Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy Bringing UK’s Legendary Pinewood Film Studio to the U.S.


Britain's legendary Pinewood studio, where hundreds of well-known films including most of the James Bond films, Harry Potter, Alien, The Hobbit, and Prometheus have been shot, is making a move to the United States, opening its first major facility at a site outside of Atlanta.

CathyWho is funding the venture?

The AP reports:

The Pinewood project is a joint venture with River's Rock LLC, which is an independently managed trust of the Cathy family, according to the studio. The Cathy family is known for establishing the Chick-fil-A fast-food restaurant empire based in Atlanta. The chain last year generated both criticism and support when company president Dan Cathy made comments against same-sex marriage. The company later said it would stop funding anti-gay marriage groups.

Pinewood will maintain a 40 percent interest in the venture and will also provide sales and marketing services under the agreement. Plans call for additional construction phases that could add several more soundstages. The project also includes a vocational job skills training program to help build up the state's workforce. Georgia already has an estimated 5,000 union and non-union professionals associated with the film industry along with more than 1,000 production suppliers and support companies.

County officials say 75 companies have been in contact saying they want to locate to the site and provide industry-related services.

Chick-fil-A and Cathy's related foundation, the WinShape foundation, have not stopped funding anti-gay causes, which the AP neglects to mention.


  1. Luke says

    Give it a rest. Chick-Fil-A has benefited by the histrionics over their contributions. Lines are longer there now than they were a year ago when the controversy started. The large majority of people don’t make restaurant choices based on politics.

  2. Morris says

    The business did report an increase in sales. Which simply means the worst people in the country are getting fatter and moving closer to diabetes. So keep it up.

  3. ripper says

    Does no one here understand how the movie business works?

    This doesn’t mean that Chick-fil-a will suddenly begin producing movies, anti-gay or otherwise. Pinewood Studios licenses its lot space to movie and television producers like Warner Bros. or whoever. It is highly unlikely that the Cathy family will have any input on the movies made there.

    And yes, Ratbastard, because you never seem to know anything about anything, Atlanta has become quite a hot spot for filmmaking since Georgia started offering huge tax breaks to production companies. It’s also the home of Tyler Perry. The movie biz is one of the few sections of Georgia’s economy that is booming.

  4. Graphicjack says

    Oh, goodie… Can we expect movies on Creationism and KKKristianity? A remake of the Ten Commandments starring Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin, with a special appearance by Tony Perkins as Gawd? Lol

  5. Duration & Convexity says

    More Christian propaganda flicks all because a whore named Mary who had sex outside marriage and made up a bull-sheeeyeeetttt story to protect her whoring ass….and now we’re stuck with this man made religious crap.

    Thanks Mary!

  6. Jordan says

    @ Luke
    Uhh no, the Chik Fil A near our house just closed. Nice try xtian Taliban, but you all are losing the culture war. FRANCE, NEW ZEALND, URUGUAY, DELAWARE,RHODE ISLAND…NOW WHAT B*TCH? How does the smell of defeat feel?

  7. Jimmy says

    Good. You all will die of cancer or heart attacks soon. Keep eating those fried fatty foods and fries. Enjoy it. Just shaving more years off your life :) and I say that with a huge smile. Be sure to order extra large now.

  8. Klien-Los Feliz says

    In larger cities their business has actually plummeted. The Hollywood location is not doing well, and I know this as a good friend is friends with one of the managers at that location. The boycott in L.A was very real.

  9. Joseph says

    @ Luke
    Oh silly senseless troll. Human rights (gay rights) are not politics. They are human rights. And clearly our side is doing something right. We’ve been winning every legislative issue we’ve tackled this past year. Momentum is heavily on the side of LGBT. We got this. Now organize another NOM rally and feed Brian and Maggie, won’t ya?

  10. Thomas says

    @Luke–Adults understand that sometimes the best tactic is strategically ignoring what the other side does (and clearly you get that). Unfortunately quite a few of those who frequent the comment boards here have never developed into adults.

    @ripper–Thanks for being once again well informed and rational.

  11. Tyler says

    The ultra right is fast becoming media tyrants with the Koch Brothers buying all of the major newspapers, including the LA times, etc., Rupert Murdoch and his empire, and now this. Expect a wave of anti-gay and right wing propaganda to sweep the land from shore to shore.

  12. Yellow Mellow says

    Chik Fil A will forever have the stain of homophobia attached to their name. They ruined their own reputation. That will always haunt them.

  13. Jeremy says

    This guy is a walking punch line. Anytime he’s name is mentioned, the words anti gay are two feet away. Amazing that someone so fixated on not being gay will always have gay synonymous with his existence.

  14. IonMusic says

    Sorry Luke. No lines at the location near us. Been dead lately actually. I give this location 6 months max before it closes like the one by Landry.

  15. J.J says

    He looks like hell in that photo. Does he have a terminal illness from eating all that processed food? Wishful thinking, I know, but he really looks it.

  16. Micael says

    There’s an amazing spoof on chick fil a by 3 drag queens on you tube that’s getting some 15 million views and is huge on the net. HILARIOUS.

    Chick Fil A truly is a walking joke.

  17. Leo says

    An organization that donated millions to anti gay causes, campaigned against gay rights legislation, donated to organizations that seek to wipe gays off the planet, in various continents, and was instrumental in funding Family Research Council…a hate group. Of course Chick Fil A will continue to be called out by every self respecting LGBT I know. Always. And proud to do so.

  18. Wayne says

    The same Dan Cathy who made a comparison to beastiality when speaking on gay marriage. Cool, now I can boycott this little film studio. There’s thousands of other ones out there to support. Won’t support anything this nut job is part of.

  19. ripper says

    “Cool, now I can boycott this little film studio.”

    Please tell me the name of the last movie you watched and what studio it was filmed at?

    Good luck with your boycott. Very few people know the studios where a movie is filmed. They don’t even mention that in the opening credits.

  20. Keith says

    Chick-fil-A has had 45 consecutive years of annual sales growth since its inception in 1967. In 2011, CFA had annual sales of $4.1 billion, and in 2012 had annual sales of $4.6 billion. That is a whopping $500 million increase in just one year! So,last year’s controversy only served to increase their business. Thanks to the gay community, CFA received millions $$$ free advertising. Keep up the good work!

  21. jtaskw says

    There was a sheriff in Texas who warned the Westboro villains their speech would not be tolerated if they showed up to protest the West fertilizer plant victim’s memorial. It reminded me of Cathy’s restaurants “not being welcomed” by certain officials based on his stance on LGBT rights which is strikingly similar to Westboro’s. Would it surprise anyone to know that the same people who flocked to support freedom of speech in the one case now suddenly strongly support the sheriff in threatening it in the other?

  22. Bob says

    A… Of course the movie studio complex would ordinarily attract an outsized proportion of gay workers, and, in fact, pretty much depends on them.
    B… About the boycott: it was a poor idea strategically because most of their restaurants are where haters live. Ite gave more power to the bad guys

  23. jsb says

    It’s a business decision, I’m sure the Cathy’s investment will pay off in millions of dollars in tax rebates and such, which of course, you and I pay for in the long run.