you as a sissy. You know? Like, how you going to say you can do what we do and you want a man?”

So late Friday an apology from Blue was forthcoming:

I understand that my comments may have sounded insensitive to those who read the Reveille article on Friday. I in no way meant to belittle any person’s way of life and feel that everyone deserves a chance to become whatever they want to be. One of my comments that was left out of Friday’s article shows this. I told the reporter that if any person can help to contribute to the team, then that is the bottom line.

I apologize if anyone was hurt by my comments and also to everyone that I may have let down.


  1. james says

    Ahhh, the non-apology. “I understand that my comments MAY HAVE SOUNDED insensitive to those who read the Reveille article on Friday.”

    He’s probably on the DL anyway.

  2. Francis #1 says

    It says a lot these guys were prepped to give PC answers and yet and still, at least with this Alfred Blue character, could not refrain themselves from spewing homophobic nonsense. The other responses weren’t too great either.

    And yet and still people think that the culture in football is ready for an out player. I don’t think so.

  3. Leaundra says

    His comment is stupid anyways because there are already guys that are gay in the NFL(college too). Just because we don’t know who doesn’t mean they’re not there. Guys that would knock his but all over the field if he ever makes it to the NFL.

  4. Jack says

    You guys have it all wrong. This is how progress manifests. Something ignorant is said — but the main thing is it now gets reported, goes nationwide in an instant and there’s a loud response, which NEVER would have happened before. Then the ignorant person is forced to retreat, having learned, at the very least, that things have changed. WELCOME this process, dudes, welcome it!

  5. nick says

    Alfred- just a little over 40 years ago the fine folks in Baton Rouge and all over the Southeastern Conference thought you and your fellow African-Americans were not only too stupid to enroll in their lily-white university but they didn’t tolerate a non-white playing on their teams. It hasn’t been that long….
    Good to know that you have a breathtakingly ability to not connect the dots…..

  6. says

    Worst. Apology. Ever.

    please, gurl. we f**k other men. our sex is a contact sport. dunce.

    that said, it’s like a way-dumber version of Leslie Ann Warren’s “Are ya suuure, you’re gayy?’re so ATTRACTIVE!”


  7. Francis #1 says

    We’re still the only group to make blatant hateful comments about and not get torched. We’re still not recognized and valued as fully human.

    The problem with the football culture is that there are guys like Blue on every single NCAA/NFL team in the league. Every single team. That’s what’s going to make it really hard for someone to come out. There’s a lot of conditional tolerance, “as long as he helps me/team win” or “as long as he doesn’t try to hit on me”. There’s a lot of conditional tolerance, but there is a lack of acceptance. It’s sad but that’s where we’re at. These constant hate comments just expose the disease that’s within football culture in regards to homophobia.

  8. Francis #1 says

    That only goes so far, Jack. It only goes so far. When anyone and their grandmother feel completely OK with slandering you and your community then that speaks wonders. Making a fake apology doesn’t change that. Yes, it does mean on the surface, flagrant homophobia isn’t acceptable. But underneath the surface, it’s still there and it’s still palpable.

  9. Alex Parrish says

    I’m beginning to think that the first course any college (or high school) should offer is “Apology 101.” I am so f*in sick of hearing and reading pseudo-apologies with “If anyone was offended” and other qualifying language. THAT IS NOT AN APOLOGY asshat!

    Pseudo-apology NOT accepted.

  10. Mary says

    I think Jack said it best. But there is something bizarre about people who begin an “apology” with “I’m sorry if you were offended.” If you say something wrong you should apologize for HAVING SAID IT, not for the fact that there were consequences. Otherwise what you’re really doing is saying to yourself “I’m sorry I got caught.” On the plus side, though, young people are learning quickly today that homophobia is not to be expressed openly. This can only speed up the march toward equality.

  11. Mary says

    “Another dumb negro. I haaate these people. Why are they so uneducated and dumb?”

    Of course, Kiwi is just saying this for effect – to show how wrong it would be for him to show the same prejudice toward blacks that Mr. Blue showed toward gays.

  12. Rick says

    “But sissy is still that one word that stings the most.”

    Generally speaking, it IS the truth that tends to sting people the most. Precisely why I generate such hostility on this site for pointing out, as this example demonstrates yet again, that the real issue for most men when it comes to gay men is effeminacy, not homosexuality, per se. And that gay men will NEVER be truly accepted or embraced as long as the majority of them behave effeminately, refuse to embrace masculine values, and idolize women instead of men.

    Those of you who say this apology was insincere are right. It WAS insincere. His original statement was just an honest stream-of-consciousness that reflects the views not only of the vast majority of footballl players, but the vast majority of straight men, as well, even those who are outwardly “tolerant.

    Society will NEVER respect men who are effeminate and cowardly. NEVER. It cannot afford to do so.

    And until you all learn that lesson and focus your attention on eradicating homophobia rather than pursuing a futile attempt to undermine masculine values (even as you worship masculine men), then nothing of significance will ever change, no matter how many laws are passed and no matter how many insincere “apologies” like this are offered.

  13. Don says

    This guy is a moron. (disused term for a person with a mental age between 8 and 12, and a common insult for a person considered stupid (or just a generic insult)

  14. Rick says

    “His comment is stupid anyways because there are already guys that are gay in the NFL(college too). Just because we don’t know who doesn’t mean they’re not there. Guys that would knock his but all over the field if he ever makes it to the NFL.”

    It may not mean they are not there, but if none of them have any desire to identify as “gay” (as seems to be the case), it is almost certainly for the same reason most straight men would have no desire to….namely, because they don’t want to associate with a “gay” culture that is anti-masculinity and that promotes “gender-non-conformity”.

    What some of you don’t seem to be able to grasp is that most gay men who would play football or engage in other masculine activities pretty much share the masculine values that their straight teammates/peers do….and are therefore as likely to be contemptuous towards a grown man parading around in high heels and mascara or referring to other men as “Honey” or “gurl” as two individuals in this thread have already done.

    The NIKE endorsement offer will tell us a lot. If nobody takes them up on it, we will know why….and it won’t have anything to do with straight people or their fear of them.

  15. Joel says

    Ah, yes, it wouldn’t be an article on homophobia without Rick presenting his usual brand of nonsense about masculinity and effeminacy. The same sort of person whose online profiles no doubt read, “Not out. Discreet. Masc4masc. Str8-acting.” Except of course he misspells “discreet” as “discrete”.

    Self-loathing much?

  16. Jerry Jones says

    Little Kiwi. I don’t understand what you’re saying . Please clarify which “these people” you are referring to. You’ve made a broad swipe at black Americans or footballers – which is it. Those words really sting. Like when another gay dude compliments you on looking “straight”. What are people here and those who read you blog to think?

  17. Travis says

    Rick, how ironic that you call men with a feminine demeanor cowardly. They are among the most visible in our community and have been fighting for equality, yours included, for the longest time, going all the way back to Stonewall and before. They are the bravest souls we have in our community. Along with the masculine lesbians and the transgender community, they have more cajones in their little pinkies than you will ever have in your whole craven body.

  18. Kim says

    The reason this guy associates being Gay with sissy or feminine man is because more than likely the only openly Gay men he knows are not masculine .The masculine or straight acting guys are acting like they are straight. He is young and ignorant.I just heard a similar comment from a neighbor of mine.He happens to be White but also young and ignorant.

  19. Rick says

    “Rick, how ironic that you call men with a feminine demeanor cowardly…….They are the bravest souls we have in our community”

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Let me guess. When confronted physically by a straight man, you either a) run, b) cry, c) whimperingly ask him not to hurt you, d) try to find a woman to hide behind, or e) let him beat the crap out of you without even trying to defend myself and then complain about being “bullied”. And you do this despite the fact that you are buff and in shape and are therefore perfectly capable of defending yourself.


    But don’t let anybody tell you you aren’t a coward and are, instead, a “brave” soul…..and that you will be respected as such, despite your behavior.


  20. says

    As a combat veteran, what I find most laughable (I know, he presents a banquet of laughability from which to choose) is his mindset that football is too dangerous a sport for LGBTs. It is not combat, where many of our brothers and sisters have fought and died. It is not law enforcement, where many of our brothers and sisters have fallen in the line of duty. It is not firefighting, where many of our brothers and sisters have died for their communities. All three of those (military, LEO, firefighters) spend far more time in close and often undressed contact with other people than football players do.

    Hell, it ain’t even Bingham Cup rugby.

  21. says

    @ “Jerry Jones” – anyone who reads my blog knows I didn’t write that. it was, drumroll please, one of the site’s anonymous trolling cowards. possibly you.

    you can write whatever racist bigoted crap you want under my name. a simple click to the blog link that the troll provided would make it pretty darn clear that fighting racism is one of my raison d’etre(s).

    so hey, no skin off my back. keep it up troll, won’t actually affect me. post whatever you like under my name. every time you link folks to my blog you show that you’ve gotta lie about me because you can’t tell the truth about yourself.

    but hey, for those with no lives or spines, i suppose trying to lash out at me is all you have to live for.

    *elegant curtsy*

  22. says

    “Ain’t no little boys out here between them lines”? “So if you gay…”?! How about he spends less time worrying about possible gay players & more time learning proper English, so he doesn’t sound like less of a Cro-Magnon moron and his better prepared for the likelihood that after LSU, he’ll need a regular job outside the NFL, like the overwhelming number of former NCAA college football players?

  23. says

    apologies are funny things. it’s like when a bigot makes some comment about “F@ggots are disgusting and should be killed” and then *apologizes* by saying “I’m sorry for my use of the word f@ggot.”

    as for RICK, HA! folks, don’t engage him in dicussion – ask him instead to verify that he’s UltraMan as he claims to be. will he provide proof of his empowered gay masculinity? no. why? because cowards can’t, and won’t.

    so rest easy. it’s hatred in a vacuum.

  24. says

    @Joel – “discrete” makes me laugh out loud.

    oh words. wrong wrong words.

    “masc discrete str8acting, chill, laid back, no drama, down to earth”

    yeah. you show me a chill laid-back closet-case and i’ll show you a unicorn. they’re the most uptight, insecure, nervous folks on the planet.

  25. Travis says

    Well, Rick, you know nothing about me, but you paint yourself quite well with all the hatred you spew. I could care less what you think of me. Oh well, I shouldn’t have fed you…Little Kiwi is right. You will die a lonely, self-loathing, bitter little queen, irrespective of your masculinity or lack thereof.

  26. says

    Travis – it’s the trolls game. Try this, ask the “effeminacy haters” to put a face to their comments, to show that they’re Living the Gay Example they demand from others.

    They’ll ignore you, and run away. Every time.

    Which is why they’re so upset – the “fems” they’ve learned to loathe are, to use their own language, more Man than they’ll ever be. They’re Out, they’re Proud, they’re unafraid of what bigots think.

    if the effeminacy-hates believed a word they type on here, every day, they’d be putting a bold face and name to their words – to live as examples. But they don’t, because they can’t.

    and they never will.

  27. Ryan says

    “May have,” “if any person,” “may have” AGAIN?!?

    This person has not apologized, he’s insulted us again. If LSU wants to demonstrate its tolerance, they’ll bench his ass for at least a full game and until he apologizes again, this time for real. I’m only that lenient because he’s clearly a dumb teenager/early 20 something and can hopefully learn from this – if disciplined, so he’s shown the consequences to homophobia.

  28. litper says

    I agree with Rick. It’s because of feminine queens, the coming out is so hard for ordinary gay guys. The queens are fighting for their queen rights and not same-sex oriented people. I actually think they’re not even gay. What gay man would want to be a woman? Isn’t woman the most turn-off for a gay man?

  29. says

    then you “ordinary gay guys” should have freakin’ come out first, wimp.

    don’t be upset that the people you’ve been conditioned to hate have more strength and confidence than you do.

    you can’t sit there at your computer like a total coward and be upset that other gay men aren’t as scared of Straight People as you are.

    learn something from the “feminine queens” that you hate – learn how to live without fear. it’s not their fault they’re stronger than you.

  30. litper says

    When ordinary gay guys become visible u instantly start bashing them as homophobic (apparently because they’re… uhm… gay – they don’t like pussy and don’t want to have one unlike queens)

  31. jjose712 says

    Rick: So instead of educate people to respect each other with all their differences, your brilliant answer is to ask effeminate gays to change their natural ways to fit in a very tired mold.
    No thanks.

    I’m not effeminate, and i’m not attracted to effeminate guys, but everyone has the right to be who they are, and frankly, the obsession with masculinity of american guys is utterly ridiculous.

    By the way, the Stonewall movement started thanks to a bunch of drag queens, so i wouldn’t say being effeminate equates to be a coward in any way

  32. matt says

    So, somehow, between Thursday and Friday he obtained a basic grasp of grammar.

    Sorry but I’ll take the educated sissy tag any day over the dumb ass n…..

  33. says

    i don’t know any “ordinary gay guys” who harbour any form of disdain for “fems” or “queens” – only insecure wimps who are scared of straight people hate on “fems” and “queens”

    real men don’t give a whit what someone else thinks.

  34. Rick says

    “Rick: So instead of educate people to respect each other with all their differences, your brilliant answer is to ask effeminate gays to change their natural ways to fit in a very tired mold”

    More fodder, more lies. There is nothing natural about effeminacy in men. If there were, you would see some straight guys referring to other men as “Honey” or “Girl”, too, wouldn’t you?

    But you don’t.

    No, you only see some (not all) gay men doing it, which tells you that it is all affected, UN-natural behavior that comes from having internalized the idea that male homosexuality equates to lack of masculinity.

    Effeminate gay men are nothing but psychologically-damaged people with extremely low self-esteem……the most telling evidence of which is that they WORSHIP and lust after the most masculine men, seeking confirmation of their own inferiority by doing so. Nothing titillates them sexually more than being debased.

    And no amount of attempts to “educate” anybody are going to change that truth, any more than such attempts will ever result in straight men respecting cowardly men who have so little self-respect that they are willing to let other men push them around and humiliate them.

    You are beating your head against a brick wall and the only result of that will be that you bloody that head even further.

  35. says

    former NHL Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke marches with us, too.

    He’s straight. And in pro-sports. And yeah, marches with us.

    You lie from a place of cowardly anonymity, RICK, and it’s adorable how you only communicate with me via your alter-egos, not yourself.

    you really should just end your life. you’ve failed in this one 😀

  36. Bob R says

    LSU should apologize for allowing this illiterate excuse for a college student to represent the university with his slovenly, Ebonics laced speech patterns and sentence structure. Yessir, he be just a fine specimen of modern American university education. I bet he know what’s in every book in the library. Words!

    I very much doubt this young man wrote that apology, it reads more like something the university’s PR department penned. I hope he makes the NFL, otherwise his “education” will earn him a job pushing burgers and fries at the local Micky D’s. Shame on him, but more shame should be heaped on LSU.

  37. andrew says

    “Ain’t no little boys out there between them lines” He owes all of the teachers and professors who have tried to teach him proper English an apology

  38. Rick says

    “LSU should apologize for allowing this illiterate excuse for a college student to represent the university with his slovenly, Ebonics laced speech patterns and sentence structure”

    LOL. If you knew anything about Louisiana, you would know that NOTHING matters more to people there than winning football games. NOTHING. NOT ANYTHING. NOTHING AT ALL.

    The upshot of which is that anybody who facilitates the winning of football games is absolutely off-limits in terms of discipline of any kind, UNLESS they break the law…and even then, every string imaginable will be pulled and bribes paid to get them off the hook……

  39. Niebuhr says

    Congratz, Towleroad. You have the most stupid, ignorant hateful people commenting I’ve EVER seen on ANY Gay blog.

    You must be so very proud, Andy. Look what you’ve created. And then look what you allow to take place in the comment section.

    Pure win for you. Not.

    So very sad.

  40. NullNaught says

    Why make someone apologize for saying what he clearly believes? He is merely stating out loud what most of the straight players and almost all of the fans think.
    Beyond that, however, consider: just because gays can’t play openly, why does that mean we should want to? Why not take this opportunity to end sports altogether? Wouldn’t that be smartest, anyway, because sports, just barely behind religion, has been the second most destructive influence on this culture. It is really time for the barbaric custom to go.

  41. John says

    It appears that the NFL may one day become gay friendly when 95% of their African American players leave the team. Countless anti gay slurs from NFL members in the past 6 months and ALL have been African American players. The pro Gay marriage guy from Baltimore with a name like Ayandebejo seems to be the only exception and he is only half black.

  42. John says

    A correction: actually LSU is not in the NFL, but it is from players like these that future NFL team members come from. The reason so many black gay guys are on the down low is because of the rampant homophobia among African American men.

  43. says

    Rick…your anti fem commentary has hit an all time low. These rants by you were truly disgusting. I want to support my gay fem brothers more than ever before knowing the prejudice scum like you who have it out for them. Get help you creep.

  44. says

    Null, as a gay man who REALLY enjoys some sports (golf/bowling, things that might not be at the *top* of the heap in colleges, but still get their share of respect), I take SERIOUS umbrage to your statement, and hope you were being facetious! I don’t see golfers, bowlers, tennis players, and the like acting as “barbaric” as you claim.

    To go the opposite direction (and to be just as absurd, if not more), why don’t we end theatre and choir, since that might just put us in a bad light with the heterosupremacists? See how I can turn that argument? >_<

  45. Dave says

    And as usual, the comment is in barely literate English from the un-educated sports person. They get into college as fodder for the money-making machine that is college football; they survive by buying reports online, or by having a professor fix their scores under duress from the college management. They are incapable of stringing more than a few words together into a coherent thought.

    Then along comes the apology, in well-polished English, worthy of the communications hack that wrote it. Totally meaningless; their real thought (such as it is) is contained in the original comment.

  46. DannyEastVillage says

    i must say poor Rick’s therapist has his work cut out for him. Or he’s got a gold-mine in his pocket. Tell you this: I’d give a pretty penny to meet that cowardly little pr/ck. And I’d LOVE for the drag queens who made Stonewall happen have a few minutes with his useless, deluded arse.

  47. DannyEastVillage says

    Poor Rick – he’s the slave of sensibilities around masculinity that were imposed on him by a homophobic world, and he hasn’t the brains or insight to see it. He’s the suffering slave to other people’s ideas of himself. And no matter how much krap he talks about masculinity or femininity, he can’t escape the fact that he’s gay. He’s NOT what the homophobe tells him he “should” be. And all the drivel he spouts here is his futile attempt to negotiate that unlivable world he has created for himself. Tragic, but with the way he knuckles under it’s not easy to feel sorry for him.

  48. JT says

    I agree with Chris regarding the game of football. They’re a bunch of sissies compared to their gay counterparts playing rugby. There. I said it. No apology forthcoming.
    Too bad the school had to write Mr. Blue’s apology for him as he cannot write a complete sentence himself. Just axe him.

  49. DC Arnold says

    People, people consider the source! How often are athletes rendering opinions are paid attention to other than Magic Johnson? The misguided soul is only spouting what he is taught in his neighborhood and current dorm apartment. Where are white athletes anyway?

  50. Fenrox says

    Oddly close to a real apology. You know, this article makes me think that we as the “to-be-offended party” should allow football players to say some stupid things without consequence, but with mediation and dialogue to you know, fix their views. At the same time they need to stop treating them all as hate-filled morons, people tend to become what is expected of them. I don’t think any of these guys are lost causes.

  51. Zeta says

    “No, you only see some (not all) gay men doing it, which tells you that it is all affected, UN-natural behavior that comes from having internalized the idea that male homosexuality equates to lack of masculinity.”

    Rick may have a point here.

  52. Zeta says

    “Who cares what some schvazz has to say?
    posted by: David Hearne”

    Given how this site treats men of color and news of gay men of color — not Towleroad. And that’s in general.

    Also, some of the comments for this article have not-subtle-at-all undercurrents of racism. Thank you for being out front, though.

  53. Walt says

    I will echo the comments that there is no way this illiterate wrote that apology. Every time one of these college athletes with their third grade language skills has to retract what you know is their true feelings on the subject, we get the administration’s eloquently worded apology. How stupid do they think we are?

  54. sword says

    When I attended LSU, the athletes were so non-macho that they had to have air-conditioned dorms. In NYC, they would have been called effete snobs.

  55. Sean Kirkpatrick says

    Compare the two statements. It is clear the first was his, and the 2nd was drafted by his PR rep. I wonder if we can play the same game? Say something offensive to him, then have someone else on retainer apologize for if he “may” have been offended.

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