1. says

    “Ding dong the witch is dead the wicked witch is dead!”

    Repeat as many times as necessary as vocal counter-point to the main marche funebre accompanying Margaret to her well-deserved grave. Maybe chanted, too, in three-part harmony! O joy!

  2. anon says

    I’m not convinced that if she were a man she’d have inspired this much antipathy. I suspect that women, not being feared as much as men are in general, are subject to more acts of visceral protest because the protesters don’t have to be as brave.

  3. David Hearne says

    Yes, let’s judge all that Margaret Thatcher was and did by her position on gay rights. After all, she was the only one who wasn’t supportive, right? All the Democrats of equal status were behind total equality for gay people back then. That’s why equal rights for gay people were made the law of the land when Congress was controlled by Democrats, right?

    In 1977 Congress was veto-proof Democratic. Were gay rights made the law of the land? No.

    In 1979 Congress after the national march on Washington, Democrats still controlled the Congress, and yet there were no major leaps forward in gay rights, were there?

    How about 1993?

    Let’s talk about 2009 and our Lord Obama. We get tossed the bone of DADT repeal, an act which actually affected very few people but was important nonetheless. However, our Democratic Congress and Lord Obama didn’t think to order the military to treat gay couples equal to straight couples or to repeal DOMA while they were at it.

    You people look for heros. Intelligent people look for servants.

  4. ratbastard says

    It’s the woman’s funeral. Funerals should not be protested. It just looks very childish and petty. It’s an easy but vulgar way of making a point. I know she didn’t give an F when those Irish hunger strikers died in prison. Two wrongs don’t make a right. More gracious responses would go a long way. Kill them with kindness.

  5. David Hearne says

    It’s important to remember exactly who the players were/are in Northern Ireland. It has zero to do with Catholic v Protestant, these are simply identifiers chosen largely because the IRA could hardly identify themselves as intrinsically Irish and the people of Northern Ireland of English and Scottish ancestry as well as Irish ancestry and now in their 20th generation as non-irish.

    Moreover it’s ridiculous for the IRA to identify as Catholic when they despise the Catholic church hierarchy and denounce it as a political tool of the rich. Oh, did someone mention that the “Free Northern Ireland” crowd are communists? Yes they are.

    And did anyone mention that a popular vote has been taken twice and each time the people of Northern Ireland voted to remain in the UK?

    How about the lie that Irish school children are denied their heritage and the (useless) Irish language? The UK spends almost as much per capita catering to these idiots as we do teaching supposedly American children in 23 foreign languages.

    Liberals are a curious race. If they didn’t have the third world refilling their ranks they would have died off of stupidity.

  6. JONES says

    Never been a fan of Thatcher but I agree that protesting at a funeral is out of my comfort level.

    As a civil servant history will show her lacking … she will forever be associated with Section 28. This legislation she championed did nothing to advance society but instead did a tremendous amount of harm to a specific minority group. She had to have known this and that she takes to her grave.

  7. graphicjack says

    I don’t judge Thatcher better or worse because she was a woman. I hated Reagan and Mulroney in Canada just as much. I agree that protesting the funeral is in bad taste… no better than the Westboro Baptists, if you think about it. But should she have had a $10M funeral attended by the Queen and Prince Philip? No way. Let he fade into obscurity… she deserves no more attention from us.

  8. David Hearne says

    Countries which do not honor their past leaders, which allow the hindsight of dilettantes to write history, are the countries which produce little of lasting value. Rome was ruled by wise men, tyrants, warriors, weaklings, coalitions and dictators. They built buildings and sculptures to the greatness of their nation under its rulers, not to the ruler himself but as a metaphor for the nation.

    Margaret Thatcher is worthy of a state funeral and a statue.

  9. Gavin says

    The British establishment spending $20 million tax dollars on the funeral for the “the Iron Lady” is one final kick in the teeth to the working people of Britain. What a disgraceful outrage at a time when the conservative government of so-called “austerity Britain” is cutting aid to pensioners and the disabled.

  10. JONES says

    My preference is for the dilettante over official historical biographies most of the time.
    Official biographers often have no control over content. It’s often far more revealing to hear from those a leaders policies did harm to than from those that they benefited.

  11. David Hearne says

    Jones, Do you have any idea of the pure bull being taught in our schools? Start with Afrocentrism and work your way down to Howard Zinn and Noel Ignatiev.

  12. JONES says

    @David Hearne

    Your racist right face is showing. African American contributions has a prominent place in any full American History study. As does the importance of the common working mans right to organize. You may not want to hear it but the building of America was not nearly about the giants of capitalism and the ‘white’ sanitized versions of history that you’ve been taught.

    The correct phrase is ‘we built it.’

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “They built buildings and sculptures to the greatness of their nation under its rulers, not to the ruler himself but as a metaphor for the nation.”

    So, you want Germany to have a “Hitler’s Birthday” celebration and observance every year?

  14. David Hearne says

    Jones – INcluding the contributions of black people and the body of Afrocentrism is not the same thing at all. Afrocentrism to borrow from Mary Lefkowitz, is an excuse to teach mythology as fact. Howard Zinn and Noel Ignatiev are indefensible.

  15. David Hearne says

    Derrick – That would be better than trying to erase him from history or teach the German people that they should experience some special kind of shame for his having ruled the nation. The difference between European dictators and Third World dictators is that no one expects better of the Third World mudhutters.

  16. JONES says

    @David Hearne

    So teaching mythology as fact … are you also decrying religious studies in education ?? Are you as vehemently opposed to teaching Christianity in the American education system ?

    I’ll take Zinn over Buckley anytime.

    ‘The difference between European dictators and Third World dictators is that no one expects better of the Third World mudhutters.’ This is your racist white privileged face showing again.

  17. David Hearne gives awful sloppy head says

    Boy Miss David

    You really give meaning to diversity in the LGTBQ community by being a racist nut. Reading hateful rants from you is funny and yet sad at the same time.

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