1. Jeff P says

    I love that Thomas Roberts says at the end that as everyone knows [as it relates to this story] that he’s extremely biased on this story…because he’s a Ravens fan. Fakeout, as viewers probably were thinking, because he’s gay. FUNNY!

  2. Francis #1 says

    Interesting he said the NFL hasn’t done enough to promote equality and acceptance. It makes you think if the NFL more or less doesn’t want a player to come out. Goodell, Greg Aiello and others have said essentially nothing and it took the Seahawks two full days to say, yes, they’d accept a gay player on the team. Goes to show how resistant the culture really is.

    Brendon is fighting the good fight, he’s laying the groundwork right now and we’ll see what happens.

  3. says

    Funny how ball players can get arrested for DUI, beating their wives/girlfriends, other fights and assaults but you rarely hear of any teams cutting those guys.

    A stand-up guy like Brendan speaks out in favor of the LGBTQ community and Baltimore lets him go…

    Bummer. Keep doing what your doing, Brendan!!

  4. Mundus says

    As a European it is occasionally tempting to deride America for her culture wars and take umbrage at some of the attitudes on show in relation to LGBT people. This gentleman, however, is a genuine inspiration – he just radiates decency, common sense and level-headed compassion and I cannot convey just how much I admire him.

    Thank you Brendon Ayanbadejo – it is because of role-models like you that young gay people coming out in adverse circumstances will no longer feel ostracized and your principled stance (and that of your peers such as Kluwe) quite literally saves lives.

    Thank you Sir, we are all greatly in your debt.

  5. J.C says

    I don’t follow football or have much interest in most sports (nerdy white guy here) but am heartbroken he’s cut from his superbowl team. I sincerely am a fan of this man. He’s smart, kind, and an amazing soul.

    Anyone who is interested in football or sports….what is Ayanbadejo’s future? wil he get picked up by another team? I sure hope so!

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