RNC Votes Unanimously to Reaffirm Party’s Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage


The RNC has reportedly taken a unanimous vote to approve 12 resolutions, including one reaffirming the party's opposition to same-sex marriage, according to a tweet from Yahoo! political reporter Chris Moody.

Moody published the text of the resolution earlier this week.

CNN confirms the news.


  1. HadenoughBS says

    Surprise, surprise….NOT! Same old, same old from the GOPers. So much for singing a new song to attract the young ‘uns to their backassward party. Not gonna happen.

  2. says

    Michael, not just their own head – but their children’s heads.

    What are we gonna see? A whole lotta Republicans planning the funerals for their children when they could, and should, have been helping plan weddings.

    Republicans! They’d rather attend their kids’ funerals than their kids’ weddings to someone of the same sex. Take a good hard look at Rick Warren and realize his family’s anguish will soon be yours.

  3. MiddleoftheRoader says

    The GOP deserves all the criticism that it receives for its narrow-mindedness and anti-gay positions. However, you might might to re-check the facts in your headline that the vote was “unanimous”. CNN reports that it was a “voice vote” and that “there was very little vocal opposition”. That does not sound unanimous. The only reason this matters is because the few brave souls in the GOP who voted (by voice) against this resolution should not be ignored. For example, the GOP National Committeeman from Washington DC favors same-sex marriage, as do a small handful of others. Not enough to make a difference, but don’t silence their voices.

    And yes, this probably cements the death of the GOP with many young people. Great news for the Democrats.

  4. Jack M says

    Despite all the clues the GOP has had, they still insist on committing political suicide. They deserve what they get. Perhaps the two party system will become a thing of the past.

  5. says

    well, i wrote anguish but i actually agree with you two.

    look, Warren’s son could have left some Big Old I”M GAY suicide note. it’d still get buried. and yes, it’s ugly to say, but it’s even uglier when you realize it’s true: his son’s suicide can be dismissed as “oh, it was just, you know, a lifelong struggle with depression that medication couldn’t cure and in no way had ANY psychological or cultural factors contributing to it” rather than have an Out, or exposed, gay son whose life proves his father’s Life Thesis to be bunk.

  6. jamal49 says

    Hey, Jimmy LaSalvia, GoProudGirlInChief, what say you of this latest “inclusive” effort of your GOP daddies? Hey, Jerry Katlin, LogCabinetteInChief, what say you of this latest “inclusive” effort of your GOP daddies?

    What’s that? (Silence). Try the Democrats. They’re inclusive and they want to make America a better place for all and not just for rich white people.

  7. Rick says

    Those of you who think the Republicans are damaging themselves by doing this–however repugnant their actions may be–are probably wrong, at least in the near term.

    Very, very few people who are not gay care passionately about gay rights–even those who are sympathetic are not going to base their votes primarily on a candidate’s position on gay issues. For example, I recently overheard a couple of young (straight) men discussing this–one was from North Carolina and had voted in favor of gay marriage, but he also said in discussing it that he “didn’t care that much”……and I suspect that is typical of our supporters.

    And much of the Democratic base consists of non-whites who are either apathetic about gay rights or hostile to them….so they are not going to be energized to go to the polls because Republicans oppose gay marriage (a position that many of them agree with).

    The Republicans will probably take the Senate in ’14 and retain control of the House, so I hardly think you can say they are on a trip to extinction or obscurity, either.

    I understand the emotions here, but we would do better to continue to work with those Republicans who are pushing for change (of which there are an increasing number) than we would to ghettoize ourselves completely in the Democratic Party. It was not too long ago that just about all Democrats opposed same-sex marriage, too, and they only changed because someone engaged them.

  8. Steven Sayre says

    Dems in 2016. Until the Repubs jettison the radical right haters, they will not have a sustainable political life. If 80% of young voters are pro-same-sex marriage, what does this say about the GOP?

  9. Tom says

    why would any Republican who was gay still want to stay with his party??? Besides the obvious, saying he was a Conservative, and that the GOP is, but other than that, why????

  10. Derrick from Philly says


    it’s not just Gay Americans who are rejected by the Republicans. There are a whole bunch of Americans other than White hetero males who’ve been rejected by the GOP (and I certainly meant to use the word “rejected”)

  11. MarkRocks says

    Thank goodness “Rick” finally commented. I was worried he started taking his meds again, and wouldn’t be around the forums for comic value.

    ‘Cuz, you know, all those straight, white, christian men read the gay web site just to “keep up” on the propaganda.

    Uh Huh.

  12. FFS says

    So much for that big rebranding effort that Reince announced, huh?

    I have to say, it is kinda nice when the shoe is on the other foot. Or I should say, the wedge is dividing the other party.

    Ken Mehlman may actually earn his penance, after all.

  13. DannyEastVillage says

    I totally support this latest action in the re-branding of republicans so that they won’t be known as the Party of Stupid. Keep it up, guys! We dems are loving you for it!

  14. NY2.0 says

    Oh really Rick? Hate to burst your bubble but the overwhelming majority of young democrats who are minorities ( blacks and hispanics) support SSM. They ain’t gonna vote GOP.

  15. Bill says

    This sort of stuff has been going on for a while. Take the case of the hapless Matt Fong’s senate race against Barbara Boxer. It tuned out that Matt Fong, having some money left over from a preceding campaign, gave $50,000 to the “Traditional Values Coalition” (led by a preacher named Lou Sheldon). Then the Log Cabin Republicans got wind of it and threated to drop their endorsement of Matt Fong unless he groveled and signed a pledge to support various gay-rigths bills, which of course he did. He claimed he gave the $50,000 specifically to support bans on same-sex marriage.

    As the news hit the press, feminists started to notice as Sheldon was rabidly against women’s reproductive rights, and Fong tried to make as much as possible about this donation being earmarked for a specific issue. That excuse of course is not very convincing – if you give a donation and restrict it to activity X, an organization will simply pull other sources of funding from X if it wishes.

    So what did the rest of the voters think? You had a guy who tried unconvincing excuses, who groveled to avoid losing a donation, thus showing he could be easily manipulated and that either he was not very smart or he thought the voters were not very smart. Would you want to send such a person to represent you in a snake pit like the U.S. Senate?

    Naturally, Barbara Boxer made mincemeat of him over that one.


  16. andrew says

    Remember this in the off year elections in 2014, when control of the U S House and U S Senate is up for grabs and when, unfortunately, a lot of voters stay home because there is no presidential contest at the top of the ticket.

  17. Stav says

    I’m glad that the GOP stuck to its guns and what its base wants. They’d gain nothing by siding with gay marriage. Gay marriage supporters are Democrats anyway and aren’t gonna start voting Republican…and in the meantime those who do vote Republican would be annoyed if the GOP suddenly backed Adam and Steve, and they’d lose their base. The GOP did the right thing by affirming its traditional stance.

  18. andrew says

    @Stav: You are right. The battle lines are pretty clearly drawn in the cultural and economic battles in 21st century America. My hope is that the democratic and progressive forces will get out their voters, in huge numbers, in the 2014 elections and take control of the U S House and retain control of the U S Senate, so that the progressive agenda will continue to be advanced in Obama’s last two years in office.

  19. jamal49 says

    Um, yeah, Rick, like, sure, of course! Let’s work with those Republicans who are, uh, “pushing for change”. What a great idea! So, uh, Rick, um, like, which Republicans are “pushing for change”? I, like, sorta forgot because, well, actually, I don’t know of any who are. But, that’s OK. You just continue with your GOP “daddy/butt-boy” fantasies and, hey! It’ll all work out, right, Rick? I hear GoProud and LCR need a few good, uh, men like yourself, Rick. They’re signing ’em up even as we speak!

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