1. mike/ says

    the “Assembly of Rivers of Living Water?” i thought Agua Viva was a cheap mens cologne? oh, wait! that’s Agua Velva which, btw, has no meaning whatsoever…

  2. JONES says

    Hard to believe that anyone would be protesting LGBT marriage equality and still say “We are not against anyone’s rights.”

    How does one function in a daily existence with a mind that fractured?

  3. Eddie says

    “We are in favor of [peoples’ rights] as prescribed by God,”

    In other words, we get to decide who has rights and who doesn’t based on our personal interpretation of a book written by some Middle Eastern guys thousands of years ago.

    Just once I’d like to hear a religious person admit that their “God” could possibly be a figment of someones imagination. Since no one have ever provided any proof of the things existence shouldn’t they at least allow for that possibility and not constantly attempt to create a world where only their belief is accepted?

  4. PAUL B. says

    I don’t like hearing these words come out of my mouth but if I don’t ask…I’ll bust. Were any of these god freaks even born in this country and what do they eat? Madre de dios…they’re ugly as sin….and I mean real sin.

  5. Leroy Laflamme says

    One man, one woman – per marriage, presumably. But, how many marriages? They claim to consider the institution of marriage sacred, yet they condone divorce, marriage vows notwithstanding. Ugh.

  6. Will says

    Those anti-gay protesters are pathetic and their signs suck…I like how colorful the pro gay signs are

  7. Icebloo says

    Did anyone else notice the majority of the protestors against gay marriage are latino ?

  8. David Hearne says

    Icebloo – How do you know that? People in the midwest rut randomly and have generated a genetic slurry rendering such identities impossible to make photographically.

  9. j leo says

    “We are in favor of [peoples’ rights] as prescribed by God,”

    He is undoubtedly in the wrong country. Our rights are not nor have they ever been determined by anyone’s gods.

  10. JG says

    I wonder who will ask that big guy in the blue shirt and baseball cap, holding the equality banner, for his hand in marriage?

  11. PAUL B. says

    Sometimes…big & sweet is delicious JG. Like with strawberries.
    When ugly is right under the skin though…well, I think you know what I mean.

  12. Bryan says

    I’m increasingly disturbed by the behavior of LGBTQ people during demonstrations. The pursuit of freedom and equality doesn’t justify bad behavior and public discourse is not reality TV.

    Our indulgence in ad hominem attacks, threatening behavior, screaming in our opponent’s faces, and smug, witless, shrill righteousness have rendered us all but indistinguishable from our enemies.

    Particularly with regard to marriage equality, we seem to have no concept of being gracious winners. I don’t respect anger. I respect wit, dignity, and compassion.

  13. ty says

    Bryan- I think shrill anger is fine when you pay twice the taxes of straights and get half the write-offs. Also since we don’t all reproduce, we are paying for their kids education !! not cool.

  14. mike says

    The majority of Latinos support marriage equality; it’s the far right religious crowd that doesn’t. That cohort includes Anglos, Latinos, African Americans and any other ethnic group that identifies as religious fundamentalists. It does no one any good to indulge in lazy ethnic stereotyping – just as the gay community wishes to be respected we must be equally respectful.

  15. says

    Icebloo — Maybe that’s because one of the leaders of the demonstration is the pastor of a Latino church? You think there might be a connection of some sort?

  16. Jon says

    I love the cognitive dissonance required to claim “We are in favor of peoples rights as prescribed by god” I’m an atheist and stupid superstitution means SQUAT to me. Screw you, Jesus freaks.

  17. James says

    Oh cool people demonstrating to keep my rights away from me who are in this country and can’t even speak English. How many of them are even US citizens. RIDICULOUS!

  18. Pigs says

    I agree with Icebloo and James – most of them seem like Hispanics, and yeah, I bet half of them aren’t even here legally. They don’t have any business protesting in our country.

  19. Al says

    I’m a hardcore liberal and democrat, black, and not coming from a place of prejudice but factual observations. Knowing that the evangelical movement in the U.S will get a HUGE boost with the acceleration of millions of undocumented immigrants, mostly from heavily Catholic Latino nations, makes me nervous at best and frustrated at worst. We already have enough anti-gay ignorance in this country. We now have to deal with folks moving here and demanding our countries constitution be abolished and us conform to the customs and religious extremism of some parts they came from.

  20. USC Trojans Fan says

    @ Al
    I feel you and it’s why I hope more and more states legalize marriage equality before the 13 million illegal immigrants are granted citizenship. I say this from a practical stand point having lived and worked in predominantly Hispanic immigrant communities. Hard working folks, amazing cultures, but a strict machismo mentality coupled with strict Catholic upbringings makes for some pretty homophobic view points. People around me can’t always tell I’m gay, and because I speak fluent Spanish, I get the unfiltered views on many Latino associates and acquaintances around me and it’s often not pleasant at all. Marriage is a huge discomfort for them. So I view the path to citizenship for 13 million new illegal immigrants as a whole new uphill battle for gay rights. Which is very unfortunate it has to be that way, but you can thank the Catholic Church.

  21. JamMax says

    If I were there and a reporter I’d straight up ask all them people protesting:

    “Now tell me, what’s your views on illegal immigration and amnesty?”

    See how the tune changes and suddenly they all for “equal rights forimmigration”

    and before anyone dares call me a racist, born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico with Dominican Dad. I grew up with this bull hypocrisy all my life. Cousins having sex and pregnant out of wedlock didn’t get jack heat for it by family. Yet I introduce the family to my boyfriend of 6 years and all my cousins and aunts say they don’t want me to be around their kids anymore. Bull!

  22. Rhode Island Parent says

    Uhh I live in Rhode Island. 95% of our anti gay protests were organized by Latinos and attended IN MASS by Latinos. And they were some of the most intolerant people I have ever come across in that hall. They would yell profanity, laugh at us, curse, some threatened violence. And it has nothing to do with religion otherwise divorce and teen pregnancy wouldn’t be a right of passage in said communities. It’s machismo.

  23. Duration & Convexity says

    I mean we can be politically correct and not confront the cultural and national landscape of our growing Hispanic population in our nation, or we can get real about it. I choose to get real about it.

    There’s two realities here that don’t need to intersect one another. One is that in a vast majority of anti-marriage equality and anti-gay rights protest, an overwhelming number of the crowd IS Latino. It’s silly and ridiculous to demand people not notice that.

    It’s relevant to notice that fact, if not vital for our cause so we know what to do about it. Working here in Maryland, African American and Anglo churches were very willing to engage us in dialogue and listen to our concerns. As were many Asian/Korean Christian groups as well as Jewish. The biggest obstacle we faced were in the Latino evangelical community, and as noted above, that’s a community strengthening in numbers in our nation. Pointing that fact out isn’t reckless, it’s a necessity to be mindful of that. It’s lazy not to point it out.

  24. Marcus says

    Why are they screaming in Spanish? If they want their homophobia heard shouldn’t they be screaming in English in Illinois?

    I hope every LGBT gets engaged in our rights and freedoms. We can’t let these bigots get louder than us. It’s time! Get out, get loud and speak your voice!

  25. Girl please says

    Did you see how many young moms with a gaggle of kids by their side were on the anti gay side?

    Catholics against gay marriage but FOR 50 kids per women, sex outside marriage, and 16 year old teenage mammas. Viva la Catolicos!

  26. Lipstick Diva says

    There’s another anti gay marriage rally that was organized by Latinos and attended by hundreds of Latinos in Illinois. Clip can be found on you tube. And most of the attendees were in fact in their teens and twenties.
    The more the PC crowd in the LGBT refuses to address the realities of this situation, the more we refuse to come up with strategies to resolve it. Pretending a clear divide against our rights is not present in the Latino community is only hurting us. It’s time to acknowledge it now, not when the majority of the country is Latino in a decade and we find ourselves finding a whole new emerging battle everywhere for our rights. It’ll be too late then.

  27. Moe says

    @ mike
    but it’s not stereotyping when it’s facts. Fact: the latest marriage equality poll out of California showed Caucasian Californians are 10% more in favor of same sex marriage compared to Latino Californians (66% to 56%) Non white, non Hispanic Californians also support marriage equality with an impressive 63%. I’m Armenian btw and was proud of even my community during Prop 8and their willingness to put religion aside. Those of us who were in California, especially in the Los Angeles area know which groups were most opposed. I lived in the predominately Hispanic area of East Los Angeles during Prop 8 and all you saw was “Yes on 8″ signs everywhere you went. As early as 2011, 50% of Los Angeles Latinos opposed gay marriage. They are a socially conservative block. Whether they reside in NYC, Miami, Chicago or Los Angeles.

  28. Rally4Love says

    I was at this rally and much like the Rhode Island rally, some of the non Hispanic speakers all needed a translator to translate everything in the speech in Spanish, because a majority of the crowd did not speak English. The few that did told us that we should be shipped off to our own island and how sad it is undocumented latino immigrants can’t legally come here yet gays can live here.
    I see it as the exact opposite. Our government is valiantly working to give more rights to undocumented immigrants (who, better or worse, broke the law to get here) yet can get married soon and have full equal rights, and have children who are instantly citizens, yet LGBT American citizens are treated as complete second class citizens and our government is doing very little to reverse that.

  29. tr2236 says

    I sided with Republican with this issue, How can they get the entrance so easily? I hope the republican dominated house will vote it down.

  30. millerbeach says

    Looks like most of them double-downed on the Chic-Fil-A appreciation day…and never stopped. Worry not, they all look about three months away from their first and fatal heart attack. They just might meet their maker far sooner than any of us. If hate doesn’t kill them first…

  31. tr2236 says

    Can some one explain why all polls show Latino all show favor in marriage equality but the clip demonstrates the opposite. Even PPP ( the most accurate) shows that 70% Latino favors it in Illinois. Does that mean there is huge generational discrepancy? I am really puzzled.

  32. scooternva says

    Rev. Ruiz, you’ve had your say, and you’ve made your bigoted opinions well known. Now understand this: you live in a secular democracy, and your “religious rights” have no weight when balanced against the civil rights of gay and lesbian couples who want to have a civil marriage.

    So thank you Rev. Ruiz, but we don’t need your prayers. What we do need–and more to the point, what we demand–is for you and your kind to STFU and stand aside.