Rio de Janeiro Becomes Latest Brazilian State to Allow Gay Marriage


Rio de Janeiro has become the latest Brazilian state to authorize same-sex marriage after the General Magistrate of Justice of Rio published a provision today allowing it, MixBrasil reports.

The other Brazilian states to allow it are São Paulo, Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Alagoas, Sergipe, Piauí, Ceará. The Federal District allows it as well.


  1. Syrax says

    Technically equal marriage is available all over the country. In the other states you have to file to transform a civil union to marriage. These eleven states just do it the correct and easier way, you can just go to the register office and get married.

  2. William says

    A significant victory, nonetheless. Rio de Janeiro is the second most populous state in Brazil after São Paulo, which already allows same-sex marriage by notary (the normal means for obtaining a marriage license).

  3. William says

    I stand corrected. Rio de Janeiro is the thirst most populous state, after São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Minas Gerais does not allow notaries to grant same sex marriages.

  4. Niebuhr says

    lol @William 😉

    Yet another reason to visit Rio, apart from… Well, you know… WOOF!

    It feels like Domino’s these days, one place after another. Pretty awesome.

  5. lukefromcanada says

    well as long as one can get to one of the states that allows marriages to occur one can get it. go to rio for the wedding and stay for the honeymoon and when you get back your marriage will still be a marriage.

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