1. Francis #1 says

    Doesn’t seem like he supports or is against marriage equality. He just doesn’t care either way. In a way, that makes some of his comments made in the past even more offensive because it’s clear he was just playing to his base.

  2. says

    it’s as if he’s speaking in riddles, though. you know, don’t wanna make it too clear lest his plebeian followers think he’s suddenly pro-gay. or pro-“homosexual” – since he continues to use that very specific word for a very specific reason….

  3. HadenoughBS says

    These are not what I’d call “full-throated” support of SSM and DOMA repeal. After all, he IS a Faux Noise “entertainer”. I only wonder who he’s entertaining with his recent GLBT remarks? Either way, it doesn’t make any difference because our civil rights equality is coming.

  4. jamal49 says

    Bill O’Reilly is a cheap opportunist. Go ahead and research what he has said in the past when the GOP wing-nuts were in full bloom. He was against marriage equality and he supported DOMA and DADT. Your headline is deceiving. Bill O’Reilly is hardly giving a resounding endorsement. He’s punting the ball. Leave it up to the States? Hell no! That means that gay citizens will be unequal citizens in many parts of the country. Let Congress repeal DOMA? That won’t happen for a long time, frankly, not with the House in Republican control.

  5. Caliban says

    Seems to me he’s walking it back a *little,* since his original comments got the Right Wingers’ collective panties in a wad. He’s more neutral in this statement than he was before.

  6. Jay says

    If any of you actually EVER followed Bill O’Reilly and watched him regularly (as I do) you would know that he had often stated, as Glenn Beck has, that he does not feel that gay marriage would ruin institution of marriage, and that if Adam married Steve that it wouldn’t hurt them (words actually used). The only thing he ever stated against it was what the polls themselves said, when in fact, in those times, the support for gay marriage was not at all popular.

  7. says

    Jay, i know you’re a right-wing suck up with no testicles, but revisions of history don’t play well with those of us who actually have functioning brains and solid spines.

    his use of ‘homosexuals’ is not arbitrary.

    just three months ago O’Reilly blamed gays for “the war on Christmas” –

    there’s a link to it.

    he also blamed “the media” for “acceptance of gay marriage” – here’s an excerpt –
    O’Reilly: “Number one, a very well thought-out campaign by the media led by people like Ellen DeGeneres, who is right now the most popular personality in the country. And the media embraced it. And number two, the failure on the right to articulate a defense on why you shouldn’t have gay marriage. Their argument wasn’t strong enough to overwhelm the pop culture media, you should have it.”

    or from 2010 – when an ad for McDonald’s showed a son about to come out to his father, and O’Reilly compared gays to Al Qaeda –

    So, i know what you want to believe that your precious right-wingers actually support you, but they don’t. and you know it. which is why you, like the rest of your kind, cannot put a visible face to your comments.

    sorry kiddo, you got served.

    you show me a gay man who insists that O’Reilly has always been a champion for LGBT Equality and I’ll show you a boy whose spine has yet to grow.

  8. Secrets84 says

    Kiwi, do you have a life? Seriously, is this all you do with your time is rip into people on the net who don’t agree with you in the form of some arrogant pompous 1000 word essay?

    No wonder no one here likes you.

  9. says

    it’s not my fault i prove your chump-@ss wrong and you need to invent various (and always anonymous) fake screen names to vent your fury about it.

    i won’t apologize for being smarter than you.

  10. Ernst Röhm's Ghost says

    @ Secrets84
    I agree that Little Kiwi is extreme. He is a partisan of the LEFT–big time! He’s probably either a Communist or else an Anarchist. He hates the Catholic Church. He hates Republicans and businessmen. If we look back in history, a very large group of people like Kiwi were found in Spain during the Civil War (1936-1939). They burned churches, killed priests, nuns, and bishops, abolished private property, did away with money itself!, and generally tried to create a new age. Although I doubt that Kiwi is old enough to be an actual Spanish Anarchist, his views seem to descend from them.

  11. BobN says

    Bill O’Reilly is just trying to reinforce the stereotype that pro-SSM people are intolerant of “regular Americans” and dismiss them as “bible thumpers”.

    I never use that term. It’s insulting.

  12. Ernst Röhm's Ghost says

    I’d like to say a word on O’Reilly’s behalf.
    I’ve watched him on-and-off for several years. Before anyone seriously dreamt that gay marriage could actually become a reality, O’reilly struck me as being very generous to gays. I can’t cite chapter and verse as Little Kiwi did (or claimed to do), but it was always my impression that O’Reilly is pretty moderate on gay issues. I don’t get this impression about Hannity or any of the other Fox personalities. To me, O’Reilly stood out as a fair-minded moderate.

  13. Secrets84 says

    I agree, Ernst. And you don’t need to provide citations because citations are for liberals who think they’re oh-so-smart because they can back up what they say with facts.

    I agree. I also get the impression that O’Reilly supports the gays. Just like I get the impression that my republican family supports me. In between beatings.

  14. Javier says

    This is the perfect storm. He claims to support DOMA, but now is pledging for gay marriage support. The perfect f-cking HYPOCRITE! He will get attacked from the left and right… and many of us will love every minute of this!

  15. andrew says

    How is it that one of the most opinionated men in America doesn’t feel strongly, one way or another, about one of the most hotly debated issues in 21st century America?

  16. bambinoitaliano says

    Just like any wing nuts, he know how is on the wrong side of the history but was afraid to alienate his viewers that affect his bottom line. Same with Glenn Beck. Just to show that these assholes have no moral principal and will do and say anything to make a buck.

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